Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Recap

At the beginning of 2011, I made a conscious effort to spell out my goals in black and white for the whole world to see. As I sit here on the last day of 2011, I thought it would be important to revisit my list and see how I fared. (You can click on the section titles if you'd like to read the goals in their entirety)

My professional goals:

-Be a consistent competitor (read: pep talks and new PR!)
-Have a successful Outdoor National Championships. (read: nationals recap)
-Perform well at the World Championships in Daegu. (read: the start of world championships)

Grade: D-
I must say that I didn't do so hot on my professional goals this year. Yes, I jumped far…further than I have ever jumped in my life and that is a total positive. But, I don't think I made consistency my middle name this past year and I definitely screwed up at Nationals which prevented me from even going to Worlds. That was a HUGE disappointment.

My spiritual goals:

-Complain less. (read: answered prayer)
-Give more. (read: high school track)
-Stay focused on what's important. (read: an offering)

Grade: B
I definitely think that this last year I have experienced a ton of spiritual growth and that has allowed me to really have a better perspective on a lot of things. I definitely have given more in time, talents, and treasures and I feel good about that. I'm headed in a good direction. I am not a perfect angel, but I can spot a faint halo in picture at times.

My relationship goals:

-Ask God to continue to work on the woman that I am, so that someone will want to catch a grenade for me. (read: coincidences)
-Be nicer to people. (read: encounters)
-Learn to love. (read: true love)

Grade: C+
Ok…so nobody has actually volunteered to catch that grenade yet, but I do think that God has worked on me this past year. More than anything He's made it clear to me the kind of relationship He wants for me and I'm content to wait for that. I also make everyone I go on a date with to take the love languages test so that I can be aware of their love language. :) Outside of my romantic relationships, I have become nicer. I hope.

Overall, I'm wouldn't say that I accomplished everything I wanted to this past year, but I like the idea that I can see quite clearly where I made improvements and where I need to work even harder. Most of these goals will probably be making a reappearance this coming year, and hopefully by this time next year I can give myself some better grades. :/


Faith, Food and Fitness For Real said...

I'm to skerd to grade myself! Even grading on a curve I didn't do so hot! Here's to 2012 and new goals and new prayers!

Brianna said...

amen to that!! ;)

p.s. can you really do worse than a D- though?? probably not.

bianca said...

I love you. I give you an A- on being a good friend.

I'm a tough grader.

Brittany said...

C+ in relationships? That's being generous. haha

Brianna said...

lol. hush fool. that includes friendships too.

Anonymous said...

too much talk and no action Bri. time to hang up the spikes and move on girlfriend.

Brianna said...

@ anonymous... THANK YOU!!!

Allen W said...

I think that you have done pretty well for yourself. You have also had to deal with the loss of a family member. My feelings are with you and your family. Though we have never met, I have got to know you through these postings and so forth.

And now you are on facebook. I have just started up a page for myself, though I am new and need some coaching on it which is why I have not responded to anything except for on this blog.

It is now 2012: New goals, plans and all that stuff. Good luck with everything, and I will be keeping tabs on you

Best Wishes