Monday, March 29, 2010

Wifey Material

Let’s be honest. I may not be the voice of authority on this subject. I’ve never been a wife nor have I ever been proposed to. Admittedly, there may not be too many people on this great earth who think I know the first thing on what it takes to obtain such a title. But that wouldn’t stop me, would it? No. Of course not. So I feel like I should make a short list. A list of all the things that qualifies me to be an amazing “wifey.” All I can hope is that one day someone will agree with me.

My List:

*I make great scrambled eggs. (My friends on facebook claim I need an entire breakfast lineup but bacon, toast, etc. make themselves. Eggs take special work.)

*I love sports. Especially football. I will be easy to get along with on Sundays.

*I like to eat. If you buy me a meal, I will clear my plate and you won’t feel like you wasted your money.

*I really like spending time with my girls. That means you can have guys night and I won’t care at all.

*I don’t like talking on the phone. I find that a lot of men don’t really like to either.

*I like to bake cookies for my man. Granted, they’re the pre-cut, ready to bake Pillsbury kind, but those are tasty still.

*I like a clean house. I’m working on actually liking to clean.

*I love to watch romantic comedies. (maybe a stretch?)

Well…that’s my list. It’s not exhaustive but it’s what I can come up with off the top of my head. I’m sure you can ask all my men both past and present and they’d be able to add tons of other things. But for now I’m sure you get the point. Ladies, what qualities do you possess that puts you in the “wifey material” category? Men, what things do you look for that makes someone seem like they could possibly be…the one. (And please, for the love of all things good, don’t get all serious and sappy on me. Have fun…it’s only a blog.)


Bianca said...


Here's my list of questions for you:
*Are you fertile?
*Can you cook? (eggs don't count)
*Do you suffer from pre-menstrul stress syndrome?
*Do you believe in divorce?

There. I've said it. And you still love me.

Brianna said...

*I hope so but I'm nearing the countdown.
*I can cook like 5 good dishes. And I can follow recipes.
*yes. :/
*no divorce. not never.

haha. love you

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! "Are you fertile?" lol
Best. Question. Ever.

Wifey material to me is a strong, smart, funny woman who has a relationship with God. Obviously I i need to be attracted so looks are a must but personality can take a 10 to 3 and 6 to a 10. Basically you have to have a great sense of humor. Cooking is not necessary because I got that covered...working on the cleaning thing.. =)

Anonymous said...

Once again...I'll wait for other comments. I have a few things I want to add (some kinda serious but important). I'll check back later to add them. I would love to read your answers if you decide to comment on them. Stay tuned...(smile)


Dust's Dad said...

"I’ve never been a wife nor have I ever been proposed to."

Son, haven't you proposed to this girl several times?

Dust said...

@ Dad lol that's what I love about my pop his sense of humor. Dad no I have not proposed to Bri several times, from her list of "wifey creditinals" you can see why. I'm giving Bri a chance to step her game up & if that happens I'll give her a shot.

Bri this must be the PG list, anyway let me help you out. I need someone I can trust with keys & security codes. Cooking, optional, optimal nurtion delivers meals daily.
We don't like the Angry Black Woman, make sure those issues are resolved. Don't blame me for your bad choices in previous men.
Working out is a must, no excuses about women having more body fat than men.
Other than that I believe you & your commentors have everything covered. Oh yeah a God fearing church going woman is a must.
I'll give you six months to work on it & if things go well I'll give you a shot @ the title. :)

Dust said...

Oh yeah & in the words of Marcus Graham (Boomerang) we're going to need to keep those feet & hands in order. Mani/Pedi's a must as well as keeping your hair done. We all know how women get a man & like to get comfortable.

Dust's Dad said...

At-a-boy son!

You lay down the law and whip this young wipper-snapper into shape. You can make a good woman out of her yet! Don't let her push you around and watch your wallet!


anonymousnupe said...

