Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A perfect match

I watched this new reality show on Bravo last night. I know…me watching reality TV. is a big shocker. Most dating shows are filled with people more interested in their 15 minutes than actually finding love and that’s all well and good because you probably have a better chance at winning the lotto then finding your perfect match on these shows. Trista and Ryan seem to be doing ok, but that’s about it. At the end of the day it makes for good entertainment so I don’t complain. However, millionaire matchmaker is slightly different because it’s the filming of an actual business—a striving, successful, extremely exclusive business where supposedly there is actual connections being made, love being found, and marriages proposals taking place. In theory, I am not against matchmaking as a way to meet your potential partner. I have to imagine that you have to have better odds than hitting the club on the prowl. At the very least you have two people who are both searching for the same thing—a connection—and hopefully they are finding matches with people who have marked similar boxes on the proverbial checklist. At the beginning of this race we are at least starting on the same course…that’s a good start.

But this show isn’t just called matchmaker. They didn’t search the profiles of e-harmony in hopes of finding extremely compelling people to film and document the love stories of the average Joes. This is about millionaires looking for love with the help of a middle (wo)man because their attempts at waving around their black American Express in the middle of the mall have yet to turn up a successful candidate. I can see why people might roll their eyes with disapproval, but these people are finding exactly what they are looking for. It’s almost brilliant.

Men on this show will be the type of men who want to be liked for the size of their bank account first and foremost. Cool. If you feel that is your best asset and quality then you should maximize that and partner with those women who appreciate that to the fullest. They will look past your less than stellar looks, your uninteresting personality, your arrogant attitude, and your brash behavior. And they most definitely will possess some of these qualities because it’s what makes it necessary for them to knowingly use a service that finds women who know nothing about you besides the fact that you’re rich.

Don’t misunderstand me, I find nothing wrong with people finding wealth and affluence attractive. I do. I just couldn’t be interested in some shmuck that sells himself on that alone. Let’s not get it twisted, if you are well off and have a few other decent qualities, you shouldn’t have trouble finding dates. But with this formula I truly think people are being set up with their perfect match, and in that sense, it is a match made in heaven.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Full of class

Yesterday I flew back from Boston. A good six hours of actual flight time because somehow there is that much headwind when you fly the opposite direction. Add on another 2 ½ hours of layover time and I had a pretty long day. Luckily for me, I got a first class upgrade which I was hoping would make the trip more relaxing and enjoyable but it seems as if I got the southwest version of upgrades this time around. It perplexes me how the flying experience in first/business class is so dependent on the route you take. Fly Los Angeles to Atlanta on Delta and you have tons of room, your own personal T.V. with on demand movies and shows, a 3 course meal, enough alcohol to make sure your nice and tipsy once you arrive (if you so choose), and an army of flight attendants to cater to your every need. They might give you a foot massage if you ask nicely enough. But fly Tucson to Atlanta and you might get an extra bag of peanuts…if you’re lucky. It’s basically the same as the back of the plane except your seat is a little wider and you can have a glass of wine for free if you hunt down the flight attendant. Whatever…I didn’t pay for it so it’s not like I can complain too much.

So on the way back yesterday my back was killing me because for some reason or another I have developed chronic back pain in the last couple of weeks that is not in any way helped by flights across the country. So I boarded early and stole the pillow of the guy next to me so I could have two of them to prop behind my lower back, thereby putting myself at a better angle and relieve some of the pain. Also, because I was in the first row of the plane I had the wall in front of me, so I propped up my legs…not straight out in front of me, but up above my head so that I was in somewhat of a V position. I found this to be the most comfortable way to alleviate the pain. I looked like a moron and I’m sure I caught my fair share of snickers from all the true business professionals I was surrounded by, but what can I say…I’m just a classy lady.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Good: The good part of my race tonight was obviously the finish. Second place isn’t too shabby, although I definitely feel this was a race I could have easily won.

Bad: The bad part of it was the time. 7.34 is nothing fantastic, in fact it’s quite mediocre for me, but since it was faster than 6 other people that were in the same race, I’ll take it. My coach’s words of advice to me beforehand were to react to the gun and beat people, and so for the most part, I did that.

