Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

On Friday I had flowers delivered to my house and the delivery lady quickly exclaimed “Happy Mother’s Day!” as she handed over the bouquet. Well, either she had the wrong apartment or she just made an assumption because of the date and the fact that the other 5,385,976 deliveries she had that day were for mothers. Turns out it was the later. The flowers were for me, but definitely not because I was a mother. But it was at that exact moment that I realized I had let the holiday escape my consciousness over the last few days because of everything my mind has been consumed with, and I had not sent a single thing my Mom’s way. A terrible daughter…I know.

I figured the least I could do for now is offer up a public statement of my love and appreciation for the wonderful mother she is and has always been. It has been only recently when I began to understand the true sacrifices she made for us, the struggles of a single mother trying to raise two healthy and happy children on her own. I just hope to be a true testament to the job she did.

Mom, I am blessed and grateful to have a mother like you. And who knows, perhaps I’ll send some flowers next week when the prices go down…we really should celebrate Mom’s on more than one day anyway. :) LOVE YOU MOM!


anonymousnupe said...

Nice save.

Anonymous said...

I love you too!

brit_brat said...

Haha that's so cheesy! Should I give mom shot outs on my myspace page instead of actual gifts from now on? Think she's be cool with that? Could save me a lot of money!
"But look Mom, I changed the font and put pretty images all around it!" hahaha

Anonymous said...

Brit - you got me a gift?

At least she knew what day it was, your brother called on Tuesday - he seriously thought that was Mother's Day.

Don't listen to her Bri, I don't need any gifts - until I've lost 20 pounds, then it might be a different story and I'll be expecting clothes.

Seriously, with all the horrible things that happen to people, the heartbreak that so many parents go through, I feel very blessed. A phone call, a hug, all of it is good.

brit_brat said...

I was your gift Mom!!! And your luke warm pancakes...and my noisy, crying, yelling, spitting up kids were you're gift! haha could have kept that between us. You just made my comment less funny!

Brianna said... guys are funny. ...airing out all your dirty laundry on the blog!