Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Undercover Supporters

The following comments were left by a fan of mine on three separate posts yesterday. Someone who thinks I'm awful and will never accomplish any of my goals spent a good amount of time reading my blog (the posts were from different times of the year) and then wanted to share what they thought of me. To him(or her), I say thank you.

-No, you're not THAT important as you are only known because you've gotten a link to T&FN. I follow the sport and can't think of anything that you've done that was significant, for if you did I would know about it.

-You are not going to make it to London, that is certain. Many try and after all these years, it's clear that you don't have it. Nothing personal, just a fact. Anyone who wastes as much time as you do on a silly meaningless blog is not putting her energy into the right places. Having confidence is one thing, but you've gone overboard and unfortunately your friends aren't real friends because they would tell you. How sad. Fabulous life?

-I am not Tobias, but you really make too much out of yourself and bring it on yourself. It's not THAT hard but you want people to think so. I know many top athletes who work WAY harder than you and complain less. I live in Michigan btw, come and visit if you want a REAL workout. Btw, you are not that important but you surely want to believe it to justify your actions.

Any time someone leaves a comment on my blog, I read it. If I wasn't willing to accept the feedback then I may as well have a diary stashed under my bed. I am always grateful for the people who acknowledge my random thoughts, who give me words of encouragement, and who provide different forms of motivation, sometimes in the most unknowing ways. The only thing that took some time getting used to, is the motivation that came in the form of negative comments. At first it used to ruffle my feathers something fierce and I would be appalled at the audacity of some folks to take time out of their lives to write rude and unjustifiable comments anonymously. The anonymous part is what got me most of all. Sure, you don't have to think I'm the best thing since sliced bread, but if you want to tell me how UN-awesome I am, the least you can do is sign your name to it. Own it. But more often than not, haters on the web don't work that way. They come up with their own reasons why you will fail or why you shouldn't try, and they feel it's their duty to share it with you. But now I've learned to be grateful for my anonymous' commenters. I read their comments and I don't bat an eyelash. I love the fact that I remain unaffected by people who don't believe in me, because it shows me how much I've grown to believe in myself and how that belief has deepened over the years, regardless of what I have or have not accomplished, and regardless of what anyone else may think--good or bad. I don't gain my confidence from anyone else so it would certainly make no sense for me to lose it over anyone either.

I learned a long time ago that you only need two people to believe in you in order to accomplish something. You and God. Anybody else is icing on the cake…and in my world, anyone who doesn't is the cherry.


Dana said...

I am a closet blurker and I have to say that I love your blog. I am amazed at all that you have accomplished and how hard your train. I have seen some of those comments on here and I think that it's sad. Thank you for posting!

Brianna said...

Thank you Dana! I love blurkers too!! ;)

Faith, Food and Fitness For Real said...

I pray that you make it to London. I love the Olympics and I pray for ANY athlete working hard to represent this country we live it.

Especially one who represents the Lord. I pray that you not only make it but that you crush it and that you stand before the ONLY one who matters the Lord.

And I also pray for the haters as well that they would be released of the anger and resentment that they have so that one day they can have a fabulous life :)

Anonymous said...

Good food for thought. Life will always have haters. You need to watch Kat Williams and listen to what he says about haters (let them fuel your quest).

Glad I found your blog. As a former athlete you will be surprised how much of what you learn transfers over to real life. You will always have people in your life that want you to fail. Prove them wrong. Thanks for the inspiration. I prefer to be the sprinkles on the sundae.

Brittany said...

Hey, if they could find out which loser hacked Paris Hilton's cellphone, I'm sure finding out your anonymous haters would be easy!
Let's put an IP tracker just for fun :)

Brianna said...

@faith, food, and fitness... AMEN!

@anonymous... lol. i wanted to post the kat williams bit so badly but a few too many f bombs for the blog. needless to say, i agree with him wholeheartedly!!!

@brit...that would be cool. and then i would just friend them on facebook and say hello. ;)

Bubba Gump Olympic Training Academy said...

@anonymous undercover supporter

Hey hey hey, we don't train losers at my Academy you boner!

Athletes may bitch and whine but we like that because then we "attack" whatever it is that is bothering them, fix it, own it, and make it so that it's just another thing simple as walking. You see, if you don't push an athlete to the point of being uncomfortable then you never know the areas to work on! It's like feeding a fat kid his vegetables instead of cake. He may bitch and whine about it, but in the end it only makes him stronger!