Ugly: The ugly part is for the stumble I took about 3 steps into the race. There isn’t much room for mistakes in a 60 meters and I definitely know that that small one was the difference between first and second. The bright side of it is though that I have something to work on. I hate the feeling of running a time I’m not thrilled with and not knowing what exactly needs improving or what I did wrong. I know this may not necessarily need to be categorized as extreme as ugly, but it makes for a nice title, don’t ya think?!

Getting through the first meet of the year is always a huge relief though. There is so much pent up anxiety when you haven’t competed for so long and just the process of getting back in to competition mode is always accompanied by a bit of nervousness. Such was the case tonight in Boston. My nerves actually stayed at bay for most of the night, which I found to be quite surprising. It wasn’t until the two false starts of the men’s race right before us that I started to get a bit antsy. Of course I always say you aren’t really ready to sprint unless your stomach is full of butterflies. If my leg isn’t shaking like I have turrets, chances are I’m not ready to run!

So if you aren’t doing anything Sunday afternoon, take a second to check out the coverage on ESPN 2. (3pm eastern I believe). My race is only 7 seconds long so you won’t be cutting into too much of your time by doing so. If nothing else, let me know if I was having a good hair day or not. I will miss the broadcast as I will be traveling back home and matters of that nature are extremely important to me.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Bean Town

Yesterday I flew to Boston because I have my first meet of the season this weekend. I contemplated doing indoors this year for the obvious reasons. This summer is hugely important and obviously that is where my focus is so I want to make sure I train properly and prepare for that first and foremost. Plus, last year, being that I had my first meet in January and my last on the 3rd day of October, my season was extremely long and tiring. I competed probably more than any other individual and my body knew it. I think it started sending me memos about the middle of July and I conveniently ignored them. Rest assured, this year I will be much more careful. But doing indoors for me is simply a tool to work on things, not my competitive focus. I will run a few 60 meter races to work on my start and the beginning of my race and also to get that competitive fire that is missing when you don’t have training partners to workout with. Being able to do a couple of meets at the beginning of the year is great for a person like myself because this love affair I have with Track and Field is not based on a love of running and the joy of practicing. I love to compete. Period. Also, because I have spent the last few years primarily training and competing as a long jumper, there is much to work on when it comes to racing.

This particular meet will be televised and air on Sunday I believe. I have updated my website with the few meets I am certain of and will continue to do so as well as mention when they will be on T.V. However, I will probably make note beforehand on my blog if it’s worth watching because I am not the kind of person who likes to share things unless I deem them worth sharing. My friends and family love that about me.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Do you feel me?!

Today I had my picture taken. I do that from time to time, in case you haven’t noticed. I hate for people to get bored looking at the same pictures over and over and that’s what my stats tell me some of you are doing, so I do my best to keep it fresh. Besides that, I’ve really been wanting to make use of the great landscape that Tucson has to offer while I am out here. Cacti and rocks can make for a dynamic backdrop. Who knew?!

So this photographer had contacted me last week letting me know he was going to be in town for a photography convention of some sort and would love the opportunity to get me in front of his camera. Tucson is teeming with high-caliber model types so of course I was flattered. Basically, I really don’t have much of anything happening on Wednesdays, so we decided to meet up and make use of the amazing landscape at one of Tucson’s premiere resorts, Loews Ventana Canyon Resort. Seriously, I never knew such posh accommodations existed out here and the grounds are beautiful. Cactus, brush, and rocks galore, plus a waterfall to boot!

So there I am, posing for the camera. chin down…drop your left shoulder…hand on your hip…spread your fingers slightly…smile…not to big…turn the right knee in…no, your other right…. Believe me, it’s all great fun. I really begin to light up when people walk by because having an audience makes me feel special. And then when it’s time to strip to the bikini the real fun starts.

Hey, nice looking tourists from South Dakota. This is totally natural for me to be standing precariously on this rock half-naked with a cactus poking me in my side and pretend you aren’t staring at me right now.”

But honestly, I didn’t really mind that I was outside in a bikini in 50 degree weather, walking barefoot on sharp rocks and getting pricked by cactus left and right while being the afternoon’s surprise entertainment. But then a drop fell. And then many more.

”Don’t worry, the rain will make it interesting. We will get some great shots!

But inside I’m seething. Not because I’m freezing cold and don’t have any clothes on. Not because I stubbed my toe. Not because I am embarrassed. Because I just straightened my hair. UGHHH!

(This post is for black women and their sympathizers.)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Take a hint!

