Wednesday, March 26, 2008


So, here's the deal...

It seems like nobody is really interested in me baring my soul and sharing all my deepest feelings and emotions. (see below). Of course I will still continue to write about all things that I feel compelled to share and deem worthy, but I thought I would take this post a slightly different route. Many of the readers of this blog know me personally but there are others that do not. I know this because I have way more visitors per day then I have friends and family and even though I know my sister is bored at home and checks my blog 20-30 times daily, there are still some of you out there who know me simply from what you’ve read on here. And I worry that as you lay in bed at night before going to sleep, your mind is brimming with questions you are dying to ask me. So here is your chance. Ask me anything. What my most memorable moment in track and field is…How I like my steak cooked…What brand of toothpaste I’m currently using…What music I listen to before I compete…Who I consider a role model…The best date I’ve ever had…

Ladies and Gentlemen, the possibilities are endless. Of course there will be a very immediate end if nobody asks anything. Try not to give me something too complex, otherwise I might just hold off and make it it’s own blog post. This is all in good fun and is open to anybody and everybody. You don’t have to be a member to leave a comment on my blog…you don’t even have to have a name. Anonymous works just fine if you’re not comfortable with your God given one.


the gamelord said...

Brianna, I hope this doesn't qualify as a stupid question, but how much do you power clean? You did say we could ask anything.LOL I remember you mentioned in one your posts that you do power cleans as part of your training. Obviously, judging by your physique and your specialty, the long jump, you are a very explosive athlete. Although, I am not a competitive athlete (just recreational stuff), I do PC's as part of my workouts. I have maxed at about 275 lbs, but I am a 200 pound man. It's not a gender thing, I was just curious how much a world class female track athlete could flip up. LOL

Also, if you had a choice between losing your sight or your hearing, which would you chose? I mean, would it be more important to see your firstborn child or listen to that New Kids on the Block greatest hits CD you just copped? :-)

Oh yeah, one last question. Do you know if donations to your Beijing fund are tax-deductible? A brotha would love to be a contributor to your amazing dream, but I'd like to be able to write it off.:-)

Proudly, the gamelord!

Brianna said...

@ Gamelord...thanks for the questions! I can power clean around 195 pounds--that's if I did the math right when trying to convert it from kilos to pounds. It's about 90 kilos though. I weigh about 125 and I think that's pretty strong for my size--not crazy strong but decent. I would definitely lose my hearing over my sight, even if it meant no more NKOTB. :) And as for your last question, I would hope so but how do I make sure? Honestly I hadn't thought about it. Would it just mean that I claim it on my taxes? I'm very uneducated about how all that works but if you know then definitely share and I'll do what I need to.

Anonymous said...

hmmm...let me see. what do you look for in a perspective mate?


bigmoneygrip said...

What are your favorite books?

t.v. said...

Oohhh.. It is going to be fun interrogating you. lol.. I have so many questions to ask, but I will put my selfishness aside for today and only ask a few. All in good fun. :)

Have you always been this spiritual, or did something happened to change your life?

When people look at you they see perfection. When you look in the mirror, what you see?

If I was to open your journal to the chapter of your "first time" what would I read there? You did say we can ask you anything.. ;)

How romantic are you?
You planned a nice evening of dinner, music and some quiet time alone at home for you and your date. All evening things between you two have been heating up. You have been smiling with each other, touching and flirting. After dinner he sits on the couch. He looks at you and says come sit on my lap. You being the daring one that you are, you straddle him and looks deep into his eyes. He says: “You’ve been tempting me all evening with your looks, your touches and the way you smell”. You look at him seductively and say: “…………………….” Fill in the blank… lol.

What is the craziest, freakiest thing you have ever done? (You know, something that would make your sister or your best friends go… “Brianna Marie Glenn …………!” Lol)

If I was to ask your sister what she loves most about you, what would her answer be?

