Friday, June 17, 2011

New PR!

Yesterday I blogged about focusing on the process, and today I'm here to tell you that I already did a good job of putting it into action.

I now have a new PR in the Long Jump, and all because I focused only on what I was trying to do. Now, granted, this was no championships or big time competition-- more like a backyard meet with a couple competitors and a few officials to make sure it counted -- but what matters most is the fact that I put on my uniform, ran down the runway, took off and landed at a distance further than I ever have before. And I actually did that 4 out of 5 jumps. #POW.

I never compete at the Olympic Training Center. Specifically because I don't like competitions to feel like practice, and that's a bit hard when it's where you train every day. I also don't like competing for free, but that's a whole other blog post. But after my poor showing in Rio and the dismal conditions in New York, I felt like I needed an opportunity to convince myself I was dialed in and ready to go. I had been working on some cues and thought processes in training and I wanted the opportunity to really put them to the test, and you kind of need an amped up situation to do that in. So I modified my plan and decided to jump.

I had a few specific things I wanted to focus on. First, I wanted to start the competition off strong. Making your first jump count and be a statement jump is a mental thing more than anything and I'd rather make a statement than sit around and have to respond to everyone else's. At times that can be difficult for me and I prefer not to have my back up against the wall trying to make a final. Second, I have been focused in training on making my jumps count. I don't think you'll ever see me completely off my mark, but I can be known to toenail foul quite a bit when I'm not careful. So I've been working on some new cues to help that not be the case.

So, here was my series yesterday…

7.00 (4.1)
6.96 (3.3)
6.85 (2.3)
PASS (i'm getting old)
6.72 (1.5)
6.87 (1.3)

My previous best was 6.81/6.84w. For those of you who are unfamiliar, only wind under 2.0 is allowable for records and such, and so my best legal jump was the 6.87. But under any conditions I have now gone 7 meters, and I firmly believe if you can do it windy you can do it legal. So, it's there. But the important part of this series is I did exactly what I wanted to. I started off strong (woohoo) and I didn't foul one jump… even with the variable winds!

Believe me, I know what's important. I just wanted to make sure that I was on point like I need to be heading in to Nationals and I really believe that I am. I was already confident, but a little extra boost never hurt anyone!!


Rachel said...

Congrats! That's awesome

gentrybradley said...

So proud of you B! The farther you jump the closer you get to that goal. And youre just that much closer now.

Wayne said...

Congrats! God Bless @ Nationals! Why don't you save time and just book your flight to Daegu right now! Endless Blessings!

Bubba Gump Jumping Acedemy said...

I think you are ready too! And good job on being on the verge of going 7+!

Typically after you win a meet you tend to relax. It's normal, we all do it.

Typically after you have a crappy meet you rebound back with a great meet. Rising to the occasion of the next meet.

Recognizing this, my only suggestion would be to be mentally a little pissed off on meet day. But relaxed too, allowing your body to do what it's capable of.

But all in all, your in a good place mentally and physically.

Enjoy the journey!


Anonymous2 said...

So we would go where to see these meet results? Will we see the 7.00 4.1w listed in the wind assisted section on the IAAF site? They have a 5.9w out there so they will put it there.

Anonymous2 said...

Bubba Gump is right on point with this one.

"Typically after you win a meet you tend to relax. It's normal, we all do it.

Typically after you have a crappy meet you rebound back with a great meet. Rising to the occasion of the next meet."

Rolyat said...

It feels like every time I make a pseudo prediction it comes true...for you. So Im gonna say you are capable of jumping 7.32 (which I truly believe you are) at nationals. Relax...and let it happen. Congrats on the new PR!! Just because it is your best so far, doesn't mean it's the best you can do!! Good luck!

Anonymous2 said...

It took some searching but here are the results. They need to add the wind reading.
#9 OTC Thursday Invitational 6/16/11

Sasha Spencer said...


You know I am speaking from experience when I say I am sooo excited for you!! Looking back, I know my own thoughts beat me before any of those girls did, so I am really happy when I hear that other people are beating those demons! Keep up the great work! I'll add you to my prayer list.

xx Sasha

Bubba Gump Jumping Acedemy said...

@ Anonymous2 (ut um Dust)

You are right that I'm right. Thanks for the shout out!

I think we have finally got the answer and come to the raw heart of things.

It's a simple mathematical equation:

1.) Rio was a crappy meet. (Hey, it happens, no biggie)

2.) NYC was very frustrating. (Not your fault)

= So between these 2 meets she was pissed off and hungry to prove herself.

- - - - - - - - - - -


1.) The meet comes up at her own training center among friends. How more relaxed and having fun can you get!



Pissed Off + Relaxed/Fun = 7+ jump!

So, here we are. Now what do we do? Someone has to piss her off again!

Oh the mental games we play!

:)! xoxo

Skokomish said...

I'm a coach who has followed you off and on for a while because your posts are instructive for my athletes.

When you said "I don't like competitions to feel like practice," but you then went out in a competition that felt, by your own definition like practice, and PR'd not once but four times, it makes one wonder. As a coach and teacher of AP psychology, this concept really stands out:

I'm going to assume that someone has presented info to you like this before, so forgive me if I'm being stupid, and I know you receive unsolicited advice all the time, so forgive me for that. However, as someone who pulls for you while "knowing" you only through your posts on this site, I thought I should mention it. Good luck this week!

Tobias Jackson Bradford said...

"The Yerkes–Dodson law is an empirical relationship between arousal and performance"

Can I volunteer to be the one that arouses her? :)! lol

Dusts Dad aka Anonomous2's Dad said...
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Brianna said...

thanks everyone for your support and congratulations!!! i appreciate it.

We have written in to have the wind added... not sure why they were left out, but obviously I am not hiding that the 7meters was wind assisted!! ;)

@skokomish... I always appreciate insight and feedback from people, especially when it comes from a good place. :) to touch on what you brought up, I have always considered myself a meet performer. I'm the type of athlete that practices hard but I LOVE to compete, and normally that is what brings out the best in me. If I am jumping 6.50 in practice, I usually think that translates to about 6.80 in a meet. Lately, however, I have been getting better at amping it up in training and I think this year I've surprised myself a little with what I'm showing in practice, so that is what made me decide to go ahead and jump here. I do believe that I took away an important lesson from this competition though. It obviously helped me tremendously to be as relaxed as I was and not feel the pressure of all the things that come with big meets. I don't think Nationals is going to have the same feeling to it, but I do try my hardest not to put so much on it anymore... and that's what I was trying to touch on in my previous blog post before this one. It really is a matter of going out there and doing EXACTLY what i do in "practice". And because there is naturally going to be extra adrenaline because it's nationals, I just hope that is the extra punch... and who knows where that will land me. :)

Anonymous said...

woohoo!!! Congrats Bri!!! I am so proud of you! Your persistent training and perseverance has paid off. You are in a very special club now and there aren't many people who can say they are in the 7 meter club. That is an amazing series- great job!

Jenny Lee

Anonymous2 said...

Wind reading have been added to the results. There is no reason now for this not to be added to the IAAF, USATF, T&F News and any other list.