Friday, February 27, 2009

alive and well

I didn't die. Or fall off the face of the earth. Or run off with a well-chiseled, no shirt wearing, handsome, rugged, sweet talkin' Aussie.

I haven't had an internet connection for the past five days. For me, that's kind of like going without water. Or maybe air. In fact, my sister texted me yesterday just to make sure that I was in fact, STILL BREATHING. So I just wanted to ensure anyone who cares, that I am. I made it to Sydney today and as you can see, I have once again been connected to the universe. That means more blogging, emails to those who deserve them, and facebook updates galore! Life is sweet.

I have been enjoying myself out here to the fullest and tomorrow I take a break from it all to actually put in some work so wish me luck out on the track and I will be back shortly to update you all on my life down under! Seriously though...if I find my sweet talkin' Aussie I might not come back at all.


t.v. said...

Hhmm that sign got a chuckle out of me. Funny..

Glad to know you made it safely and is not giving up your career to become "An Aussie housewife". lol

Anyway, kick butts and collect titles and checks. ;)

Jon Lustig said...

Funny that you mentioned facebook, as the difficulty of simply getting around the site combined with the tedium of reading 130 updates every hour, and of course the endless complaints from friends if you don't update your status every 10 minutes, are the reason I'm no longer on it. I guess it wasn't really made for me though. Don't leave us luddites out of the loop for too long...
Good luck running today!

Bianca said...

GOOD LUCK!!! I'll be praying for you :)

Jess said...

Sending lots of luck to you!!! oh... and find a hot aussie for me too- gotta love those accents- ahhhhh.