Without people like you to "follow the sport" there would be no sport. You sound like a typical follower in life. Always full of sh*t advise while at the same time stuffing a hot dog in your fat a*s. For example, some people say bad things about Kim Kardashian. No talent, do nothing, worthless, yet at the very same time you can't take your eyes off of her! Her ratings, money, interest, and success grows with every word of criticism. The "followers" would trade places with her in an instant, yet be bitching and complaining every step of the way. Not too worry, it's normal for "followers" to say negative things to those they truly idolize and would like to be (or be with).

If you don't know the Bri'sters accomplishments then you are not informed as to them and to take time to tell you would be a waste of my time.

Now back to your armchair and enjoy that hot dog.

The real Olympic Athletes got some training to do!


jasmine* said...


Your Friend said...

I'm making a road trip to Michigan... Unlike you, these comments don't roll off my shoulders as well. I'm angry.

Former track star said...

I encourage you to keep pursuing your goals and dreams despite the negative comments. Individuals who say hurtful things to extraordinary people like us are just cowards who don't have the guts to do what we do. You obviously have the right attitude about this so keep plugging girl.

Trever Gastineau III said...

If only I could be as successful as Brianna has been in life!

For how many years now has she traveled the world year after year after year competing in stadiums filled with thousands of people who have come to watch her!

I used to be successful and living large. I know the hard work it takes to be the best at anything, and for about 10 years I was the best. No-one could beat me! I also know what it's like to have nothing as I do now. To be honest, I'm down to my last $20 and not sure where the next meal is going to come from starting tomorrow...without my own home, without my own car, without everything that society measures success with.

Brianna will be in Moscow in a few weeks and dozens of cities all around the world over the next few months. She's represented our country in ways 99.9999% of us will never ever do. She's made championship teams, won more meets than I can keep track of, and doesn't have to prove anything to anyone anymore. It's all gravy from here on out as her accomplishments are inked in the books and there forever.

Someday I will be successful again as that's what winners do. We compete. We might be down on any one day, but you better watch out because we are never down for long! Champions find a way to be on the podium. Brinna Glenn is a Champion!

Someday I will be back on top and when I get there I will be much more appreciative of just how hard it is to be at the top of your field as Brianna has achieved.

Someday, I will be just like Brianna Glenn. A winner in life. A winner at her profession. And god willing a winner in Eugene and then London!

God Bless

Anonymous said...

thought you might enjoy reading what the throwers podcast has to say about anonymous internet posters!


David Oliver said...

Bri, you know I've said it before, don't even give these anonymous posters the glory that they seek by wasting your breath and potentially getting carpal tunnel on them...there's nothing worse than people who won't put their name to stuff they say...we all know haters are jealous and jealousy is basically love and hate at the same time...keep doing you!

Anonymous said...

Wow...what a complete LOSER! You've done and continue to do great things! Endless Blessings!

Brianna said...

i love that my positive supporters are chiming in today. :) thank you guys...it means a lot.

@trevor...i will be praying for you.

Rob said...

If the anonymous hater had actually stated some facts on which he based his "comments", there would be something to reply to. For example, Brianna was "only" the fourth best american longjumper last year (by 1 cm), so obviously there is a chance that three others will beat her at the trials. But to say with certainty that Brianna won't make it to London is just stupid. Nothing is certain, especially in sports, ask Usain Bolt. On the other hand there is the good chance that B. will further improve her personal best like she did for the last 3 years and be one of the favourites in London.

Anonymous said...

Just read this and I see the other side of the coin. When you put yourself out there Mrs. Glenn you have to accept both sides. Unlike your friends, I am unbiased and don't agree with your hater title as I read nothing that said anything about hate, unless of course I missed it. To me that is a lie especially since you claim to be a person of God. If you are good enough to make it, you will. If you aren't, you won't. Your mistake is that you reacted and then made a big deal about it to obviously get support...implying your level of importance. If you are truly a person of God, that will make perfect sense.

Brianna said...