Some of us know that you’re a reality tv junky. Would you ever sign up for a part in a reality series? If yes, which one?

Hhmm.. I'm getting carried away. I will save the rest for later. lol.

Oh wait one more... Would you lie to protect your career?

Anonymous said...

brianna, i know these are gonna be completely random... but you said we could :)

-what soap do you take a bath with?
-since you said it, how do you like your steak cooked?
-what is your favorite flavor of icecream?
-dark or milk chocolate?
-if you could go anywhere...where would you go to live for the rest of your life?
-and i have to know... what was the best date youve ever had? ;)

Cormac said...

Hi Brianna,

I saw you storm to a hugely impressive victory in the 100m at the Cork City Sports in Ireland last june, and have been following your career and (excellent)blog ever since.

I was just wondering do you plan to make a return trip to the Cork City Sports Grand Prix in either the 100m or the LJ? All Irish Track fans would love to see an athlete of your calibre as a regular here, and hopefully there won't be gale force winds blowing this time round!

Thank you,


P.S I have to confess to being one of those people who check for blog updates several times a day! It's fascinating to be able to share some experiences and observations of an athlete of the sport I love. Keep it up and I genuinely hope that your Olympic dreams come true this year!

dejanae said...

worst date u ever had?
what would you be doing if you werent a professional athlete?
If you could only listen to one Artist for the rest of your life, who would it be?
How tall are you?
What is your most prized possession?
what comes to ur mind when i say:
Michael Jackson?
Arnold Shwarzenegger?

Brianna said...

Hmmm...maybe I should have said 2 question limit per person. :)

@marcus...a perspective mate: has a strong relationship with God. pretty much anything else is not an absolute definitive except that one. intelligence is importance but I'd like someone on my level. not a brainiac that makes me feel dumb but we can be smart in different ways. i love a good sense of humor. someone who isn't the class clown necessarily but has a quick wit. someone who completely appreciates me and knows how to show it and someone i can be commpletely enamored with. and for the superficial stuff...tall, athletic build (I DO NOT want to be buffer than you), nice teeth.

@bigmoneygrip...i love so many different kinds of books. i have "plane" books, which I consider John Grisham or chick books like devil wears prada, etc. they are short, quick, and entertain. i love books by people that inspire me or that are somehow sports related so that i can grow as an athlete in a positive way. and i love a million other types of books, none of whose titles or authors i can think of at the moment because my memory is horrible. i read pretty much anything though.

@t.v....a few huh??!! i think that i have become more spiritual once i began to fully understand that the outcomes and direction of my life is completely in someone else's hands.i try to live my life in a way that honors Him, even though i know sometimes i fall dreadfully short. i'm also blessed to have a great group of friends who are the epitomy of spiritual people.

when i look in the mirror i most certainly don't see perfection. far from it. i won't point out my flaws though because that will make you focus on them. :)

how romantic am i? none of that sounds like me. i would not be cooking dinner...we can eat out.

i'm sure brit will be on here soon and let you know what she loves most about me because i'm drawing a blank. she usually shares what she loves least about me.

I always wanted to be on the real world but now i'm too old.

I would not lie to protect my career because then i would be sacrificing my integrity.


@trent...I am the kind of person that buys what's on sale. Right now I'm using oil of olay with body ribbons body wash because it was 2 for 1.

I like my steak medium or medium rare. it depends what kind of steak it is.

my favorite flavor of ice cream is coldstone vanilla with strawberries, brownie, and graham cracker. random.

definitely DARK chocolate. for everything. :)

I'd like to visit a lot of places but I only want to live in California.

best date i've ever had...gosh, i can't think of anything that stands out as spectacular. that's pretty pathetic. Irishman, yeah! I've been at cork for the past 4 or 5 years so i assume i will be there again this year as well. i always have better luck in the 100 than lj so probably run the 100

@dejanae...worst date i ever had would probably be NYE in new orleans when my boyfriend at the time left me at the club to go gamble. luckily i had friends there but not a good look.

if i weren't a professional athlete i think i'd like to try commentating or some form of journalism.

one artist for the rest of my life??? maybe old skool MJ because i never tire of those songs.