I stand perplexed at my latest run in with a member of the opposite sex. It started off innocently enough. A text message.

Hit me up. I’ll be out that way tomorrow.

Red flag. You sent a text message to the wrong phone. Obviously this closeness that seemingly would exist with the casualness and familiarity of the message is not entirely accurate. Anyone that knows me, knows I have two separate phones for calls and texts and it irks me to no end when I am forced to text from the call phone. But I let it slide. I must know this person. Never mind the number is not programmed in either phone, I am convinced it will all be sorted out shortly.

Damn Brianna, my feelings are hurt now.

Then the phone rings. Great. Now I must answer because it’s obvious I am available. But after I answer and waste a few precious moments of my life that I will never get back, I am even more convinced that I in fact do not know this person. Just to be sure, I check his Myspace. If nothing else, a picture or two might jog my memory. Memory still stalled. I am now quite certain that as picky as I am giving my number out, there is no way I would have given him mine and not recalled. Not last month, not last year, not ever. It’s not that he was ugly… that really had nothing to do with it. But he’s what I like to refer to as “hood rich.” The guys that pose next to their cars as they point to the rims, put on their profile that they are the CEO of some unknown company that makes them tons of money a year, talk incessantly about ‘stackin’ chips’ or whatever…you get the point.

But now that I am convinced that I in fact do not know this person and still have no idea how he possibly knows my number and all other pertinent information, I decide the best remedy is to just ignore him. He will go away. I choose this method quite often because I prefer not to deal with the unknown reaction of people. Some people get mad. They are rude. Why? I don’t know, but I just prefer to avoid the potential ugliness of it all.

Hit me back later tonight and let me know if you want to meet up tomorrow.

no response.

Thanks for the call back.

no response.

You trying to link up?

no response.

Wow I kinda felt stood up last night.

you think?! Still no response.

Hey my bad just wanted to see you before I left the city boo.

Oh, for the love of God! If there is not one thing more annoying then all the cats in the entire universe simultaneously running their claws down a multitude of chalkboards it is someone calling me BOO. I loathe that word more than any in the made-up English language. Especially from someone I don’t know, and as we have established, I don’t know this dude and I am now more certain then ever that I don’t ever want to. But he doesn’t get that and so I sent a response back…finally.


It’s been almost 24 hours and I am tempted to say that maybe the point has gotten thru. I might be forced to rethink how I deal with unwanted attention in the future and that is a little bit daunting for me, but I will do it if I must. Especially if it stops another person from calling me the B word again.

Monday, January 21, 2008

big sis/little sis

I’m a big sister. I take that position very seriously. It is my job to be the protector, to lead by example, and to always make sure that any counsel that can be gained from someone older and wiser is readily attainable. Whether or not that advice is ever sought out is another story. :)

My sister and I are close in our own unconventional way. I used to think—back when anything and everything she did made me want to scream—that we were far too different to share an extremely close bond like some sisters do. In our younger years we were probably inseparable. But as we grew up we took different paths and it seemed as if the little girl with the cabbage patch bangs and high-pitched Minnie mouse voice was replaced with someone who only knew how to get on my last nerve.

Thankfully though, my sister outgrew her selfish, rebellious stage. She became a mother. Thank God for un-planned pregnancies!!! ☺ In the last few years I have been witness to an extraordinary shift in her. It is the strangest thing to look at her and see a loving, caring, smart, less selfish adult. A mother. A wife. But at the same time my little sister.

Our lives are very different and in some instances it’s hard to believe that she’s the little sister and I’m the big one. This past weekend I attended her baby shower for kid #2 and I was struck by the surreal-ness of it all. I admire the person she has become and I am so proud of her. But even if she technically leads the more “grown up” life--complete with kids, husband, and a minivan-- she will always and forever be my little sister.

Brit, I love you and I am always here for you. I can't tell you how to potty-train your kid or how to file joint taxes, but any other big sis stuff is all me! (even if I can no longer pick you up for pictures like we always did when we were younger...especially at this size! lol.)

