Sunday, March 16, 2008

An Attitude of Faith

I love it when my devotionals speak to me. Of course, every word of God is supposed to speak to you in some way, but when it feels like God sat at his desk and wrote a special little memo just for me on that particular day, it adds a little pep to my step. Today’s devotional spoke about making sure you have an attitude of faith and are operating in it constantly. By adopting that attitude you are able to not worry about tomorrow because you know that there is someone who is directing your steps.

I happen to be a worrier. I worry about the little things and the big things... the important and the unimportant. I even make up things in my mind that will probably never happen and then spend time worrying about them just in case. Sometimes it can be hard for me to simply live my life in a constant assurance that everything will indeed work out how it is supposed to. A “go with the flow” person I am not. But the fact of the matter is, faith is a gift and I don’t embrace that gift as much as I should. So I’m going to work on that. No worrying about my career because I know that he has a plan for my talents. I have been reminded on more than one occasion that it is in his hands and his timing alone. I should not worry about the fact that my nephew might walk down the aisle before me. Not only is he preparing someone for me, I have a feeling I still need to be fixed a little. Finances should not stress me out because I have always been provided for…even when it made NO sense. You get the point, right? It’s important to place your trust where it belongs and give up the reins on all the things that will weigh your spirit down.

I just wanted to share that with you. Perhaps if you missed Church today you could use a little inspiration.

P.S. I stretched out my profile because I was hearing that it was hard to read. Does this help? Or do I need to change the colors or something?


t.v. said...

The devotional thought is very much appriciated. Every morning before I leave for work I listen to a chapter from the bible at Audio Bible Online. It's amazing what a little food from the word of God can do for your day.

Do think about sharing more devotionals with us.

Your page formate is good. It indeed makes reading easier. Took a little getting use, though.:) The white wording however is a bit bright on the eyes. The same shade of grey that you use to the left, would be softer.

Nikkie T said...

Thanks Bri, as a matter of fact I did need this.
I could use some help finding a church home so if anyone knows of any in So Cal (preferrably Long Beach or Orange County) that are child friendly (I'm talking a 3yr old and a 10mo old) please help. In the meantime though I'll start listening to Audio Bible Online (Thanks T.V.!!).

dejanae said...

feelin this post
good stuff
i was feelin extra blessed this weekend too

t.v. said...

Why am I only now realizing what a mess I made in my previous comment. lol.
Ok.. in an attempt to correct my mishaps;"appriciate=appreciate, formate=format and when I said left I actually meant right (my second left)". But the sharp woman in you recognized my mishap anyway. lol.

You're welcome nikkie. Sharing tid bits to strenghten our spiritual walk with God should be done more often.

anonymousnupe said...

Made it to church, but the message was wack. (We gotta get a pastor soon,'s been 2 years...) So thanks for this.

And I liked your old template a lot better. It was more in line with what's encounter on the rest of the Internet. I thought my browser settings had gone haywire the first time I saw your new look.

That's just my take.

Brianna said...

LOL...yea, I know what you mean. I wish I could find something in the middle maybe.

Ron Bramlett said...

Good post. Having that kind of attitude is essential when track is your profession. That's why a lot of folks can't hack it.

the gamelord said...

Brianna, as a fellow worrier, in my case pathological, this post definitely struck a chord. It reminded me that if you proclaim to truly have faith in GOD, you should always have faith that he will provide for and guide you as he sees fit and on his time. Today, you helped me remember that I'm not the driver on life's ride, but merely a passenger with GOD as my chauffeur.

Thanks for takin' it to choich. :-)

eclectik said...

Hard for me to go with the Flow...I tend to over anaylize...
I dig the inspiration

Look at you with layers!


Anonymous said...

Jeremiah 29:11

Love that scripture!

I used to be a worry-wort myself. Worried about everything possible. Forced myself into funks over things I had no control over. One day my eyes were opened. I looked over my life and saw what all God brought me through. Saw the struggle but saw how I made it over. That's when I said, "Hey, there IS something to this faith." That was a couple of years ago. Been walking in the Light ever since.

It may take a while. Once you get watch out.

Brianna said...

thanks for the verse jewells. i looked it up immediately so i could see which one you were talking about.

brit_brat said...

Isnt that funny, I'm the same exact way.