Thursday, March 19, 2009

Going Green

I’m all about doing my part to help the environment. I’ll turn off the water while I brush my teeth, combine bags while shopping at the mall, put the recyclable items in the appropriate trash can, and always have thought it would be a good idea to purchase some of those nylon bags to take to the grocery store. I have yet to actually get some and use them, but the thought is there nonetheless.

Here at the training center there is a huge push to make this place as green as possible and for the most part, I’m all for it. They took away the cups at the water cooler and I faithfully remember to bring my water bottle with me at all times. They forego trays in the dining hall so as to save water and I balance my salad plate, food plate, silverware, and cup like the seasoned former waitress that I am. They purchase new energy saving washers and dryers and I head to the store to make sure I purchase some new, appropriate soap that is made especially for these machines. I really try and do my part.

But the buck stops here.

Today the maintenance guy stopped by to change our shower heads and I thought nothing of it. That is, until I was in the shower with a fine mist trickling down. You know when you go to an amusement park in the heat of the summer and you are super relieved that they’ve thought to put out those misters to keep you cool as you wait in line? That’s what my shower felt like! I soaped up and then literally used my hand to help get all the soap off. And when I attempted to rinse out the special conditioner I use once a week, I knew I was in trouble…my hair still felt like it was loaded with Crisco. It just wasn’t happening. I had to turn the water back to the faucet, get down on my knees, and force my head underneath to properly rinse out my hair.

Listen, I love the earth and all and I want to preserve it just as much as the next guy, but I just don’t think I’m willing to sacrifice a clean body and build-up free hair. I am on a mission to get my old shower head back as soon as possible because I didn’t realize it’s value until today. It’s priceless.


Jon Lustig said...

Hah! I so knew where that was going! I've learned to live with the new low-flow ones, but every so often I'll be staying with relatives who have never changed their shower heads and...paradise. Assuming your new one isn't adjustable, hopefully it'll at least loosen up a bit after a few weeks. I'll bet the lighting is next, hope you like fluorescents.

Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
Or the "water-saver" low volume toilets. Dang, can't flush one wet Kleenex down those things without 4flushes, at best.
Yea, savin' water, pulling the handle 18 times to clear it out ...

Marcus said...

LOL... Rinsing your hair under the bath faucet, hahahahahaha. Good blog Bri. Can you take the shower head off and replace it yourself?

bianca said...

Yeah! You're blogging more!!! This was funny.

I could see you trying to rinse out your hair on your knees. Hilarious.