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I planned my whole day around watching Oprah yesterday. I’d love to pretend that that is so out of character, but that would be a lie and if Marion has taught us anything, it’s that you shouldn’t lie!!! Anyway, I must say that I was a bit disappointed with the interview. For starters, it was done via satellite and it was quite short. I heard that this was due to the fact she couldn’t get a release to travel to Chicago so I suppose they just had to make do. But beyond that, it just seemed a bit staged. I will acknowledge the fact that there is a definite need for some heavy duty PR work on her behalf and what better way to accomplish that then by going on Oprah to say how sorry you are, and what a mistake it was, and how you plan to get through this with the grace of God and hopefully help others learn from your mistakes. I mean, sure, it was the right thing to say, but I really wasn’t interested in hearing what I expected to hear.

Although all those things are necessary and need to be addressed, I guess I was just hoping for a bit more “realness” to shine through. I don’t need any fake crocodile tears but I just want to get the impression that you didn’t practice this in front of the mirror 30 times beforehand. Marion has always been known for being able to speak with poise and a certain self-assured dignity and today was no different but on some level I wanted to be able to empathize and really and truly try and understand why. On the surface, we all know why, but it’s the inner workings of a persons mind that can help you better understand the thought process that allows for decisions like these, why someone would risk absolutely everything they hold near and dear when they already have been blessed with so much. Because despite what she did, Marion was the best of her time. Perhaps the 5 medals would have been only 3, but she had more god-given talent than anybody.

So what I would hope to hear, with as much truthfulness and realness that a person could possibly muster, is at what point did you decide that is was worth the risk? Did you struggle with it or was it an easy decision? Who enabled you? Were you overcome with guilt or did you not worry so much because you thought everyone else was doing the same thing? How much do you think it helped you? At the beginning, was lying the obvious easy choice or did you consider coming clean then? Without the whole check fraud aspect, do you think your hand would have ever been forced the way it was? How mad are you that you are taking the fall that so many others deserve to take right along with you? …and, if you knew you were going to be on Oprah, why didn’t you put on a little makeup???

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Idol

When I was younger, I once had a solo in the Christmas musical at church. I’m pretty sure I made God cry. I was that bad. It is one thing I don’t have in common with one of my very best friends in the world. Melanie. She is blessed with the one thing that I am never—no matter how hard I try—going to be good at. Singing. Ever since we were younguns I have marveled at how beautiful her voice is. It is truly a gift.

Tonight, I tuned in to watch the phenomenon that is American Idol. I am at the point now where I would probably skip the first couple of weeks of having to watch all the poor, embarrassing souls getting their dreams crushed and stomped on while everybody secretly laughs at them behind their back. I mean, did you see Temptress…the singing football player?!?! Poor thing. They really need to be over that part already.

Luckily for me, Mel appeared about 15 minutes into the show, sandwiched right in between Yucca, the foreigner with the love for soul music, and the ”let my people go” deep-voiced James. There she was, beautiful as ever, with her nervous voice in full effect, smiling from ear to ear. She sang that Natasha Bedingfield song and the judges loved her. Well…Simon was “neither here nor there” but it doesn’t matter. She got her golden ticket to Hollywood and millions of Americans got to appreciate what I have adored for years. I was so proud. It’s an acknowledgement that you are one of the best singers in the country, but it’s also just freakin’ cool!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008


I hurt my knee today. It was one of those freak things that happen and if you can get up and realize that nothing hurts, you’d probably fall out laughing at yourself. But when you realize that it does hurt, the smile quickly fades.

At the beginning of last year I sprained my ankle pretty severely shortly after I began training by doing an exercise designed to strengthen your ankle of all things. Total klutz. So today in the weight room, as I took my fall over a box I clearly saw sitting there, I once again reaffirmed my clumsiness.

I have no idea if there is something seriously wrong with it. Right now it’s swollen and so of course that makes it hard to do much of anything because it’s stiff and throbbing and all that good stuff, but I hope once the swelling goes away I’ll just be left with a big bruise on my knee, a few scrapes, and not much else.

It’s amazing how when you’re forced to miss a day of practice it seems like the worst form of punishment where any other day practice itself is the punishment. I know that in this sport you are going to have your occasional bumps and bruises, I just hope to God this is one of the minor ones.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Please help!!!!

What exactly do you know about PMS? I've always kind of thought it was something in our heads that we try to give a scientific name to because we are just extra emotional or moody. Lord knows I'm moody. But if I tried to document it to show real proof that there should be an excuse given for my behavior, I would end up with red dots all over the calendar—definitely not just at certain times of the month. So I've dismissed the notion that this is an ailment of mine and just accepted the fact that I am temperamental.

