Thursday, March 12, 2009

Domestic Life

I’m visiting the family this week. At this very moment I’m sitting in the living room, smelling the scent of frying tortillas as my sister makes tacos for dinner, listening to the sounds of SpongeBob blare from the television my nephew is sitting two centimeters away from, and constantly on the lookout for a falling child or a missing phone as my niece makes her way around on the new set of walking legs she’s discovered. This all came after my attempt to take an afternoon nap, being that I was a bit tired after being awoken just before 8am because, you know, there are small kids around and all; Kids that do not know the first thing about whispering. This is not my comfort zone. Not even close. I’m not sure when the feelings of domesticity are suppose to overcome me, but it hasn’t happened yet.

If anyone has some insight about when this “switch” will be turned on, I’m curious to know. As a woman approaching 30, it sometimes seems odd to me that I have yet to uncover the domestic side of me. I like waking up and not having to be concerned about fixing breakfast for anyone but myself. In fact, I’m in real trouble because all I’m used to now is making my way to the dining hall and deciding what I want in my egg white omelet. And I can’t stand cartoons. The sound of them makes me head hurt. Not to mention that constant cartoons takes away from my own viewing pleasures. I’m also known to do laundry and then just leave the clean clothes in the basket and pick them out as needed. Just some of my many tendencies that do not lend themselves to being the good Sally Homemaker that I should one day be. I’m just not sure if I need time…or help!


Anonymous said...

Question? Are you as selfish in your training and performance as you are in your day to day real life?

Perhaps this explains your poor performances recently?

Hypothesis: Brianna is not at peace in her real life as illustrated that she is very selfish and can't tolerate not being able to sleep in past 8AM. Its all about Brianna!

Is Brianna also selfish in her professional approach?


Princesses in real life are Princesses of the track. Neither win gold or qualify. They are just princesses.

Sorry to be so harsh but someone had to say it.


Jon Lustig said...

Don't worry about it, I can definitely see you flipping that switch when the time comes. There are so many things which seem crazy to us at the time, and then it's amazing how everything changes at that moment when life throws them our way. For me, the fact that you find the idea of that other life to be so strange is a sign that you're doing it right. I think people who have convinced themselves that they're ready for it before it happens are fooling themselves. The idea of family life won't feel this way forever, enjoy this feeling and the single life while it lasts.

Anonymous said...

yo bri its been awhile its joe p. vegas/dc. i hope your well. whose the anonymous dickhead talking about how selfish you are?--look becoming domestic aint for everyone--and folks should be ok with that. its ok to be you and do you for as long as you want to. all that you have experienced in your life one day young people will benefit from but for now live your life sporty mack! id much wrather you do all that you aspire to be than to be that fucked up parent pressuring there kid cause all they think about is how they shoulda coulda woulda!

Anonymous said...

So true joe! These dickheads have nothing better to do than worry about other people lives and write negative stuff about them without even having the balls to state their name. Talk about jealousy..... anyways Bri, continue doing you, I'm a single mother and although I love my daughter, I think I would have waited if I were able to do it all over again. And keep your faith with your runs and jumps. Just keep believing in yourself and things will fall in place. BTW I saw you in Sydney! Very exciting.

Nikkie T said...

I think you did a pretty good job with Charlie and Sierra! You even volunteered to babysit that time... and that was AFTER being under the same roof with them for a while.
I mean come on- YOU... VOLUNTEERED... to be left ALONE... for a whole night... with a 3yr old and a 1yr old. If that's not progress I don't know what is :).

Seriously, it'll come when it comes. Don't sweat it.

brit_brat said...

You forgot to mention how delicious my tacos were!! haha
ok so do I think there's something wrong with you? no. but I do have some advice to help you feel more comfortable in that atmosphere and that's to actively engage yourself in it. it's like visiting another country who's customs are far different than yours. at first it seems weird and you think to yourself "jeez, I could never live like that!" but once you practice actually living as they live, you get a better feel and understanding of it and can then appreciate it more.
if all you do is sit and be a spectator, how will you ever know what it truly feels like? you better than anyone else knows that practice makes perfect...or atleast closer to perfect. and what better people to practice with than your family, your godson and niece. they are as close to your own as you're gonna get at this time haha
did I think this would be my life, domesticated, cartoon watching, up before 8am life? no way. but you find yourself in a situation and you adjust to it. and if there's anything the Glenn sister's know how to do, it's adjust!
I love you Bri! and I'm willing to let you have my offspring ANYTIME for practicing purposes :)

Erin Michell said...

