Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Time for Goal Setting

Day 4

It's still the first week of 2011, which means I'm technically still allowed to write posts about New Years Resolutions. After this week, however, it becomes totally passé, so if you haven't gotten around to yours, you only have a few days left. I actually hadn't made any definitive resolutions but after a conversation with my best friend, she forced me to buckle down and make concrete goals for the upcoming year. These were her rules (yes, rules for goal setting): There are three categories for you goals, professionally, spiritually, and relationally...each category must have three main goals... after all that, pick one main goal out of those. I'll break it up for you and start with the first category today...


1. Be a consistent competitor. I will be better this year, I'm quite sure of it. But my main parameter for being better, is being really good all of the time. I want consistency in my performances and first and foremost that starts with a mindset.

2. Have a successful Outdoor National Championships. Nationals is an important goal because you can't make the World Championship Team without it. You can be the best jumper in the world and if you don't perform at that meet it won't matter. I want to win of course, but the goal is to be Top 3 and secure a spot on the World Team. Because the United States has such depth of talent, it requires us to peak twice during the season, and this will be my first "peak".

3. Perform well at the World Championships in Daegu. I've made World Championship teams before but I consider myself a participant. This year I want to be a factor. I want to show up mentally and physically prepared to do my absolute best. I don't want to just make the final like last year, I want to make the medal stand.

So, those are my professional goals for the year, written in black and white for everyone to see, but more importantly for me to commit wholeheartedly to. It's important to write goals down, because that makes them real. So, feel free to share your professional goals since I've shared mine with you. They don't need to involve jumping in sand or anything earth shattering like that... :)


Bianca said...

My professional goals:
1. Write a book.
2. Create life-changing content.
3. Be the leader I know I'm capable of.

Daniel - Mr. Self-Esteem said...

Ms. Glenn,
Ya know we all just waitin’ for Day 3 of da Life Goals now, lol! Bri’s Relationships!!!!
I’ma gonna sing the Offspring’s Self-Esteem in Honor of that Blessed event.

(Though … I like the Professional goal list. And … Yes, on the Consistency. Look forward to consistent, quality jumps.
Now, about mine? I’ve swam so long in the same career cycle now, each year fine-tuning this, managing that a little better, developing that process a bit better, handling this with more acumen … sigh. I’m totally ready for a big “leap” myself! Get these kids grown and … I’ma gonna hit that board hard, rise up fast, rotate those hips forward, legs out, arms out straight ahead and … Fly. To a completely new-type challenge. 2011 Baby, My year! Probably Foul, LOL!!!)

myshel_01 said...

Can I request a blog post? :D I'd LOVE to know what you're daily diet consists of & your daily exercise regimen! I'm dying to have a stomach like yours & look sleek & toned like you do. Or even just close :D I'd love to try & base a regimen off of yours :)

markymarcdz said...

I represent Ghana in Long and Triple Jump.
Track Goals:
- Qualify for All Africa Games
- Qualify for World Championships
- Achieve a personal best in long and triple jump.
- Stay consistent or improve my performance in each competition.

Clinical Pharmacist/Cardiovascular Clinical Trial Investigator and Teacher/Educator
- Improve/Expand my knowledge in Cardiovascular Care
- Successfully complete my two Heart Failure Clinical trials
- Be a better teacher/educator to my Doctor of Pharmacy students

Sounds like a full plate, but I am going to breeze through 2010 with ease :)-

Signs Jonesboro said...

Wow. I just stumbled on this post as I was looking for some things on goal setting. You have some great goals ahead of you but it looks like you have a really good work ethic and determination to achieve.

Though my goals aren't quite at the athletic level, Here are a few of mine as I love your goals approach of the different areas of life.

1. Published book in 2011
2.Travel more.
3. Love more and spend more quality time with friends and family.
4. Simplify and live with focus each day on what really makes me happy.

Awesome post and good luck with all your goals this year!


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