How do you feel about children? That is/would be a must for me, 'cause I lub the little rapscallions so much. (Was that too real?)

Anonymous_2 said...

I think there is one missing. Old saying but it can be updated to current sayings.

I need a woman in the ________ and a _______ in the bedroom.

_ex/love____ counts. not for everything but it does count a lot.

Brianna said...

ya'll are pretty demanding. i hope you are all ready to give a whole bunch too!

on kids...i'm great with them. as of now, i like to give them back to their owners after a couple hours but i'm sure that would change if they were my own. :)

Dust said...

Bri your intial list is fine if you're marrying flavor flav, but cream always rises to the top. I am the cream of the crop! I wouldn't ask of you anything I wouldn't expect of myself.

Anonymous_2 said...

Of course your partner should be ready to give a whole bunch. I have a feeling they would have to give even more.

brit brat said...
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brit brat said...

you, dear sister are NOT wifey material seeing as how most people get on your nerves after about a week. imagine years and YEARS of marriage? girl you out yo mind!!

Anonymous 3 said...

How do you feel about your husband sneaking in the back door?

Jasmine said...

I think you'll make a very good wife. Your future will have to be deaf and mute, but I'm sure he's out there!!! ;)

(JUST KIDDING!!! I'd marry if I wasn't already married...and straight)


Shawn C. said...

You wifey material resume looks great! So, let me be the first to propose. Will you... I won't do it. You don't want your first/only proposal to come from some guy on your blog. Or, if it hasn't come by now, maybe you don't mind. Will you let me get on your nerves for more than a week?

Dust said...
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Daniel said...
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Anonymous_2 said...

Well I can see this is getting off topic.

Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
I thought "wifey" actually referred to a slightly different, uh, "situation".

Now. You did ask about our criteria didn't you? I've decided to be a little bit less finicky in my middle age, so the list has shrunk some from when younger.

1: Female - I think I'm safely committed to heterosexuality

2: Black. The darker the complexion, the better. Natural hair is great too (she gonna have some 'snap' to 'er, if she can rock the 'Fro)

3: Not 'Oversized'. You might be “comfortable” with yourself like that; I'm not. (Is that one TOO picky these days now?)

That 'bout sums it up. Hope I'm not over-reaching with the requirements

Oh, and one more thing, I don't mind at all if she's an, how was that again? Oh, yeah, an “Angry Black Woman”.
She might have rather legitimate reasons for that one ...

t.v. said...

Isn't it rather ironic that women who want to get married are never ask and women who don't want to get married are constantly being ask?

Jason slone said...

They have to make a great scrambled egg, as well as have an egg lol, Like to eat yummy, I like a girl that likes to hang with the girls occasionally, Talking on the phone not really!, And man I love cookies and a clean house. And lastly a funny movie just maybe though. Brianna I need help , You know anyone like this :) J Slone

#2 Fan said...

I, like you, have a big life outside of my life with my man! That is very important. Women need space, just as much as men do.

I don't mind guys going on a "guys trip" as long as my girls and I can have the same leisure.

I think it's perfectly fine for my man to have women as good friends, as long as they all become my good friends too (more my friend than his if he and I are really serious lol), and vice versa

Also, I will try most things my man wants me to do at least once, but if I realize that it's not for me...well...i won't be doing that again for a good while if you know what i mean ;-) LMAO

Anonymous said...

I have a farm, so a woman that can help with repairs and caring for livestock is a plus. Sub 27 years, fertile, "man damage free", no old lesbian skeletons in the closet but very free spirited. Must enjoy international explorative travel, spending money at exclusive retail stores yet grasp the good deal concept. Most importantly a woman that is a creative investor in finance and the education of my children.

Anonymous said...

marriage is about sharing time and doing things you enjoy with someone you love. love is about giving, doing things you do not enjoy and accepting someone as they are, an not trying to change the person's faults.

Apple said...

hahaha. hope you find some husbandy material worthy of your wifeyness!;)