I'm sure when you are ready, you will feel more comfortable and you'll learn as you go. I don't think that "pushing 30" or any age has anything to do with it. When the time is right, you'll know. You'll make changes accordingly when you need to, right now you don't need to.

t.v. said...

From the "mouth" of a domesticated mother. Well said Brit. :)

Bri, you once mentioned that if and when you turn 35 and you're still single and don't have any kids, then you wouldn't bother doing the family thing.. or something like that.

Still feel that way?

Brianna said...

@ jon...i am for sure not rushing anything. just wondering if it's normal that i still feel the way i do. of course, whether it is or not isn't going to change how i feel. i admit to being selfish, and i like the way i am. some people can't wait to have kids and a family...i feel like i can wait forever! (except that one day i just assume i'll be ready)'re right. it isn't for everyone. i feel like i'm in the middle. it's not for me now, but i'm still not ready to say it will NEVER be for me.

@chanel...kudos to you. the one thing that scares me even more is the thought of having to do it by myself!

@brit...the one person who i would say would be less domesticated than me, would be you. so i guess it's possible for me to come around. your tacos were bland by the way, but thanks anyway!

@nikkie...aka mommy and wife extraordinare...i did survive. it was one of my proudest accomplishments actually. my fear is i won't have your perfect daughters though and i know i'll never come close to your skills!

@erin...i'm wanting my age to be around 45-50...although the well maybe dry by then! this whole ticking clock thing sucks!

@t.v....did i say that? i guess if i get too old, it wouldn't really even be a choice. i'm more scared of kids than a husband though.

Anonymous said...

Advice-Just keep doing mediorcrely in track, just enough to somehow scarp up the funding to live at the training center and travel to Austraila (poor little you). Then you never have really grow up.

God I have known so many athletes like you...hang on to long, stuck in the runt of familiarity and then later wishing they had moved on with their lives.

Brianna said...

And I, my friend, have known so many people like you...the ones who choose to remain anonymous when they have something mean or controversial to say, judge people who they don't personally know, and sit on their high horse acting as the voice of authority when it comes to other people's lives.

The very least you can do is stay on topic...this blog has nothing to do with my pathetic excuse of an athletic career (your opinion, not mine). I don't continue to compete just so I don't have to grow up. Get a life.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, "Anonymous", and "Me" are different people.

Anonymous.........why on earth would anyone leave that life!

She gets to basically do nothing all day. Wake up, eat, work out, run, jump, and call it a day! She gets to travel the world, perform in stadiums of fans who tell her she is great. She has people catering to her every need and telling her she is wonderful. The fans clap. She is in print media, and a somewhat well known person in her chosen arena.

My god, what a good gig if you can get it! Shoot, I'd take that job any day and keep it until I'm old and gray if could.

I will say Anonymous, you must be a complete moron! If you know people who have given up this life for the "real world" then I say, birds of a feather flock together and your friends are complete morons too or your friends are lying to you and regret their dumb ass decision to leave such a awesome, awesome lifestyle!

Now for your motivation to post such crap? Hmmmmm? Your jealousy is obvious. Perhaps it is you who chose to enter the real world when you still had some more competing to do? Don't take out your own life's bitterness on others who are where you wish you could be.

Besides, if Brianna would just F'ing look down, do a stutter step and not miss the F'ing board she'd be winning these competitions. Maybe she needs some contact lenses! Or a new coach! Is Carl Lewis available?

Have good one and don't eat all the Wheaties before you go off to dig ditches each day.


Mrs. On the Real said...

I don't know about anyone else but I think it's obvious that "Anonymous" and "Me" are the same person because he/she (most likely a she) had to make this distinction. Brianna you killed her with the "GET A LIFE" message :-)

Second, "she" is trying to mask her own jealousy by saying that you are....i'm sure you noticed

Third, the chick has as much time on her hands as you do, probably even more because she is checking your blog every half hour to see if you responded.

BOTTOM LINE, if she were that headstrong and secure in herself she wouldn't take the time to try and "F'ing" cuss you out ;-)

brit_brat said... there like a special way to spice up tacos? what more can you do than add the taco seasoning packet? hahaha
anywho...I think a good place to start is by changing your nieces poopy diapers. nothing is more REAL than that!
also, it might help to gain some weight. not like...more muscle. but good ol' american FAT!! then your body might feel closer to being ready to bare children, seeing as how body fat in young women can help jump start puberty, your body might then relay the message to your brain. so my point is, add some junk to the trunk!!

homegirl said...

I think the "switch" will click when God sees fit to turn it on.
We're the same age and I know just how you feel. I think it'll be good for you to keep your neice and nephew all by yourself for a weekend- get a feel for it. You can do it!

