Friday, May 23, 2008

My own "beautiful" list.

Today I spent another wonderful afternoon at Border’s. I know what you’re thinking…”wow Brianna, you must be extremely bored to hang out bookstores. You poor thing, stuck out there in Tucson with nothing to do.” Well that’s not entirely true. I’ve been hanging out at bookstores for years now. It’s one of my favorite nerdy pastimes and I can spend hours reading magazines I don’t have to pay for and browsing through books I have no intention of buying, all with a lovely cup of overpriced coffee by my side and if I’m lucky, a nice warm brownie. Anyway…today as I was browsing I came across a few “hot” lists. You know the one’s I’m referring to, People’s 100 most beautiful and Maxim’s Hot 100, who make an attempt at telling us who we should all aspire to look like. There is only one problem though… the lists make no sense. It really has to do with who has a movie coming out and who is most popular at the moment because no way am I buying that Rumer Willis has that many votes cast to land her a spot. No offense. (Actually, that is totally offensive to both her and her parents…sorry.) So as I’m turning page after page, and exclaiming to myself, Are you kidding me?! Her?! What are they thinking?!…I decided to come up with a list of my own. I find that most of the people on the lists are the same people you see at the mall, just with a stylist, makeup artist, and a fabulous haircut. Even this year’s top spot in People, Kate Hudson—she’s cute, don’t get me wrong, but in a girl next door sort of way. Which is FINE, but the most beautiful person should not be my next door neighbor. And Marisa Miller, #1 on Maxim’s list—well she just looks like Barbie. Barbie’s cool, but there are way too many girl’s with long blonde hair and nice bodies and they all start to look the same after a while. For my list, I really have no criteria and my tastes are pretty broad. Yes, you have to be famous enough so that I can think of your name and google a picture of you, but that’s about it. All I tried to do was think of women who would make me stare if I was in the same room with them. And they can’t just be “celebrity gorgeous”, meaning they look so hot because they have a team of people dedicated to making them so, but the kind of people you could see first thing in the morning and still be slightly envious of. Of course we are all quite content with the looks the good Lord blessed us with and this is all in good fun and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, blah, blah, blah.

These people might not make me stare but they are attractive enough as celebrities that I thought they should at least get a shout out.

*Mila Kunis: Before last week, I’ve never even thought twice about this girl. I think she was on that 70’s show or something, but who ever watched that? But last week I went to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall, (hilarious…check it out) and I kept thinking to myself, wow that girl is beautiful. I couldn’t even pinpoint who she was til after the movie. So due to the fact that she existed and I never noticed until now, she only gets a mention.

*Jessica Alba: I think Jess is a tad overrated. She’s pretty but she doesn’t WOW me.

*Jessica Biel: This is your typical girl next door if you happen to live in a city where your neighbors date Justin Timberlake. She’s a little on the plain side but she does have a certain freshness about her and I remember staring at the pictures from this photo shoot for quite some time.

*Sofia Vergara: I think it helps your ‘hotness’ factor when you have an accent. But I suppose even if she was mute she’d still be hot.

*Rihanna: Before she cut her hair I considered her to be just another cookie cutter R&B singer. Pretty, great skin, long hair, good body…they all look so much alike you have trouble remembering who’s who. But then she cut her hair and she separated herself and made you take notice. And now I think she’s edgy and unique.


10. Charlize Theron: Typically I’m not that hype about blondes. But maybe because Charlize is from South Africa and not your typical American blonde, she transcends the Barbie look just a little. She’s stunning…except in those couple of movies…all the time.

9. Beyonce: I’m not a hater. Everybody always wants to say Beyonce is not that pretty and she’s overrated and blah blah blah but that is only because you are always looking at her. The girl is beautiful. Only reason she isn’t ranked higher is because she is a little extra most of the time with all the hair, makeup, clothes, etc. She’s a glam girl and I think that helps her beauty.

8. Nicole Sherzinger: You only know who the Pussycat Dolls are because of her. And if they are performing I’d only stare at her, so I guess that makes her pretty attractive.

7. Megan Fox: The reason Angelina Jolie is not on the list is because Megan is a prettier version of her, I think.

6. Eva Mendez: Definitely the best Eva out there.

5. Stacey Dash: When Clueless came out, I wanted to be Stacey. And when I am 42 years old, I’d STILL like to look like Stacey. I just wouldn’t pose for King magazine…but hey, I’m not knocking her.

4. Adriana Lima: Supposedly Brazil doesn’t make ugly women. And if they do, what a shame if you happen to be one of the ones blessed with a great personality and had to walk around looking at girls like this all the time. I’m kidding…I’d totally take the personality. Anyway, Adriana is my favorite Angel.

3. K.D. Aubert: I’m guessing she’s a model. I know she’s been in a few movies like Friday after Next but when I looked (stared) at her pictures on myspace, I could not find one where she didn’t look stunning. Which means it’s impossible for her not to be gorgeous all the time. Ughh.

2. Aishwarya Rai: Perhaps if I knew how to spell her name she could move up to the top spot but all I know about her is that she is beautiful and she does those movies in India. I don’t know, she almost doesn’t seem real.

1. Halle Berry: the G.O.A.T. In terms of pure beauty, I don’t think anyone really surpasses Halle. She might not be the “hottest” but she is downright gorgeous All. The. Time.

So what do you think? Anyone you disagree with or think I am totally nuts for not mentioning? Again, this is just my silly little opinion because beauty is always in the eye of the beholder and it's only skin deep so don't get too deep with it. And can anybody say TOO MUCH TIME ON YOUR HANDS!!!


Shinks said...