I'm 5'6 but i claim to be 5'7

my most prized possession would probably be my photographs of me and my Dad.

bush-stupidest president ever
MJ-billie jean
abs-my claim to fame
hybrid-i could drive a prius
tears-stupid models on ANTM


Anonymous said...

Where is your sister? She is lagging. You are tooooo funny. This is so enjoyable, you've got a wonderful gift of drawing people in.

Anonymous said...

More training related questions...

What do you take for supplements?

Do you have a sprint workout that is your favorite that you feel prepares you the best?

How often are you lifting per week currently?

How many hard workout days do you have per week?

I love your blog as I'm an aspiring track athlete and i love reading your trials and tribulations as I've been going through some of the same things. I thank you for being so open and sharing all your experiences with the world.

Anonymous said...

From your previous blogs it appears that you place a high value on your family, friendships but especially your father. Therefore my question is…..What made your father such a special person to you and did you always have a good father-daughter relationship with him? Or, what advise would you give fathers on how to treat their daughters?

For the record…I don’t have any kids. But when I do get married and have kids I want to be the best husband and father in the world!!! And I especially want my daughters (that’s if I have any) to speak well of me like you have of your father.


P.S.-Seeing the picture of your father holding you as a baby reminded me of a picture I have of my father taking me to get my first haircut.

Jasmine said...

who's your best friend?
hint: her name starts with the letter "J" and ends with "asmine"

Brianna said...

@ anonymous...i know, right??!! she's on maternity leave and the baby is only three weeks old...she can't be that busy!

@ supplement list is as follows: daily vitamin with iron, omega 3 6 9, korean ginseng, chromium picolinate, cordyceps, B complex, CO Q10, creatine, and glutamine. (not a recommendation or endorsement for anybody else!)

my favorite sprint workout before a big meet or something is probably flying 30's because it's top speed and it doesn't hurt!

i'm lifting 3 days a week right now.

i would say 4 days out of the week are hard days. two of them will have my legs wobbly and have me out there for hours and two of them have me completely winded and usually on the ground afterwards.

you're welcome. :)

@ why did you have to go and make it all emotional??!! yes, my father is extremely important and his memory is one that I hold on to dearly. He passed away so suddenly and without warning that sometimes it makes it hard when I realize all the things I miss and memories I won't have. But what made him so special was that he was the kind of person that everybody loved and wanted to be around. Anybody that knew him, loved him. My parents were divorced at a young age but my Dad was always around and a part of our lives.

Brianna said...

@ best friend...isn't it nice to already know everything about me?! love you!

Anonymous said...

If I were you, I would block T.V. from being allowed to ask any more

What kind of deoderant do you wear?

If you could marry a professional athlete, who would it be?

At what age would you like to retire from track?

Do you think you would be suicidal if you lost a leg?

t.v. said...


t.v. said...

...and LOL @jewells

Brianna said...

@ jewells...i wear secret. strong enough for a man but just perfect for a chick that works out for almost 6 hours a day.

if i could marry a professional athlete it would not be any of the ones I've already dated. LOL. umm, NOT a track one and maybe one that is retired.

i think i will retire at either 30 or 32.

no way would i be suicidal if i lost a leg. do you know how much money i could make running in the paralympics??!!! I'd be a star like my friend Marlon and he does just fine with a missing leg. you can't even tell when you wear pants.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog Brianna.
As a coach and former athlete I am enjoying learning about the more personal trials and tribulations of someone gunning for the top.

This is a nosey question- are you in debt because of the sacrifices you are making to focus on track?

When you go to a big mall what is the first store you hit?

This entire blog could just be

Take care. I will be in Eugene and will cheer your every move!

brit_brat said...

