Monday, May 12, 2008

My knee fund

When I called the surgical center to make my appointment for my knee procedure, the scheduling lady asked me when I would prefer to come in. Yesterday, I quickly responded. Of course yesterday was no longer available and the quickest they could get me in was Tuesday afternoon. So Tuesday it is. I will be fixing the bare minimum and hoping that I can get by on that. Thank you once again for all the prayers and encouraging words and please keep them coming.

If you pay close attention to the changes and additions to this page, you might notice that the section that used to be called “Brianna’s Bound for Beijing Fund” has been slightly altered. I wanted to take a quick second to explain why. There have been a few people that have donated to my fund in the past and I am truly grateful and appreciative. I always make sure the donations go strictly to track-related things and are a direct assistance to helping me achieve my goal. I don’t want anyone thinking they are helping me buy a plane ticket to the Trials and it ends up they are increasing my already ridiculous shoe collection. But at this present moment I find myself stuck between a rock and a hard place and because there have been a few people that have mentioned wanting to contribute some time in the near future and maybe some that have thought it silently to themselves, I figured I might as well put it out there that if that future was possibly now, it would be more help than you know.

I haven’t had health insurance in over 6 years. And it just so happens that last month I signed up for it and breathed a huge sigh of relief on my way home from Jamaica when I realized I would be able to see a Doctor and get my knee taken care of properly. Well there was a glitch and suffice to say health insurance companies are not in the business of being extremely helpful and accommodating. After paying for an MRI I was hoping it would straighten itself out in time for this procedure but it has not. So it all has to come out of pocket. And since I am not able to compete it means I am not able to bring money in. Of course I need my knee fixed as soon as possible, there is no question about that. Whatever debt I have to go in to make that happen is a sacrifice I’m willing to make, but of course with debt comes stress. So that’s my rock and hard place.

In reality, it is still my Bound for Beijing fund because I need to be healthy as soon as possible to give myself a fighting chance. And I’m really not seeking out large donations. Think of it as me being one of those kids that comes to your door trying to sell you a magazine contribution or oversized and overpriced candy to help pay for their summer camp. My summer camp will just be on Chinese soil. Of course I don’t have magazines or candy to give you in return, except maybe if you want one of the few SI issues I have left.

And perhaps this goes without saying, but this is such a hard thing for me to even put out there. Maybe that only holds true if you actually know me, but it’s a known fact for those that do. I try my best to be independent and figure things out on my own, but I guess everyone gets overwhelmed at times. Regardless, I know that things will turn out ok. God always has a way of providing no matter what and my own life has always been a testament to that.


Katie said...,9171,954368,00.html

Check out this article...hopefully these olympic athletes can be a ray of light and some inspiration for you. Good luck with your surgery

anonymousnupe said...

So, you mean you're not disgustingly wealthy?

Brianna said...

katie...thanks for that link! great article...very assuring.

nupe...unfortunately not. :(

the gamelord said...

Brianna, I totally can empathize with your plight. I have health insurance and am afraid of going to the doctor to have my bum knee fixed. I know that even with my benefits, I’d still have to re-fi my mortgage just to meet the “patient contribution” amount. :-) Health care is definitely not cheap. I guess that’s the price we pay for tearing down our bodies in the pursuit of athletic excellence or in my case, mediocrity.

I’m definitely going to give to your knee fund, because the time is NOW. I’ll be expecting my first issue of Jive magazine upon receipt of my contribution. :-) I would also like to urge my fellow MSCFL readers to join me in contributing to the cause. Hey, 5-10% of that Stimulus (aka Republican vote bribe) check can go a long way in making Brianna’s dream a reality. It’s one thing for her to be beaten by the competition, let’s make sure she is not defeated by her own beautiful body. :-)

BTW Brianna, I think I asked you before if contributions to your Beijing/knee fund are tax deductible. I spoke with a tax advisor and he said the contributions would be a legit tax write off. So, everyone give what you can and all you can stand.

Good luck with the knee and GOD bless.

Nikkie T said...

I'm proud of you. I know asking for help (even accepting unsolicited help) is extremely hard for you. Know that the people in your life are here for a reason and we'll make sure that you will have every opportunity to realize your dreams.
Love you!

brit_brat said...

I'd give you the shirt off my back if I felt it would help your knee....I love you.

JSL said...

More than happy to help out. My prayers will be with you throughout.

Anonymous said...

How very sad that a country as rich as the US still does not offer universal free healthcare.
I am in Canada and when an athletes of your caliber is injured they are seen immediately and with no thought given to cost.

I wish you a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brianna. I dont mean to be nosey or pry, but I'm curious. What would the amount of the procedure be? You can tell me offline, if you'd like I'm only asking because I work fairly closely with some philanthropist and being and ex-track star myself, I'd like to try and help by any means necessary. That is if you allow me.

Anonymous said...

God works in mysterious ways. And you're right, He ALWAYS has a way of providing!

Brianna said...

Hey everybody!

Thanks for the support for all of you that have been able to help, it touches my heart more than you know. And thanks for all your prayers, I truly appreciate it.

I went in for my procedure and now am at home with my leg up resting. I will probably type more when I'm not loopy from the vicodin. Of course what is so exciting about my life laying on the couch...

Eb the Celeb said...

I just want to say thank you for sharing all the hardships as well as triumphs it take to be a professional runner. So many people dont really see people as profession athletes unless they have a huge league behind them... glad that you are optimistic depsite all the challenges and I wish you the best

Christy said...

Bri - I really, REALLY hope you're able to raise as much money as possible and get the BEST medical attention and you're all fixed up very soon. I've been thinking and worrying about you a lot lately. Now that I know your health insurance (like most in this country) is inadequate, I'm even more concerned for you. I promise to up my prayer requests on your behalf (I'll be telling my dad as well).


Myra said...

Hey Brianna,
I read the encouraging message you left on Ron's blog... That was cool, Thanks!!! I just wanted to return the favor. I am praying for you a speedy recovery. I wanted to share one of my favorite scriptures.. (Jeremiah 29:11) Hope it encourages you!!!

Anonymous said...
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dejanae said...

that last sentence is definitely the truth
hope it all works out hon

Anonymous said...

Vicodin? Did you say vicodin?

Send me some!

Okay, just kidding....slightly.

Take it easy so we can see you back on the track!