@anonymous...for starters, i am not a MRS. but thanks for rubbing it in. i obviously do accept both sides, which is what i stated in the post, and why i always leave all comments up unless they are extremely vulgar and inappropriate. anyone out there does not have to agree with me or support me or think that i am good enough to make an olympic team. i think part of your problem is that you don't understand the word "hater"...in which i would refer you to kat williams for a better understanding. when people go out of their way to want to tell others who are chasing their dreams or trying to do something important to them that they are no good and they will never make it and are simply wasting their time...well you tell me how that is an appropriate thing to tell anyone, especially someone you don't know. i receive comments like this all the time, and i wrote about it just this ONCE to point out that my value, my sense of worth, my belief in myself, and on and on, doesn't rely on what others think of me. and as a matter of fact, i do think i'm extremely important. i believe God made me that way and i most certainly don't go through life trying to be mediocre or live an ordinary life and act as if that is what i'm supposed to do. it's not. so you are definitely right there. and i wholeheartedly say that as a person of God, because that's who created me to be extraordinary. cheers.

Trever Gastineau III said...

I think Brianna Gastineau has a nice ring to it!

Although, that whole "husband checklist" is going to have to be thrown out the window. Ha! :)!!!

God works in mysterious ways! You never know.....it could happen yet.

Bubba Gump Olympic Training Academy said...

"I see the other side of the coin"


You can't see the other side of your a*s much less the coin. Get a life you miserable, bitter, jealous, hate filled horrible person.


Anonymous2 said...

Wow take a break from the blog for a minute and come back and all HELL breaks loose. I guess since I skip over the really negative comments I hadn't seen those. I'll just say this, nobody would continue to invite someone to there international t&f meets if they didn't think they were worthy of competing, especially in a sport where they have the entire world to choose from. Keep doing your best, and I think this is going to be one of the best USA Olympic trials ever, because there are so many spots or ?'s open in some many events that nobody really has any idea whose going to qualify in what.

Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
Are you going to Russia again this year? If so, please don’t get sick, OK?
Any hopes of the USATF Indoor (maybe the World Indoor) or is everything about the Trials? It’s a bit hard to follow your competitions since you never say much about where you will be.
So I’ll just ask.

Leroy Tubbs Jackson said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tobias said...

I didn't give you permission to use my name in vain. I highly doubt anyone would confuse me to you.


Michele said...

@ Daniel

The reason she doesn't post her schedule is nut jobs like Anonymous. S C A R Y !

Anonymous said...

Hi Brianna,

You are really contradicting yourself. You said you don't allow extremely vulgar and inappropriate comments but I just read through part of this and I am definitely not letting my child read your blog anymore, unless.... You see, she is in 6th grade, aspires to be an athlete and pointed out your blog to me not 10 minutes ago. Please remove Leeroy Jackson's post immediately or my daughter will be banned from your blog. We all have opinions but that post is sick and disgusting are you are definitely intelligent enough to know that. If you keep his post up then you surely are not a person of God.

Thank you,

Dad and young daughter in the midwest

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant to say "and you are definitely intelligent enough to know that." I was typing fast as it really upset me that it was not moderated out before it was posted. Again, difference of opinions are what make the world go 'round, but that is out of line. Thank you

Brianna said...

@leroy...can you please tone down the language. i'm asking nicely...my ears are sensitive and so are my mothers and those words are offensive.

@daniel...i will try to do a better job at that. as of right now i am supposed to go to russia and i will also be at the millrose games on feb 11th in nyc

@anonymous from the midwest...i actually already did before i scrolled down and read your comment, but you must understand that i am not online 24/7 to see all the comments seconds after they are posted. i can only do so much. but for goodness sake, what is up with everyone questioning if I'm a "person of God" around here. wow.

Leroy Tubbs Jackson said...

Hey @anonymous

What, you pop off and say all kind of vile crap to Brianna and then can't take the heat in return?! Then have to run to mommy like a little girl?! Oh please protect me, oh please protect me. You can speak directly to me. I'm here and all ears!!!!!!!!

My Dear @anonymous 6'th grade daughter who so faithfully has read this blog (LMFAOAROTF), are you aware your dad is a ______________ man?

"A Person of God"...is that @anonymous what you tell the _______ on the playground as you _______ them?

You are a complete _______ _______ @anonymous!!

Too funny, this blog entry takes the cake for weirdness.

There...toned down as requested!


Anonymous said...

we need to find out who this this person is. BTW what has this person accomplished?mmmmmmm....NOTHING

Anonymous said...