But today I was given hope that maybe, just maybe, I am not just grumpy and irritable for no reason. For the last couple of days I have been in rare form even for me and I just cannot pinpoint why the littlest things are driving me crazy!!! My friend told me that sometimes this 3-letter demon becomes much more pronounced in some people around a certain age. My age. I don’t know if there is any truth to it but I like it a whole lot better than thinking I’m just a B*tch. Has anyone else heard of this phenomenon?

All in your mind

(You might want to skip this one if you don't run track. LOL)

I will rarely write about my workouts. Perhaps one day I will write a blog to explain why, because it just might be interesting...moreso than the workouts themselves. Anyway, it has nothing to do with being secretive or anything of the sort. If anybody wanted to know, they are free to ask but if not, I'll probably keep writing about all the other fluff. But sometimes, like today, I will feel compelled to share.

So here was yesterday's workout...

-6 x 30 out of blocks. 3 min rest in between.

-2 x 250 @ 90%. Full recovery (prob around 12 min)

I will preface this by saying that anything over 150 scares me. In fact, too many 150's scare me. It's just not my cup of tea and my body has never been a fan. When I say that you might doubt me a little being that I was an NCAA champion in the 200 meters, but believe me when I tell you that I'm not lying. Add to that that for the past few years I have trained only as a jumper. In fact, my training last year had the least speed endurance work of my career. So getting back into it has been a challenge.

Anyway, I finished my 30's and I was a bit spent. I mean, I was going all out and even though the distance isn't long, it still takes a lot out of you. If you aren't a short sprinter just take my word for it. Next is the first 250. I run it in what I was supposed to...24 mid through the 200 and then 31 for the 250. But afterwards, I kind of felt like the workout should be over because that was exactly what my body was telling me. "YOU ARE THROUGH." But after what was supposed to be "full recovery" (although my body sure didn't feel any parts of recovered), I get back on the line for the 2nd one. I have a feeling if I hadn't got a last minute on the line pep talk I would have had a sub-par workout because I just didn't feel like dealing with the pain which was most assuredly awaiting me if I ran another fast one. But I got the pep talk and now I knew I had to focus at the top of the curve and come off it strong.

So I focused on that and did what I was supposed to. It was a fraction of a hair slower but what surprised me was that the last 150 in the 2nd one was faster than the 1st one. That is so unlike me. If anything, I will get out hard and then die but this time I just wrapped my mind around what he told me and wouldn't you know my body was actually capable of doing it.

Now coach is all excited and talking about how great it will be in May when I do that same workout but come through the 200 at 23 seconds. Slow your horse buddy... I'm not ready to wrap my mind around that one yet. I get instant lactic acid just thinking about it!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Just another day

Today is January 10th. That’s really all I need to know about this day but for some reason I woke up today and remembered it was my ex-boyfriend’s birthday. Like first thing that came to my mind, remembered. That bothers me. It bothers me because I am not a person to remember birthdays. There are about 5 that I have committed to memory and the rest must be brought to my attention annually if you hope to get any well wishes from me. So it’s a little disheartening to know that of all the great people I know and respect, I choose to remember his and I am pretty sure he’s not deserving of that status. The break-up was a few years back and so the resentful, unhappy, depressing, bitter, angry feelings towards him have dissipated for the most part. We are kosher. Not quite friends, but no longer enemies. I send out the occasional "hey, what’s up. Hope all is well." messages and I get the same in return. But you know what I did not get? A Birthday wish. When April 18th came around there was no message from him wishing me well and I’m pretty sure it’s because he did not wake up thinking that day was my birthday, he simply thought of it as the 18th day of April. And that’s how I wish I could have approached today. I suppose it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. I could simply wish him a Happy Birthday and be a nice person…or not, and still be a nice person. I’m sure it probably makes no difference to him. But I guess that’s why I have two X chromosomes, because I will now ponder this issue for far too long then is necessary.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I'm not a runner...

…Not by a long shot. Runners are people who find pleasure in getting out there and running—they enjoy the pound of the pavement, the wind blowing by, and the euphoric feeling they experience which also may be referred to as arunner’s high. I happen to think they must be high to find enjoyment in that! I would even venture to say that is the least favorite part of my job and the one thing you will probably never find me doing after I retire from this sport. Running for enjoyment…puhleeze!

