Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 is HERE!

I wish I had more things I needed to write the date on. I remember being in school and always screwing up the date for the first two months of the year change until it finally stuck. Of course I don't want to go back to writing essays, but you get the point. I also have no idea where my checkbook even is so that wouldn't be a date writing option either. But regardless of my inability to practice writing the date, if there is one thing my brain knows, its that 2012 is here. And there is no way I'm forgetting it.

The crazy thing about 2012 is that it's ALREADY here and it's FINALLY here, both at the same time. I remember how I felt four years ago, thinking to myself how far away this year seemed and how I wasn't sure I had four more years in me to try again to accomplish my goal. Now that it's actually here, it's crazy that I'm not waiting for it to get here anymore.

I think one of the hardest things about having the goal of "being an Olympian" is that in my sport you only get that opportunity one day every four years to try. That's it. In essence you are working for 1,459 days straight so that you can have the opportunity to do your best on day 1,460. And while you may do a lot of other great things with the four years in between and accomplish a whole bunch of amazing feats, you're still keenly aware of that ultimate goal you hope to accomplish.

I know everyone has goals…dreams…aspirations…desires…hopes…what have you. Some people get day after day to try again to accomplish theirs, and others may never really have that chance. For myself and for this particular goal I have been waiting since 2008 for it to be 2012 so that I can put everything I have to give on day 1,460. That day is now just around the corner.

2012 is here. I'm excited.


Brittany said...


Bubba Gump Olympic Champions Academy said...

"Being an Olympian"!?

Is that it? Is that it? Is that it?

How about you "princess", winning the whole F*cking thing?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not just being an Olympian....BEING THE 2012 OLYMPIC CHAMPION!

This is why you are completely f'ing clueless about your mindset and training.

Oh please god the year is here and now I have to "make the team" or my life is over!

Oh F'ing please. Just quit now! I don't train losers!

Wake the F up B*tch and get some F'ing hungry bones in your "dating", "friends", "church", ..... Mind on everything else than being a mean ass bitch when the time comes!

It's a process. Step by step.

Don't take the above as something you need to act on now. You want to build strength, build your mind, slowly, keeping sharp but only at 65% and growing slowly to a peak just above trials.

The trials are only the first step. I know you..oh god, if only I could make the team! Sorry B*tch if that is your mindset you don't deserve to make "The Team"!

You better step your game up in your mindset and expectations or you will be "just another jumper".

Having said all this...good luck in the upcoming season. Enjoy it, Rock it, Own it! Nothing better than a Bad Ass Bitch rocking things in an Olympic year!

Be it, Own it, Rock it, Love it, ....and at the beginning and end of the day ~ F' all's your life to jump as you see worthy of you.


Allen W said...

All I will say is, "Have a fabulous 2012 and Good Luck".

Anonymous said...

Bubba Gump: Your comments are not welcome here. As Olympic Hopefuls (which all of us training for the Olympics are called) mental is the number one aspect of our sport. Your comments are continuing to be more rude and condensending in each post. If you can't get your vocab together and build Bri up emotionally, then I strongly advise for Bri's sake and for everyone else reading your unbecomming comments to leave this forum. Only love and encouragement is accepted here, which is not you.

another Olympic Hopeful.

p.s. I'd hate to be your athlete, you'd be fired in one practice.

Bubba Gump Olympic Champions Academy said...


She reacts well when she's pissed off. It's when people like you blow smoke up her ass that she relaxes and stinks the stadium up.

The season is just around the corner and she needed a kick in the ass. I'm happy to be the bad guy to do it!!

Excelling at sports is mostly mental once you get to a certain level. All the bodies are well trained and the difference between 1'st and 5'th is mental.

I don't believe in just being invited to the party. If you are going to just be happy with getting an invitation, then why bother. She's capable of winning the whole thing!

It's people like you who use words like "hopeful" that are bad influences. You can't be hopeful. You have to know it, own it, walk the walk, be your future, not just hope for it. You have to use words like F* and B* and MF* and any other words that get you to the finish line.

So no, your firing is not accepted, now get your ChickenSh*t whiney little ass out on the F*cking track and get to work!

There will be no whining and hoping here!


Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
Wish you all the best for this year. I look forward to seeing you in Eugene, twice!
But, please, no gold shorts this time, OK?

As far as Bubba Gump … there is a certain logic to what he said. Ms. Glenn's best performances as a pro do seem to come when she's so hostile you can read the “killer” in her eyes.

But a bit of warning about trying to club or bully her into that mindset – everybody is different.
I can't stand those “coaches” who think their one-trick-pony approach is the answer to every athlete's problems. So untrue, as every athlete is their own personality set, requiring different stimuli. The great coaches know this and hence work with various athletes in a variety of ways.
This is so universal it applies to completely different sports, motorsports included.

All the good coaches, managers, team managers, crew chiefs, etc. know this. What are Ms. Glenn's key buttons? I don't know and I'm not sure how Bubba Gump knows either. A person would have to really understand Ms. Glenn to know. We can't do that from reading a blog and watching her compete.
Ms. Glenn? Your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Apparently Bubba Gump has a very long list of Olympic Champions on his resume. If you had one you had far to many Bubba. Brianna , if you are falling short in performance perhaps it would be constructive to examine your associates. Making the Olympic team and achieving a position on the podium occurs months before the US trails. Those results are true for only a few as Bubba surely knows.

Assessing Ms. Glenn's 2011 performance, it is not likely she would win a gold medal. However silver and bronze are possibilities with consistent execution at the board. The best change in 2011 was attitude. There are small technical issues that are not being properly addressed at the board and in flight. There is no question the speed and desire are present. Now is the time to think outside the box and develop a few minor techniques suited to her style of athleticism.

Funding Ms. Glenn's 2012 campaign would be a significant contribution to her performance. But association with a Bubba who cannot exercise some good sense not to offend people following this athlete. Well there are several non-Olympic athletes with sponsors that give them a reasonable opportunity to compete in the Olympic Games. That comment is not for Bubba, it is for the administrator of this blog.

Bubba Gump Olympic Champions Academy said...

Bri is an elder statesman professional track athlete/jumper and knows what to do and how to prepare for her Euro and South American season. Her 2011 season was the best she has ever had. She has earned tremendous respect all around the world in her wins and success, season after season! Last year she jumped into a new class of jumpers with a new PB and can at any moment win any meet on any continent of the planet!

Nothing else needs to be said. Have fun, jump your ass off and rely on your training.

"Meets are won in training, not at the meet"! ~ Bubba Gump