Wow Bri, this episode got some hot drama, even Bubba Gump stepped in to back you up. Now the "Hater" may in fact be spitting out some truth, yet one will never know by tossing in the towel.

Is the sport of Athletics about winning an event that most people will not remember in a few months? Or is this sport an artistic expression about the efforts of the individual to achieve a dream?

The fascinating aspect to the sport of Athletics in the United States is a certain degree of anonymity for a world class athlete. The fastest men and women on the planet for the most part don't even get a glance; that is unless they wear something that shows off their body. I dare say currently the best known track and field athlete is Shaun T. and his Insanity Workout Video. I sure don't remember him in the collegiate ranks or professional. Some advertisements said he was a track star, further investigation is in progress.

Big bucks television advertisements feature long time track and field elite athletes and most of America does not notice. Ultimately the medal or athletic victory is cherished and remembered by only a few in most sports. But without people that have the motivation to pursue athletic glory, no matter how brief. We are destined to only believe in small possibilities, to surrender in the jaws of a predator that would kill your hope. Remind me Brianna Glenn what you would die for so I can remember how to live.

Bubba Gump Olympic Champions Academy said...

@Msasa Expo

I've always been a supporter of Brianna and have always only wished the very best for her. Sometimes she might do or say something bone-headed and I point it out, but that doesn't mean I'm not wanting every jump of hers to be a record jump. Heck, she is only in her 20's (ut um), or so and at that age we say and do stuff that perhaps we shouldn't but that is what growing up is all about. Life is a learning process and you never stop learning and improving. They say, youth is wasted on the young. So true. If only I could have known back then what I know now (as they say). Brianna is doing fine. She done a pretty solid job in life and her career and should be proud of it. I am, of her.

Frankly, I'm surprised that @Msasa Expo and @Anonymous would suggest that Brianna's career hasn't been anything other than pretty darn good! I wish there were some stats somewhere out there to go through her podium appearances as I can remember many!

* Reebok NYC
* Personal Best last year
* Winning in Brazil
* Podiums in Europe, throwing away the gift after, lol
* Making the USA National team and going to Berlin
* 1cm away from making the last National team
* There were some indoor wins

And so many more that were published in foreign languages that they are not easily Googled.

To say that in any way she is not one of the very top jumpers in the world, in the past and at this very moment is to have your head completely buried in the sand, or a*s, (you take your pick).

And that is just among her sport.

Take a look at the bigger picture. This chick has traveled the world year after year being a professional athlete and supporting herself doing it. How many of you couch jockeys can say the same? So rank her success in life against the rest of the Worlds or USA's people and I'd venture to say she's one of the chosen ones by God or me (you take your pick), LOL.

Brianna is a Champion in her sport and life. To think otherwise you most certainly are drinking the Cool-Aid of ignorance.

Furthermore, to tell someone on their own blog that you think they suck is just plain mean and cruel. If you want to voice this opinion then do it somewhere else. Don't go on that persons personal blog and say stuff like that.

SMFH at some of you! This world is full of very weird and mean people with no soul. #shameful

Dust's Dad said...

I found this under my sons pillow, next to Brianna's photo. I don't think he'll mind me posting it.

I count about 20 podium appearances and these don't count 2011 and don't include any South American wins/podium appearances and I recall some others in Europe which are not on this list. I recall she also had her personal best in 2011 for the second year on a row. Seems she's only getting better and better! Look especially at the last 3 years since switching jumping legs. She's rocked it big time!

I think I can safely say she's had about 35 podium appearances in 9 seasons! This would be an average of 5 podium appearances per season.

Call me crazy but seems to me she's been very, very successful.


2011 Not updated

3rd at USA Outdoor Champs (6.81m/22-04.25)
2nd at USA Indoors (6.78m/22-3)…
1st at adidas Grand Prix (6.78m/22-3w)
ranked #3 in the U.S. by T&FN…best of 6.81m/22-4.25.

USA Outdoor runner-up (6.82m/22-4.5w)
2nd at Reebok Grand Prix (6.72m/22-0.75PR)…
1st at Zaragoza (6.72m/22-0.75w)…
1st at Osaka (6.65m/21-10)...
ranked #3 in the U.S. by T&FN...best of 6.72m/22-0.75.