I was pondering this whole idea today while I went on my “long” run that constitutes my form of recovery on Wednesdays. It is considered to be my day off but running for a full 30 minutes is not my idea of recovery. More like torture. I have surprised myself in my ability to even finish, simply because this is something that I would not have ever done back in my college days. Back then, I was absolutely allergic to anything that required running for what in my mind was an unnecessary distance and I had convinced myself that it was something I was simply incapable of doing. You think I’m kidding. I’m not. I told my coach that I COULD NOT run over a mile. Not that I just didn’t want to, but that I couldn’t. Impossible. Not feasible. Totally impractical.

In fact, I remember trying to convince him back in college that the run we did in the fall just had to be over a mile, even though he claimed it wasn’t. The darn thing would take me approx. 17 min to do and I just knew it was his attempt to try and get me to run longer. That was until I came back to Tucson this fall and ran it in just over 10 min. I guess that means it probably is a mile and I was just running that slow. 10 min is now about my mile pace. It doesn’t really matter if I’m jogging 2 laps around the track or a half marathon. Who am I kidding—I’d never run a half marathon but if I did start one, I’d run about a 10 min mile pace until I dropped out. I don’t ever really go faster then that and if I went slower I guess I could just walk.

Anyway, every time I go on my Wednesday runs along the riverbank, I get this idea that people are looking at me and wondering to themselves just why I’m going so slow yet seem to be laboring away. I look like a runner. I have all the appropriate clothes on, my ipod is in place, and I’m definitely in shape. But Grandpa can pass me and there is nothing I can do about it. In fact, a few weeks ago when my best friend was out here visiting, I had her accompany me on my run. I knew it was probably slower then she was used to, but it’s still 30 minutes of work and that’s got to be worth something to a non-athlete. But she had the nerve to carry on a conversation and then halfway thru she began power walking at the same pace as my jog! Just because she could. Well excuse the heck outta me miss runner.

So I’d just like to give props to all the runners out there. I can’t do what you do. And if you pass me on the riverbank, please don’t whisper to your running buddy and point. I know I’m an embarrassment to your hobby but I do try my best to stay off to the side and out of your way.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Guilty until Proven Innocent: A Debate

There is much to be said about the steroid scandals lately. I have yet to blog about it because at times that would mean talking about people I happen to know very well and I believe that makes me conflicted in certain ways. But I will say right off the bat that I don’t think it’s right, I don’t condone it, and I don’t excuse it. That I can say with certainty. I know that the cloud it has put over my sport has tarnished it severely and that not only saddens me but it also pisses me off.

But right now I’m not going to talk about track specifically or any of our fallen heroes, but a topic that was raised last night when I was watching Roger Clemens on 60 minutes. Supposedly he went on there to defend himself. I believe he failed miserably in that realm but maybe that’s the cynic in me when it comes to this topic. Whatever the case, he raised the point of athletes in this era being guilty until proven innocent when it comes to steroids and such and how that pisses him off that people are so quick to believe his guilt when he’s given so much to the sport, yadda, yadda, yadda. And how are you ever to prove your innocence when all you can do is proclaim it and nobody is willing to listen?

Is that unfair?

Is it not right that we now have come to the point where so many of our role models and sports heroes have been rightfully accused of using performance enhancing drugs, that we can easily roll our eyes when someone wants to come out and proclaim innocence? Because I certainly rolled my eyes at Roger Clemens. I have no problem with the notion of taking his trainer’s word against his when it comes to this subject and I don’t really care if his reputation is tarnished forever and all the public has to go on is one person’s word against another’s. I don’t need a confession, I don’t need evidence, and I don’t need a judge or a jury to agree with me.

A few years ago this might have seemed unjust. If a person could look you in the eye and swear on everything under the bible that they would never, EVER knowingly take steroids and that everything they stood for and believed in was against it, your inclination would be to believe them. For most people, it’s hard to fathom being able to denounce something so passionately and fervently when in actuality it was a bold faced lie. Who could do that? And so convincingly at that? But time and time again we are shown that they can and they will. Lying has become easy. Commonplace.

