Monday, January 10, 2011


Day 7

I do a lot of things well. I'm sure there are a few things that I don't do very well but I can't think of them at the moment. For years though, I thought that I couldn't cook. I don't know where I got the notion from...perhaps I thought cooking was a hereditary skill so I had no chance, or maybe I thought people who cooked had to also clean...whatever the case, I just didn't really see a real need for me to be in the kitchen. I always hoped that I'd marry a man who loved to cook or eat out all the time--otherwise we'd be in trouble.

Lately though, I'm finding that I like being in the kitchen. I like making things and having people enjoy it. Of course, it's still a bit nerve-racking because not everything in my arsenal is a surefire hit, but I definitely find myself having more hits than misses. I know I'm no Paula Deen or Wolfgang, but it's a nice feeling to know people aren't secretly feeding the dog when you offer them something you've made.

The crazy thing is though, I have the aura of a non-cooking person. There is something about me...the way I talk...the way I look....the way I eat...whatever it is, that says there's no way I know how to make anything worth eating. My friends constantly act surprised and check the trash for hidden takeout trays if they taste something they actually like. So I take that as a personal challenge. I've decided I want to have regular dinner parties and get togethers where I'm the hostess with the mostess. Right now though, my surefire hits don't make up that long of a list. But I am open to ideas and recipes so please feel free to share your own hits. (with step by step directions if at all possible.) And if you've had the pleasure of not getting food poisoning after eating something I've cooked, speak up! This is a great resume builder skill I've heard. :)


Bianca said...

Open a jar of peanut butter.
Open a jar of jam.
Put a bit of each on one slice of bread.

Voila! Ce magnafique!

"Iron Chef" Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
“Resume’ builder” … LOL! Maybe.
I like to think a person can/will learn anything they realize a need for, based on their love for the other person(s). It was my own Mom, who, a decade or so ago, as I had to accept full responsibility for the complete maintenance of home-life, gave me this wonderful perspective (and it has served me well). I’ll share it with you.
Don’t view the necessity of cooking (or cleaning the toilets, lol) as laborious chores to endure. Learn to accept them as a true Labor of Love, that’d I’d learn to do it, and do it well, because I loved my children enough to do so. To expend myself for their needs as an expression of my loving concern for their welfare, even in the basic functions of life.
I’ve since learned the craft of being an excellent “housewife” (the wives of my married male friends bemoan the fact I put them to shame, lol).
You can too. If you embrace it as a physical manifestation of the love you have in your heart for those you do feed.

(And I have literally scores of proven quality receipts. But “here” isn’t the place)

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite places for getting new recipes is Lots of people use this site, rating the recipes and commenting on ways they altered the original recipe. There's also a Droid phone app you can use to upload saved recipes.

Bon appetit!

anonymousnupe said...

I'm very much into simple. A few of my latest culinary adventures:

Swiss Chard with tomatoes (

Wilted Spinach (

Baked Rockfish (or, enter name of fish here)(

Sauteed Prawns (Keep the heads on, saute in olive oil and garlic until shells turn bright red/orange, then add organic lime juice and cook for about another 1.5 minutes.)


Anonymous said...

I've had your mac/cheese and it was YUMMY! If you're saying you cook more than that...then I'm available as a taste tester!

Aunt S

Anonymous said...

This man will get you on the path to a husband. Don't deny you could really use a committed man living in your space.

Don't get mad just get right!

Maximus Decimous Ruler of the Army of the North said...

When you say lack of "hereditary skill" are you talking about the white half or the black half?

We all know how racist you are against white people, so perhaps we already know the answer?

Yes, your a mix, with a chip towards the white side. Why is that?

Marry a man who likes to eat out all the time?

PRINCESS SYNDROME = NO HUBBY EVER or at least not one that loves you for you. But you love yourself enough for 2, so perhaps you are fine with that?

The rest of your post is catering only to your inner circle "leaches" who not only suck the trueness out of your greatness but are smoke blowers in the wangerhankerbanker to all they come in contact with.

How many more days of great posts in a row are left?

Anonymous said...

now that just pisses me off, being the white side as I am. Just so the rest of you don't get the wrong impression (though I'm sure you can see the jerk is just a jerk) Bri does not have a chip on her shoulder towards white people, dislike white people or racist towards anyone and is eternally grateful for the beautiful hair she got from the white side. Her favorite sister is part white, her favorite brother is white and some of her favorite relatives are white. White/black, who gives a flip and it's sure ugly to even see you writing the words. And just so you know, this white half can cook, I just choose not to (most of the time). I still have burn scars on my hand from frying chicken!


Brianna said...

:) thanks mom.

Anonymous said...

Woo go sis! Love to you from you favorite white Aunt, who didn't know cooking was a racial thing! I just thought it was a pain in the butt thing....

Aunt S

Arie Jones said...

Wow some people are just awful on these things!!

But you should look into 'frittata.' It's an egg dish filled with whatever vegetable and meat you like. Actually it's just like an omelet you slow bake! And it's super simple :)