Hey Bri,
Just been catching up on your blogs. I'm so gald you came clean about your bookstore secret. I love them too. I can spend so long in there that day turns to night and I don't even know it till I step out the door,
I'm not going to say too much about your knee, I know you don't need or want tons of sympathy. But be calm, it will all work out.

Anonymous said...

you're pretty gay for rating women like this

anonymousnupe said...

Only because you axed do I disagree with most of them. I think Biel is hot (mainly 'cause of her crooked mouth). Halle has never done anything for me, 'cause girls with "perfect" faces bore me. I think it's the little imperfections that create real beauty. But dang, Bri! Where all the beautiful darkskinded sistas at?! I digs me some Janine Green, with her 'lil squinty eyes and fine chocolate self. And I would marry the funny-lookin' Corrine Bailey Rae tomorrow. Mmmm, and Sade could sing my song anytime. And there's just two words for Kimberly Elise: Gor Geous.

Yeah, I like 'em kinda quirky, maybe just a little tomboy-ish, and interesting.

And as the other "Anonymous," alludes to, in a round about way, the thought of you staring at these women is,

Anonymous said...

Too much time on your hands!!

This post is actually interesting.

I like Beyonce myself. If I could lose this extra fluff around my midsection, my shape would pretty much be like hers...non-bootyliscious and all.

I would've had Jada Pinkett on my list. She's been a hottie since her Different World days. Regina King and Regina Hall too. But this isn't my

Brianna said...

@ shinks...yay! you're a nerd too!

@'s gay that i rate women like this? hmm. i'm pretty sure nobody actually thinks i'm gay, just pretty secure that i have no problem saying another woman is pretty. but i guess you're probably a guy and if the tables were turned, yea it'd be a little gay if you rated other men. other than that i think you're comment is lame but hey, we're all entitled to our opinions so thanks for yours!

@ nupe...isn't stacey dash dark skinned?! lol. hey, different strokes for different folks and these people i rated simply on what is striking to me, not on the total package. a little quirk is good and i'm all for tomboys!

@ jewells...jada is a good one.

brit_brat said...

you got called gay! I think it takes a woman, secure in her sexuality to sit here and give props to other women she finds to be attractive. So if you're gay, I'm skinny and we all know THAT isn't true!
also, I have always been a fan of Vanessa Williams. I think she is beautiful and aging elegantly!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah...nothing wrong with giving a woman her props.

My ex used to trip out because I would spot a nice looking-healthy-booty carryin' woman before he would.

t.v. said...

Yeah... I agree.. Not a thing is wrong with one flaming hot woman, recognizing and staring at other flaming hot women. LOL..

It's all about confidence, respect and admiration.

Brianna said...

@ brit...vanessa williams is also someone to aspire to, you're right! and please tell me you haven't lost all your baby weight yet! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to read that you're up and about.

You're definitely in my top I'm not suckin' up. Your smile, your's hot in here.

I'll keep praying for you. You keep getting better and ready for trials.

anonymousnupe said...

So, then it's not gay for me to think that Shemar is one well put together brother? And he's actually actin' on that Criminal Minds show.

Oh, and Rhi Rhi got a ginormous forehead...and not in a good way.

Yeah, you right. Stacey is borderline, I guess.

Oscar, stop bitin'!

Brianna said...

why thank you oscar!

@ nupe...I think men that say "I have no idea if Shemar is attractive or not" are LYING. women may have an easier time of noticing the same sex, but men are not BLIND.

Anonymous said...

I must say I do agree with the list. How about you come up with a top 10 overrated list?...or hottest starts from the 80s... which would be a short list. Nix that last one, how about an overrated list?


Anonymous said...

You have compiled a pretty decent list. However I would've put Scarlett Johansen and Lisa Raye up in that top-10 somewhere and I could easily swap Halle Berry for Angela Bassett. Angela is the least she is to me. Overall, it is a beautiful list of women on the list.

:::Marcus LANGFORD:::

Brianna said...

an overrated list...GREAT IDEA!

Nikkie T said...

This list is so fun (and so are the comments)!
I think the women on your list are all gorgeous but I did miss the fact that there weren't any girls that looked like "me"... you know what I mean.
Anyway you still get a thumbs up from me!

BTW the concert was great last night and Mel was AWESOME!!!!! She worked it! Mel if you're reading this, YOU WORKED IT!!!!!

The Cajun Boy said...

i LOVE your list. almost mirrors one i would make if i were to make one. and i too fell hard for the girl from "forgetting sarah marshall." hard.

anonymousnupe said...

Oh, almost forgot about my WNBA boo Allison Feaster.

Andre Rafik said...

I wouldnt mind a darkie or two on your list. i´d take bipasha basu over aishwariya rai. (i loves me some bollywood actresses) And throw salma hayek and lauren london on there. halle is always gettin it done no matter how easy she is to pick.

Brianna said...

darkies like who??!! i'm not anti...i just thought of these people off the top of my head. you are right about bipasha...i never heard of her but i just googled her and she's amazing. lauren london is pretty she just looks like too many other people...or too many other people look like her!

Los Angelista said...

My husband drooled ridiculously over those King photos of Stacy Dash. She's got the fountain of youth or something!

I think I'll swap Cate Blanchett for Charlize and I'll take Noemie Lenoir instead of Beyonce.

I would also add in Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon. I've always thought she was amazingly beautiful.

Anonymous said...

you should do a hottest mens list... Or a hottest foreign stars list... And of course hottest athletes :-)

kerry myers said...

being a 49 year old ex-athlete i never agree on the hot list out there world wide. All the woman are too soft for my taste. Where the six pack, the hammies, the gluts and traps. This dilema has caused me all kinds of problems in finding a suitable mate, don't they know, the finest woman in the world are athlete, period. And if ya don't know,ASK SOMEBODY,LOL!!!!