I get why people take performance enhancing drugs. I do. I think it would be hard to compete in this sport and not understand the enticement of it. I just think it’s wrong. But what I think is more wrong is the complete sabotage of your character once you’ve been caught. I cannot respect (insert whatever athlete name you wish) for proclaiming to be the pure, unadulterated, clean, wholesome, innocent, virtuous, person and act as if you are being so wronged by accusations that are true!

So in my mind they are pretty much all guilty. That might not be the American ideal but it is the sad reality. I just can’t fathom giving any more of these athletes the benefit of the doubt because I have learned that where there is smoke, there is always fire. So save yourself the hassle of the tears, 60-minute interviews, and high-priced attorneys, and just own up to it.

The debate…is it fair that we are now quick to see these athletes as guilty without any real proof besides the word of someone else or should they be given the benefit of the doubt when they claim to be innocent? Please vote and leave your comments if you happen to feel one way or the other—or even if you’re not sure!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Picture of the Week

I had real hesitations about posting this picture. I'm sure you can see why. But...after careful consideration I figured it was just too funny not to post. Sure, I look like a wildabeast or something of the sort--one that has just discovered they are being captured by the paparazzi no less--but that's kind of what makes the picture so great. Anybody can go to Glen Ivy and take part in their one of a kind mud bath that will leave your skin as soft as a baby's bottom, but everybody will not have a snapshot such as this one to remind them of how hilarious they looked. Those are the memories I love best...the ones that make me laugh! I had such a great time here with my two friends Bianca and Melanie and I would encourage all friends to do spa days more often! I would like to point out that this is a borrowed bathing suit. I know it's not that important, but someone as buff as me has no business wearing girlie pink flowers on their bikini and this cut makes me look Iike I need to lay off the Balco. So not flattering. Sorry were a casualty of war. Don't hate me. :)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Local Celebrity

And no, this blog is NOT about me.

Tonight was the season premiere of Celebrity Apprentice. It just so happens that one of my very good friends, Jennie, is on the show and so I have been excitedly waiting to be able to see her in all her glory. I have a special love affair with reality t.v. and it brings me great pleasure when I get to curl up on the couch in my comfy house clothes and just enjoy rotting my brain to the fullest. And now there is someone I actually know in real life…priceless!

Well, this evening when I arrived home I had a message from the local news station here in Tucson. They said they wanted to ask me a couple questions about Jennie and her being on the show. You see, Jennie is a celebrity here. I mean, I guess she is pretty well known throughout the country and possibly even the world, but here she is IT. Lindsay Lohan would have some stiff competition if she moved to Tucson. So because I have such a kind and helpful heart, I decided to call back and give them whatever quote they were looking for.

That’s how I ended up on the 10 o’clock news. Not only is Jennie herself big news, but her childhood friend sitting at home on a Thursday night watching Jennie on T.V. is also somehow newsworthy. So I was forced out of my normal T.V. watching comfort zone…for goodness sakes I put on real clothes, did my hair, and wore makeup, all the while trying to make my apartment look camera ready…in the name of being a loyal friend. And when I called Jennie to beg her to be a supportive cast member to this impromptu gathering, she would have none of it. I suppose she is letting the fame go to her head. :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


So this is the time where I sit and reflect on all that was 2007. All that was great, all that sucked, all that you wish you could forget, and everything that you are determined to make better in the coming year. It’s a bit much to put on oneself simply because the clock struck midnight on December 31st, but I suppose sometimes we just need a structured way to examine our lives and a reason to make some much needed improvements.

Personally, I am thankful for each and every experience from this past year. Yes, that includes all the bad dating choices, low bank account balances, and competition disappointments. The great thing about life’s experiences is that they are all a combined effort to bring you to the exact point you are at now and right now I feel like I am in a great place. I am more content now then I have been in a long time and I am excited for this year more than I can ever remember being in previous years.

We all have defining periods of our lives that shape us and define us in certain ways. I know that this year will be that for me. It will include the biggest goal I have attempted to attain and I have never physically, mentally, and emotionally dedicated myself to something more than I have to achieving this dream.

So, while I have made a mental note to read my bible more frequently, take the time to actually call my friends and family on the phone, eat healthier, and volunteer my time to a worthy cause, my main objective is just to make each day in 2008 a step in the right direction. That’s not so much a resolution as it is a conscious decision to remember that I don’t have any time to waste and that the path in front of me requires the type of dedication and determination that doesn’t allow for days off.

Here’s to a healthy, happy, and fulfilling New Year.