Olympic Trials (6.25m/20-6.25, 6.53m/21-5.25 in qualifying)…
3rd at Chula Vista (6.59m/21-7.5)… arthoscopic knew surgery in May…best of 6.59m/21-7.5.

4th at USA Outdoors (6.59m.21-7.5w)…
3rd at Dakar (6.67m/21-10.75)…5th at Ostrava (6.36m/20-10.5)…
3rd at Road to Eugene (6.34m/20-9.75)…
ranked #4 in the U.S. by T&FN…best of 6.71m/22-0.25.

ranked #5 in the U.S. by T&FN…best of 6.58m/21-7.25.

3rd at USA Outdoors (6.68m/21-11)…
2nd at Stanford (6.60m/21-8)…1st at Azusa (6.70m/21-11.75w)…
ranked #4 in the U.S. by T&FN…best of 6.68m/21-11.

2nd at Stanford (6.35m/20-10)

1st at Tucson (6.59m/21-7.50)…
2nd at 100m at Cork (11.41)…best of 6.59m/21-7.50.

College Stuff

Trever Gastineau III said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Brianna said...

Thanks for the resume. If I wasn't so old you could still include all my cool college stuff

Christine said...

I don't understand why people wasted their time with so much negativity! I wish I have your strength not to care so much what others say or think.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I cannot write very well but I did not imply Brianna is not capable of competing at a high level. Such a statement would be totally false because since Arizona she has and is still doing it. She just is not able to beat Brittany Reese's legal jump, that sucks. I want to see a few jumpers make Long Jump an exciting event. It is not good for the event or the sport when one athlete is not seriously challenged. Since Ms. Reese frequently places first that would put Ms. Glenn in a large group of secondary winners. There is something that can be done to improve her performance. And it is something more than getting mad. Taking under consideration the 2011 season I do expect to see Ms. Glenn's highlight year in performance.

Allen W said...

Well this certainly had a lot of stuff to it. When you open up and invite the world into your life, you certainly get the good, the bad, and the ugly. Oh well, it takes all kinds.

Really though, good luck and go get em.

e-man said...

I'm a regular reader of your blog, and I have to say that I'm glad to see that you're not taking those bitter and jealous comments to heart. You don't really need me to tell you what a great blog it is. The entries are very creatively worded, and you have a humorous way of putting your views across, which makes for an entertaining read.

They are just comments from a person who is being used by satan to try and get you to doubt that you can achieve your goals and dreams.

Many people just sit on the sidelines, doing close to nothing, but then still find the time and energy to thoroughly study the content of somebody's blog, find out that persons goals and dreams... and then tell that person that they can't achieve them, or that they're not good enough.

You're right about only needing yourself and God in agreement, in order to achieve something. If God say's you can do it, and you believe also that you can do it, then it really does not matter what ANYBODY ELSE thinks.

No one can talk you out of achieving your goals, unless you let their words affect or overcome your beliefs, and what YOU believe you can do. And for that reason, I'm glad that you're not letting those jealous and envy-inspired statements to affect you.

You can do whatever God say's you can do. Other peoples views on whether or not you CAN are irrelevant!

Bobby Wilson said...

Keep it moving and do you. Your doing what you need to be successful. One comment i would say about those negative posts are. You know you have made it or have made a difference when people start to bash you or dought you on the web. If you did not ake a difference or matter. Then no one would care to post. Keep it up! See you in London!

Dee Salem said...

That's funny...pathetic haters.
Anyways, i like that you have shared this story...i really hate jealous and negative people especially when they wish evil upon another person...douchebags.

The person who wrote you sounds pretty damn envious! let them rot in their misery.

And it really sounds like a GIRL wrote you that...lol broads! I don't know why girls do this..there are two types of envy. Envying someone who does good which motivates you to do good! and Envying someone who has something you want, so you wish evil and harm on them...i would go for the good envy and i'm sure you would too.

In conclusion,

FUCK the haters. People will talk whether you're doing bad or good!

-DEE Salem

alpha phi alpha nu iota said...

Ms. Glenn,

Just watched you jump and sprint at the Donovan Bailey Invitational. Wanted to wish you all the best at Eugene and London. Hope you enjoyed my second home of Daytona Beach. Hope you got to enjoy a drive down 1A after the sun went down.