I'm starting to think people read your blogs just for me...
I'm flattered :)

Any question eh?
-Do you feel like there was/is, on some level, favoritism towards you from Mom and pretty much our entire family because of your accomplishments?
-Be honest, how many things of mine do you take when you come visit because I can tell when you've been through my drawers?

and last but not least...
-I know there have been times when I've felt a little jealous of you and the things you had, or didn't have in your life...
do you sometimes feel jealous of me for the things I have that you don't have yet?
ie: husband, kids, stunning good looks?

Brianna said...

@ anonymous #3...after 2005 I was really in debt. That's why I initially chose to move to the training center since it was free and all. moving back to LA was hard on me financially and there was a point where I ran out of money before I started making more and that's never fun. Right now I am doing ok. I can't say that I'm debt free because I still have credit cards (from back in the day when life was rough) that aren't paid interest rate so I'm not worried about it too much. To answer your question fully though, I have gone in debt in order to give my all to this sport. I realized that for me, I wouldn't be able to reach the levels I wanted to if it was something I was doing on the side and if my energy and time were being wasted at a job. It couldn't be a "hobby."

If I'm at a mall I always hit Forever 21, I'm not gonna lie. I always look in Aldo for shoes, and for department stores I prefer Nordstroms. I'm not a big mall person though, I prefer boutiques...which is why I hardly shop in Tucson.

@ brat...oh geez, i thought you were just gonna be funny! favoritism??? ummm, i think since i never got into trouble and was always the good kid it was easy to always be happy with me whereas you were always doing something you shouldn't so there were more reasons to be disappointed. but i didn't necessarily feel liked more.

sometimes i am looking for my own stuff that you have and sometimes i forget an item and rummage through your crap to see if you have something i could use but it hardly ever works. i steal ponytail holders all the time. and have you finally taken back that one eyeshadow i would try and steal for like the past 3 years?

i am jealous that your hair is better than mine and that you never wash your face but still have perfect skin. i'm also jealous that you now have boobs even though they will probably go south in a couple months. still must be nice to have that experience for a little while. and while i'm not jealous of your life because i'm not ready to be the brady brunch just yet, i am definitely in awe of how well you do it and hope that if i ever get around to convincing someone to marry me and produce offspring, that I will become a better version of myself like I believe you have.

lw said...

Brianna, can you tell about your reaction when you found out that Forever 21 at the Tucson Mall is being remodeled into a two story, 9,000 square foot mecca for the fashion goddesses of the OP? Oh, and I have another question....can we pop a bottle of champagne in the parking lot when it finally opens? With a little alcohol in us, we can pretend that Forever 21 on Oracle Road is really Barneys on Madison long as you're delusional, Tucson ROCKS!

kludge said...

You are so refreshingly open.

1. Barring the fact that you are scared to wear it because it probably seems like you wear it everyweek (hmm, I have an outfit like that), what is your favorite outfit. All details, conservative, edgy, or "out-there"?

2. OK, you are now 27, I think. If you stay single for several more years, what is your optimal city? Once you marry while raising kids, what's your optimal city? Kids are in college and want to just chill with hubby, again, what city?

3. What is the last thing that made you cry?

4. Where do you do most of your blogging? Laptop? Home? Panera Bread?

Hey, thanks.

Nickson23 said...

Im goin to travel next year and i wanted to know if i put up some good times will i get notice???

My other question is what keeps you motivated to continue to run???

Brianna said...

@lw...what is this great news i hear??? we are definitely breakin out the cristal. omg...a whole shopping spree and I won't spend more than $150 bucks.