I do the exact same thing w/ my laundry... dishes too. Don't mind loading but hate to unload anything.

If you ask Him for it, He'll send you a good man that enjoys & can throw down in the kitchen and you'll never have to concern yourself w/ feeding the kids. ;)

All in due time.

Anonymous said...

Bri ... I feel the same way you do. I go home to see my niece, and after about an hour, I am like ok, that's enough.

I think I would be a good father except I don't want to be around children for all that long.

Here's my thought: It's different when their your children.

Also, you will be the kind of wife and mom that you can handle. So, when you see your sister, she is the type of wife and mom that she can handle.

If you get married and have kids, she may come to your house and think, I couldn't do what Bri does, just as you say the same.

If this makes no sense, that would not be a first for me.

Peter B.

Anonymous said...

Lets stay on topic people.

This blog entry is about if there is a "switch" that can be turned on for Brianna.

The funny thing about switches is that they are usually lined up next to each other and that you need to flip a few of them before you find the one your looking for.

Hmmmmmm? I wonder what this switch does? Let me flip it and see.........
Brianna's love life
Brinna's biological clock
Brianna's track performance
Brianna's hot sister Brit Brat
Brianna's future fat ass and love handles


Me (not to be confused with anonymous)

Bianca said...

1. You're almost 29, NOT 30. Stop rushing it!
2. Engage your comment moderation to avoid losers from commenting.
3. Brit, as a Hispanic woman, I beg of you not to use taco mix. Ugh, tragic.
4. Nikkie, you're an amazing mother. Who can compare but Mary the mother of JESUS?!?!

Marcus said...

Bianca, you are crazy. Mary the mother of Jesus??? Does that make me God?

ivar said...

"Married men never accomplished much".

Nicolah Tesla

Just maybe it applies to women also?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Daniel said...

OK, I don’t care which ‘Anonymous Ass’ it is, but stay the heck away from Brit_Brit! I’m the one who gets to make side comments about the “hot sis”, ok?! Not you. You don’t deserve such privileges.

This blog has been better than watching really bad reality TV.

Oh, ya, what Bianca said; packaged taco mix?! Wow, even my two teenagers wouldn’t eat that stuff, no matter what I threatened (like “Hey! You wanta cook tonight?!”).

And don’t worry Ms. Glenn, if you get the “fat ass” you can just move from Budweiser to malt liquor ads.


Shavon Renee said...

It's funny that you wrote this blog considering I am the very opposite. I'm trying to keep my 22 year old tail in line and patient for the right person to come give me the family I've waited for these last 12 years. My switched was turned on at the age of 9 and I'll never forget it. My mommy jones gets stronger every years and it's crazy. Yes I'm young...and freshly single....but I cannot wait to be a mommy and have that domestic life. But I know it isn't for everyone. My professor is 38 with her PhD and she told me this week that she didn't have a maternal instinct til about 2 years ago. Now she has a beautiful little girl. It happens at the right time for you. You're fine...maybe I'm the weirdo. lol

Christy said...

I don't think there's a magical answer, but I think Brit is on the right track in terms of "actively engaging yourself" in those types of activities. Personally, I've been around children since I was a wee one myself, so I've ALWAYS loved children and saw myself as a mother (although I saw that happening by the time I was about 25 and I'm WAYYYY passed that now and haven't accomplished that - but it's not for lack of desire). I think that's a huge reason why I've always surrounded myself with children. I'll babysit for anyone. (Brit, if find yourself needing one (although I'm sure you have your mom), feel free to give me a call.)

My sister-in-law on the other hand was NEVER around children and I would notice that when she was around our niece and nephew she would have very little tolerance for them and couldn't comprehend my constant desire to have them for 3-4 days at a time. Now that she has her own children, though, she's doing just fine as a mom (although could stand to discipline them a tad more).

Anyway, that's my two cents.

brit_brat said...

awww you guys are gonna make me blush!
it would be nice to know what yall look like though....for all I know "Me" could be a 45 year old woman from that would be no bueno (no offense 45 year old women from Nebraska, you're just not for me).
But forreal...I like my food, my kids love my food, and any man that think he can do better can be my guest!
Most great cooks had a Mother or Father who taught them....I did not. so I make due with what I got and try new things when I don't hate!
How about you come over and teach me Bianca? that sounds like an awesome idea!

Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
So, you gonna let me post my picture and then set it up with Brit_Brat?
I'm a great cook. So, I'll be your guest then! I've been raising my own two singlehandedly, so Brit_Brat’s extra kids is fine with me.

Lol. Too funny!

(As a note: This is for FUN. I'm not a weirdo "Anonymous Ass" Internet stalker/hater. Thank you for your time.)