Monday, March 3, 2008

Picture of the Week

You might be wondering why I chose to post such an interesting picture of my friends and I. Well the answer is quite simple. Nobody trusts me to pick the pictures in which they look decent. Supposedly, I am only concerned with my own appearance and will throw everyone else under the bus if I happen to look good. (Obviously, this is untrue as one look at this will confirm.) After multiple attempts at trying to take a picture in which four very opinionated, picky women were satisfied with how they turned out, we gave up. It was much easier to look ridiculous…we nailed this one on the first attempt.

To date, I probably have about 348,937,298,000 pictures of the four of us. But there will always be room for more. More special occasions, more important memories, more just because we are hanging out together and I love you more than a fat kid loves cake…more, more, more. There is always a reason to smile for the camera as far as I’m concerned because I love being able to look at a photograph and instantly be reminded of all the great times we share together. My photograph from today will remind me of my fantastic afternoon spent laughing and eating, (my two favorite hobbies), and how my best friend searched to find me a fabulous new brunch spot in L.A. because she knows how much I adore brunch. Because of her I was able to try the Friggin’ Amazin’ French Toast. from Grub. That was the name straight off the menu and I will tell you that it lived up to it’s reputation. Just ask Jasmine…she was kind enough to steal my last bite.

And just in case you are really worried that my friends and I escaped from the looney's the normal version.


Bianca said...

FYI #1: I was the friend who found the spot for brunch.

FYI #2: I am a glory hog... just ask my friends.

FYI #3: Brianna always posts pictures where SHE looks hot... we all look like we walked through Katrina and survived.

Brianna said...

Hi Bianca...did I ever tell you how much I loved the green curtains in my room? You are so fabulous. I love you.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ you picking out the pics where only you look good. I think that is totally normal. Both pics look great and ummm @ french toast.

brit_brat said...

I have yet to see a picture where Bianca, Jasmine, or Melanie look bad so you guys need to all hush! You are your own worst critic and I think you all are beautiful no matter what!

p.s. thank you for linking me back to the cave man picture. I needed a good laugh!

Jasmine said...

why did i get tears in my eyes as i read this post?
i know i'm a big baby. but still.
you love me even when i eat your LAST bite of french toast. dang, it was yummy! ;)
and, fyi, life is too short NOT to have 348,937,298,000 pictures of your friends. at the end of the day, we're all we have. well, us...and quesadillas. need i say more?! :)

melanie said...

all i can think of is how embarrassed i'll be if matt holzman gets a look at this! (well, moreso the caveman picture...nice link!) thanks for brunch, though. i was long overdue on some good friend time with you 3. sooo needed it!
oh and btw, why does bianca look so much like zoe in the bottom picture?--like, she looks 13 and everything!

Los Angelista said...

You all look lovely! Not just because you have the looks, but also because you clearly treasure sisterhood with each other. Unfortunately, not all women do.