@ favorite outfit of the moment??? hmm...a red bikini? j/k. i don't really have a favorite outfit right "go to" that i can count on. i have a fave pair of shoes, they are a giraffe type print with an ankle strap and a fantastic heel and i will create an outfit around them whenever i get the chance.

yes, i am 27 for a few more weeks. if i stay single for a few more years i wouldn't mind living in NY just for the experience. then i think i would like to live in san diego and i am good staying there until forever.

last thing that made me cry was a couple of comments ago when i was writing about my dad. i cry pretty easily believe it or not.

most of my blogging is done at home from my laptop because that's where i am most of the time. sometimes i get crazy and head to the coffee shop that has free internet just so i can say i'm out of the house.

@nickson...who are you trying to get noticed by? if you run in europe it is easier for other european meet directors to notice you and therefore be able to get into more meets and bigger meets. if you mean shoe companies, you need big marks at big meets.

i am motivated to continue running because i feel i was given this talent for a reason and i don't think that the journey is completed yet. i don't want to stop and ever have regrets and i KNOW that i have so much more in me that it literally drives me crazy.

brit_brat said...

You know I thought about just being light hearted and funny but I honestly just wanted to hear nice things about myself. hahahaha
and no, I have no idea where that eyeshadow went. It was like the only one I ever bought from MAC or something, brat.
And I'll have you know that I have recently started bringing your old True Colors back into the mix...shows you how bad I'm hurting for make-up. It's a special occasion when I wear it now.

Nikkie T said...

WOW Bri, this is fun to read, so much for having extra time on your hands huh?.
No questions from me cause I think I know everything... or do I? (I'm raising one eyebrow)
I remember that NYE in New Orleans! Remember when the rental got broken into and our purses were stolen... and the theives answered your phone when we called it? And yeah, it was pretty sucky that we were ditched for the casino that night, but it WAS fun taking pictures with all the money that he brought back :).
BTW I love those giraffe print shoes! If my feet weren't bigger than yours they just might have slipped into my bag this past weekend... I'm kidding... or am I?

Bianca said...

Jasmine stole my question?!

But really, who is your best friend?

Hint, hint: She helped you move to Tucson, to SD, to LM, to LA, and back to Tucson. That's right!

Anonymous said...

OK, I’ll “contribute". But I’d rather you NOT change the wonderfully eclectic blogs you provide us…

The “requested” questions:

Have you had different experiences being “mixed” from white people verses black people? If so, what have they been?

How has the whole “light-skin't, good-hair” overriding preference affected you?

And can you give me Joice Makuaka’s phone number? I think I’m in love, lol!


anonymousnupe said...

My ealier, somewhat rhetorical question was inexplicably deleted somehow. So here's another:

At what point in your career (high school, Jr. Olympics, etc.) did it click that you loved this sport, that it could pay your way through college and other places, and that you would make the sacrifices (keeping grades up, forgoing some stuff that the "cool kids" got to do, etc.) that it required of you? What was your "AHA" track moment?

the gamelord said...

As the initial questioner on this thread, I have more question, Brianna. After seeing the number of questions contained in the other posts, I am still below the allowable limit. I know I'm biting off the Joan Osborne song, but if you could ask GOD one question, what would it be?

Also, a 90 kilo power clean for a 125 lb female is more than decent. You are, and I don't use this word often, "hella" strong and I'm very impressed. :-) Although, I know there is a degree of technique involved, I know 400 lb benchin', pectoralsaurus brothas who can't PC 90 kilos.

One last note, I just wanted to say you have, hands down, one of the most entertaining blogs on the net. I don't know what we're all going to do once you win that gold medal in Beijing and suddenly become "too good" to chat with us common folks. :-) j/k I know you're too sweet and grounded to ever let that happen.

Brianna said...

