Monday, March 2, 2009

I was robbed.

There is a lot I need to be blogging about right now. I have yet to update on the first meet (terrible) or any of the adventures I’ve undertaken while being out here (fabulous). But all of that is being overshadowed by the intense frustration and anger I’m experiencing. Someone had the nerve to rob me. Me…of all people. I am the one person staying in this expensive hotel that does not have a dollar to spare and yet I have all of mine taken. It’s ironic really but unfortunately it’s the truth.

Here is a condensed version of the ordeal. We are staying in these extended stay apartments for the two weeks we’ve been in Melbourne and while we’ve been here I’ve kept all of my cash in my bedside drawer. I brought cash from the United States because I was unsure if we would be receiving per diem but we did in fact receive money for the entire time we would be out here when we arrived. So, I decided I would take my driver’s license, all of my U.S. dollars along with my Australian dollars and keep it in an envelope hidden in the drawer, underneath my undergarments. Every day I would take out cash for food only for that day so as not to overspend and make sure my money lasted me the whole time. Today, as we were on our way out to dinner, I went for the envelope to get out some cash and the whole thing was gone.

I have learned that there were a few other shady incidents at the hotel today that were probably related to my own, but so far mine has been the only cash they got away with. It’s a sucky situation no matter what, but it’s heightened by the fact that I don’t have money to lose. If I got robbed and I was rich then I’d just be pissed, but since they robbed me and I’m poor, now I’m screwed. Bringing cash with me from the States seemed like a good idea at the time, but now I’m kicking myself. And unlike my roommate, who spent most her per diem on an expensive purse, I was trying to be responsible and use mine only for food so I wouldn’t come out of pocket. So now I’m out a purse, food money for the rest of the week, and everything else in my pocket. This is the one time that I made the wrong choice when convincing myself not to shop.


Liz said...

That SUCKS. Is the hotel offering any assistance or compensation??

Liz said...
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Christy said...

Oh my goodness...that's just so wrong!!! I'm sorry, sweetie.

Having someone steal from you is a violation in more ways than one.

Please let me know if I can do something for you!

brit_brat said...

The Hotel is replacing anything stolen right?
Next time stash all money in your bra when you leave. Not only will it keep it safe but add some extra padding :)

Dana said...

That really sucks! I'm sure the hotel is pointing to their policy of not replacing stolen items. Was there a safe in the room? If not, then you definitely have a stronger case. Plus, they should have on record who was cleaning your room. I'd have to check my roommate too tho! Haha Unless she's someone you really know. She might not have had any dinero after buying that purse! That might be my inner conspiracy theorist talking, but hey, she's fair game - she had access and knew where you were keeping your things.

Anonymous said...

A curse on the thief!

t.v. said...

That's awful.. :(

What are the Hotel's policies concerning stolen goods from one's hotel room?

Shouldn't they compensate you seeing that it was stolen from your room?

Don't beat yourself up. What happened was not your fault. You thought your room was a safe place.

Jasmine said...

I think we need to call Mel and have her dip into her Dar Jar! ;)
I'll wire you money...seriously...just let me know!

Bianca said...

Bri, please text me where you are staying. The Lord has blessed me with some speaking engagements, so please let me share the wealth.

But, really, you don't need another purse!

Anonymous said...

can you fully and slowly describe the undergarments under which you hid the money? i want to make sure i have a clear picture of what happened here.


Brianna said...

the hotel is not talking about replacing anything unfortunately. there was a safe in the room but it is a two bedroom apartment and the safe happened to be in the closest of the other room so i never saw it and didn't realize we had one.

they are doing an investigation and talking to all the employees today. in some ways i'm lucky because even though i'm the only one who had stuff stolen, another girl woke up to someone in her room with his hand in her purse and freaked out big time. he didn't see her in the bed as it was the middle of the afternoon, and was on his way to robbing her. to me, that would be way more traumatizing to deal with.

oh...and definitely not my roommate as she is one of my closest friends. i do think she needs to let me borrow her purse now though. :)

Dana said...

Ahhh, ok!! Sorry for almost blaming the roomie!! ;-) I hope you get your things back...and YES, it was much better than waking up finding some random crazy person in your room.

Deb said...

Hey darling...send me the info and I'll send you some cash $$$$. I'll be your surgar mama for a few days. For real though, let me know if you want me to wire you something. Love ya and why is it that we are always victims of robberies???

Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
Why, that’s just a crime!
Sorry to hear of the loss.
Isn’t it hard to picture the mental process of those who think they have some ‘right’ to just take other people’s stuff, things they didn’t do anything to deserve, totally unconcerned about the effects on the owner?
Wow, some people …

Adam Hoale said...

That's terrible. But sometimes bad things happen to good people.

Sorry - I'm a blog wanderer and your story caught my eye.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brianna

Sorry to hear about your bad experience in Melbourne. Just want to say that I hope you don't think we are all like that. Please come back and compete again.

Aussie Boy (now wishing I was handsome, rugged and sweet talkin')