Sunday, January 2, 2011

21 Day Challenge

Day 1

Today I'm starting my 21 days of continuous blogging to see if I can reignite my passion for sharing with friends and strangers alike all that happens in my so-called fabulous life. Im hoping to make this a habit, like it once was, and less of a chore that I get around to maybe twice a month. Anyone that knows me understands that writing is my favorite form of communication, so I hope that I can get back into the swing of things and make this fun again.

Now let's be honest, 21 days straight means there's bound to be a bunch of mindless rambling. I say this on day 1 to forewarn those people who come to this blog expecting to find me talking about how we can create world peace and find a cure for cancer. For some reason there has seem to be a misconception by some folks and I'd like to just put a few things out there so we can all be on the same page...

* The blog is about ME. That should be evident from the title, but just in case it's not, just know that if it's not related to my life in some way, I probably am not blogging about it.

* Sometimes things bum me out and I talk about it. I know that as a whole, i have an extremely blessed life, but I do get down about things every once in a while. I'm human. Shoot me.

*you get no extra credit for reading this blog. It's not mandatory and nobody is forcing you. The beauty of living in America is I can write about whatever I like, and you can choose to read it...or not. Yay for freedom!

I'd like to thank everyone for the kind words of encouragement and please continue to check back regularly...or at least for the next 21 days!


Yeni said...

Yay!!! It´s great that you decided to continue blogging!! I am so happy, cause I enjoy everyone of your posts! Welcome back, and Happy New Year!

Estamos comprometidos a: said...

Great idea, keep doing it, I am excited to know more and more about you, God bless you and help you to reach your goals during this 2011.

Pepe Vanderhosen said...

21 days?

Anyone know a really tall bridge?

Bianca said...

At least you'll have blog fodder when I'm there W-F of this week. Heck yes.

Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
Your 20 Most Memorable (good or bad) events/meets/dates/whatever day by day?
Just an idea, so you (and me) won't burn out on too many days of junk 'filler'.
Looking forward to 20 days of reading.

And lay off them gold shorts, ok? LOL!

Arie Jones said...

She's Doing It =D

anonymousnupe said...

Just in case you DO decide to blog about the cure for cancer: