Thursday, February 28, 2008

Only in LA...

For the next 10 glorious days I will be in sunny southern California, spending my time in Los Angeles and San Diego and everywhere in between. In honor of this trip, I've resurrected an old list I made some time last year about all the crazy things you see and do only in Los Angeles. Here are a few of the unique quirks about the city that I could think of off the top of my head. If you happen to live in La Leezy or have any fun stereotypes or generalizations you make about other people that live here, please add them to the list! All in good fun....

ONLY IN LA you valet your car when you go to the gym

ONLY IN LA you wear ugg boots with a mini skirt and tank top

ONLY IN LA Dr. 90210 actually YOUR doctor

.....does Fabio let you merge on the 405 as he sits in his convertible while his hair blows in the wind 

ONLY IN LA you get more text messages from club promoters than your actual friends

ONLY IN LA Starbucks an actual diet fad (which is why you cannot go half a block without seeing one)

ONLY IN LA people stay home from work when it rains

ONLY IN LA every other person you meet a model (slash) actor 

.....are headshots required with your resume

ONLY IN LA people drive benzes but live with their momma

ONLY IN LA you find the freeways always under construction but nobody ever working on them

ONLY IN LA your nightly news a recap of all the celebrity gossip

ONLY IN LA everything 20 min away but never takes 20 min to get there

ONLY IN LA you turn on your central heat when it reaches 65 degrees

.....are basketball games a celebrity meet and greet and a chance to wear your best outfit

.....can you take TaeBo with Billy Blanks himself

.....can you blame plastic for the fact that your grandma and your sister look about 10 years apart

ONLY IN LA you recycle grocery bags and drive a Hummer

ONLY IN LA there a need for two cell phones at a minimum

ONLY IN LA there no such thing as "rush hour", just "every hour"

ONLY IN LA you know there are stars in the sky but not really what they look like

ONLY IN LA you not even bother to find who the paparazzi are waiting for outside Whole Foods

ONLY IN LA you need to have very high and unshakeable self-esteem because there always seems to be 5 better looking versions of you every time you turn around.


Andre Rafik said...

ONLY IN LA people drive benzes but live with their momma

.....are basketball games a celebrity meet and greet and a chance to wear your best outfit

Sounds Like DC...hood rich!
but the celebrities at wizards games are all politicians (and boxers for some reason)

Los Angelista said...

Oh those are some good ones. Hope you enjoy your time out here.

kareem said...

LOL! I have to agree with Andre on the DC vybe. There are quite a bit of pretentious people down here!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Atlanta can steal one item off the list (with modifications):

ONLY IN brothers drive benzes but live with their momma or in a 2 bedroom apartment with 3 roommates (I've seen this with my own eyes....and homie was 35 years old)!!!!!!!!!!! This is the real meaning of hood rich!!!LOL


anna joy said...

hahahahhahaha! seriously!