Thursday, May 15, 2008

moving forward

Of course I haven’t been doing any moving as of yet, but I feel as if I am ready mentally for the challenge. The knee procedure seemed to go very well and the doctor was able to remove two pieces of floating cartilage and scrape and smooth out the problem area of cartilage and leave me with a small gap that hopefully should not cause a problem in the next couple of months. The last couple of weeks have been extremely trying but on the whole I’m feeling motivated and excited for what lies ahead. I really just can’t wait to start doing something. Being forced to lie down all day and not do anything might seem like a grand idea, but in reality it’s not. Even my blogging has suffered…my life tends to have enough monotony as it is, but these last few days I couldn’t even bring myself to update you on my exciting life of T.V. watching and sleeping because I knew living it was boring enough so typing it out would have not enriched either of our lives. I would have felt utterly responsible for putting people to sleep while at the computer.

The bright spot of the last couple of weeks, however, has been the quality time I have been fortunate enough to spend with some of my closest friends. I am blessed…SO BLESSED…to have the amazing friends that I do. Friends that will pause their busy lives to come out to Arizona and be with me without me having to even ask. And go out to eat and consume 10,000 calories in a single sitting. Not to mention the friends and those of you I might not even know personally who continue to send uplifting words and support (and chocolate!!!). Y’all know how to make a girl feel special!

So even though today will be filled with more rotting of the brain (perhaps season 2 of Prison Break since we finished season 1 in a days time), I am in good spirits overall and I have many of you to thank. I hope to be back in action soon and blogging about all of it. In the meantime, if you missed your favorite T.V. show and need to know what happened, send all inquiries my way


anonymousnupe said...

Well, at least tonight you got "E.R.," "Lost," and Hornets v. Spurs. It's a veritable cornucopia!

Jasmine said...

hmmm, i missed the three-day special on The Chronicles of the Pitchfork on the History Channel, can you give me an update? ;)

Anonymous said...

Hope that knee heals soon cause I look forward to cheering on a fellow Wildcat in the Olypmics!! :)

Anonymous said...

many blessings to your knee

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that you are in good spirits. You and your soon to be better knee are in my prayers.

I have a meeting tomorrow. Can you watch One Life to Live and tell me if Rex marries Adrianna? Sad....I know.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Hi Brianna,

I'm stopping by via D.O.s blog. Good to see you are in good spirits. God has a plan and I'm sure that everything will work out. you are in my prayers for an effective and speedy recovery.


Anonymous said...
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Ron Bramlett said...


Hey thanks for stopping by at my page and leaving the kind words. I appreciate it. Hope the road back is smooth and short.

BTW.. Grand Theft Auto 4 is out.. That could keep you busy. There's only so much TV you can watch!

lyra said...

Let's go play soon! Blanco...Zin...the swap meet? me when you can hang again! ox

Brianna said...

L dub...I knew I could count on you for more calories! if the doctor says i can leave the couch tomorrow i'm hitting you up!

Anonymous said...

I wish you a well and speedy recovery Brianna.

Take care :-]

:::Marcus LANGFORD:::

eclectik said...

If only you watched what I watch...we could discuss:

General Hosptial
Hells Kitchen
Gossip Girl
Top Chef
Ugly Betty
Deion and Pilar
College Hill (and how those pretty girls's personalities make them so ugly) should get a wii.

and a e.

Get better than ever.


Andre Rafik said...

your life now sounds like my life ever since i started this track thing 18 months ago. lemme know how you like season two of PB. not really sure how they got 3 seasons of breaking out of prison.

Joice said...

Hey Sweetie
Been out of blog action for a while.

Just read about your knee

You'll be straight real soon for sure.


Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Get that Knee right loved one.

Bianca said...

Bri, don't see season 2 without me. I hated seeing the last episode without you! I was so scared.

I called Blockbuster and they have season 2!!! Tucson is calling me back...

Anonymous said...

Enjoy this time to yourself and make sure you catch up on all the things you never had time for before.

Wishing you a speedy healing.