@bianca...yes, i love you the most. shh, don't tell jazzy. and growing up in California makes it a lot easier being mixed. pretty much everybody is--it's probably more common than NOT being mixed in some places. because I grew up with my mom (white) and in a predominantly white area(oc), i think if i ever felt weirdness it was from black people for talking funny or not having the right dance moves or whatever. nothing major though.

even though i'm mixed, i'm not necessarily light skinned so who knows what kind of preference they get. some people say my hair is good but that is all subjective too--it tends to drive me crazy most of the time.

send me a picture and maybe i'll send you joice's digits. :)

@anonymousnupe...i have had different "aha" moments. it was my junior year of high school around state meet time that i realized i could get a free education and that was important to me. i was a nerd way before i was a jock so going to college was always a priority and since there wasn't a fund, going free was the way to go. and it was after my junior year when I had that great NCAA meet that I realized how much joy i got from being good at this sport and wanted more from myself. that was the point where i no longer had limitations on what i was capable of. i figured i was just as good or better than anybody else. it took me til just a couple of years ago to really understand sacrifice though. you always think you are giving up so much until you give up more...and then you look back and see how what you were giving before was not as much as you thought. 3 or 4 years ago i would never have moved back to tucson. too boring. i would not have given up my social life. i would not eat vegetables on a regular basis. i would miss practice and feel ok about it. not anymore.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading your blogs. I wish all professional athletes were as open as you. Whats the most difficult trial you've faced since returning to Arizona? Do you find bald sexy?

Brianna said...

@gamelord...i am still pondering that one question for God. I really don't know.

@anonymous#5...The most difficult trial since being back in Arizona is training on my own again. Initially I thought the transition back here would be very difficult, but it proved to be a lot smoother than I thought which just confirmed for me that it was the right decision. But I've spent the past however many years training with people and I miss that.

Mihailo said...

Sorry, but this is not 5th grade girl lexicon to ask and give questions like that...what music do you listen...who is your favorite actor...who is your ideal match hehe, be serious:-)By the way, speaking about "interactive", online messengers are made for questions and answers come spontaneous...

Mihailo said...

PS. Sorry, being always. Kisses

Eb the Celeb said...

OK... I'm late on this but here goes...

and I am too lazy to read the comments to see if anyone already ask this so sorry if its a repeat

What college did you go to and what was your major?

what would you be doing if you werent running track.

After track is over what career path would you like to conquer next?

Brianna said...

@ dare you not check my blog every day. :) i went to university of arizona and majored in marketing.

if i wasn't doing track AND after track is over i want to do something that is still related to sports. perhaps commentating or perhaps from a writing standpoint.

Old teammate said...

Some very good questions....I'll pose some myself...just pick and choose.

After the Olympics, are you moving back to L.A. or San Diego?

When you go to the Olympics can you get some souveniers (sp?) and give them to some of my athletes who you spoke to (one in particular)?

Will you ever consider coaching? If so, high school or college?

Do you pay your coach for training you or is it pro bono/good faith?

Will you take any sponsorship offers or just major ones (not illegal or immoral)? ex. mom and pop shops, restaurants, local businesses

When you get "Marion Jones" big, can I use the pictures from college to blackmail you and get some $$$ j/p

Are you wondering what pictures I have of you from college :-) ?

Since your good with newborns, what age would you like to have a lil' one by?

One last thing, thanks for talking to my athletes, believe it or not...some of them have taken a different approach to their workouts...and some...well, some just still say they don't eat anything until reminded they ate a burger by their sister.


Brianna said...

@ old came by so late i almost didn't see your post! try and check every day like a good friend mmmkay?!

i do hope to move back to somewhere in california after the olympics but it is impossible for me to think that far in the future right now.

yes i will bring back some souveniors

i don't think coaching is for's hard for me to work with people that don't have strong work ethics or who aren't competitive like i am.

last year i paid the coach i was working with...right now i'm not. but i hope and pray to be able to show my gratitude in a big way. if i make big bucks he's the first one getting a piece of the pie.

i would take a $5 sponsorship from my mailman

burn any pictures you have...especially if they came from christmas parties.

i figure i might want to have a baby in the next five years. no hurry.

old teammate said...

lol @ christmas parties..... how did you know?

btw....great blogs, they keep me up at night