Thursday, July 14, 2011


Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous.

I believe that. Sometimes things happen that are just a little to uncanny to be mere chance. I reckon that God is up there setting things in motion and hoping that we are smart enough to see His hand in it and look up and give a little wink of acknowledgement. So that's what this blog is… a little wink up at God. ;)

Last Monday I found myself wandering the streets of Birmingham, England by myself. It was the day after yet another competition that didn't go so swell and I wasn't in that great of a mood. And as can sometimes be the case when we get bummed out about one thing, I was letting myself snowball. It really sucks that I'm not jumping well… I am going to be so broke next year… Maybe I need to get a job… I wish I had a friend to talk to to pick my spirits up… Or a boyfriend… I am pretty lonely… WHY AM I SINGLE?!!

And just admitting the stream of consciousness going through my head at that point is probably plenty of proof to many of you of why I'm single. ha. But truth be told, at that moment I just felt extremely lonely for some reason. The great thing about not having many "distractions" in your life is that allows you to be extremely focused. The sucky thing about not having any "distractions" is that there is nothing to take your mind off of stuff when you need a break from focusing on it. I am tired of focusing on long jump right now. I could totally use a "distraction." But alas…

A mere 5 minutes later I was standing in front of a cafe looking over the menu to decide if I should eat there for lunch. By myself, of course, because that's a totally awesome thing to do when you are already feeling lonely. But right before I get to the decision making process of eating fish and chips or not, someone interrupts me. A guy. Asking my name… where I'm from… what I'm doing in Birmingham, etc. etc. And then there was the compliments. Tons of compliments! Did you know I have the most beautiful smile in the world?! Ok, he might not have said world, but nonetheless.

I will tell you something. Normally I am not the girl that likes to be bothered. I will take a compliment and politely excuse myself or lie and say I have a boyfriend just so we don't have to do the whole little jig. It has not so much to do with whoever it is boldly trying to make an introduction, it's just not my thing. I don't like small talk, I don't like strangers, and I am leery of people approaching me out of the blue. They probably do that on a daily basis… or not… but that's what I think anyway.

But that day I soaked it up. And before I knew it, I wasn't eating lunch by myself… I actually had a lunch date! Believe it or not, it wasn't weird or awkward and I found myself enjoying it and making the dreaded small talk not seem so dreadful. Then, he walked me back to my hotel, wrote my email address on a piece of paper, and promised to contact me.

So, was this a fairytale beginning to a lifelong romance? No. He didn't contact me at all. And since it's 4 days later, I would be annoyed if he did at this point. But it's totally okay… in fact, I think I prefer it. I'm not really looking to meet an attractive Brit with an adorable accent who lives across the pond, but I definitely appreciated the attention of one that afternoon. I believe God knew that's exactly what I needed.


Bianca said...


I love it :) And I love you :)

Anonymous said...

AMEN! What a wonderful friend you have in Jesus! Love you!

Aunt S

Anonymous said...

Bri, you know darn well you told him your name was Gertrude and gave him the wrong email address, otherwise you would've heard from him! Really glad you had a nice afternoon though!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Brit Anonymous!

He helped our goal of workd domination! By freeing your mind for a little while. Believe me, We need you to free your mind of the doubts, loss, and fnthom stares and haters Bri. We believe in you, and your jumping abilities.
So, if it takes an anonymous Brit to make you get away for awhile, GOOD for us!
Now do us all a favor an jump 6.7 minimum on your next meet baby gurl. P.S. you will not be broke next year!
Luv ya

Anonymous said...
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avebcrazy said...

What the heck is wrong with some of the people on this blog?!

Anyway, God works in ways we don't understand. Who knows, you could have met your future husband!lol He lets us fall so He can watch us rise. (He also lets us have our minds unburdened at coffee shops because He knows we think too much) (:P) Keep the yourself and in God and that 7m mountain will be moved faster than you can say "Mustard Seed."

Anonymous said...

Thats an ugly thing to say about this sister....

Did I not call a 6.7 or WHAT!!!! I posted you could do a quick 6.7 and leave the haters in the dust and TODAY people, she did it. Sunday in Padua, our sweetie pie Ms. BRI won the long Jump with a 6.69!!!!! Luv ya baby gurl
Your God is faithful til the end.

Brianna said...

Some people have no class... Sorry I didn't get to it sooner

That was a good prediction!