Monday, March 15, 2010

Dining in Doha

Eating in foreign countries is always an adventure. Coming to Qatar, many athletes weren't really sure what to expect, accept that we knew there would be no bacon served. Being that many of us had our prelims early in the morning, breakfast was a must. The following video takes you on a tour of the dining room during breakfast, as well as the subsequent measures taken when what is offered simply won't get the job done. Enjoy...



Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
Thank You, Thank You, and Thank You. For having Ms. Alysia Johnson do the walk-thru!
She has such a wonderful personality and quick wit about her. Her Flo-Track interviews are always the best.
But her “come-back” Bronze medal, a 1:59:6 and a PR, I'm so happy for her. Doesn't hurt that she's a total “10” - Gorgeous in my book either, lol.

What can you say about Ms. Reese. Another outstanding performance.
I'm sorry about you not making it out of the Qualification rounds, but, as a slight consolation, you do have several photo's of yourself on the official IAAF Doha Indoor Champs website

OK. Focus on the Outdoor now. Where will we see you? Going back to MT SAC this year?

Wiiqi said...

Factoid: Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), reported that 90 percent of the total food needs for the UAE and Saudi Arabia is imported. In 2009 food expenditure reached $6.7 billion and is forecasted to increase by 2.67 percent in 2010 making it worth $6.96 billion for 36 million people. A large portion of that food is produced by U.S. businesses.

Analytical Comparison Study: video feed of Doha Indoor Championships.

1. Naide Gomes: March 13th Time frame--1:05:23 Jump (6.57 meters) TF = 2:16:05 Jump (6.61 meter)

2. Brittney Reese: March 13th TF = 1:48:52
Jump (6.52 meters)

3. Brianna Glenn: March 13th TF = 2:12:13 till 2:13:08 Jump (6.40 meters)

Note Painted white line adjacent to the long jump pit is used as a reference point to assess the athletes height approximately 2 to 3 feet beyond the board.

In comparison Ms. Glenn reached maximum height and started decent before reaching the sand pit. Speed and athletic ability is not the issue, what are the proposed solutions?

End Note: It was great to finally she you perform Ms. Glenn. I hope you can get some eyes to help with your performance.

Ashamed to be an American after This Video said...
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CJ said...

Wowww!!! Bri you got a lot of haters on here, but just as before don't pay any attention to them. I loved the video and I can relate to it because in the Navy when we go on 6 or 7 month deployments, we have boxes full of snacks, tuna, noodles, mac n cheese, everything cuz sometimes you just don't know what they're serving you!!!!

Ryan Mitchell said...

Qatariiiieee **Awesome** "What are you going to do" Not to many normal choices. People in Doha don't like waffles or anything more routine that you find at a Vons or Albertsons. Thoroughly interesting-Thank you. You do have a few haters. I on the other hand love the twitter updates they are informative and many times hilarious and there blog is great.


Wiiqi said...

No Haters Here:
After hearing the administrator refer to men wearing dresses and not wishing to live there because you like to see your face; I would be offended also.

The UAE devoted time and money to pull this event off and show non-muslims that all of them don't strap on bombs to themselves. Raised as a baptist, I don't follow the bible as much as I follow the example of Jesus. He did not sit in a place of worship to hear from people that already agreed with him. He traveled about extending a hand in friendship and accepted hospitality with humility.

No offense was intended, the sensitivity of the host nation is clearly not understood by the parties involved. If sponsored the error would not have been made or at least corrected with an apology.

Ashamed to be an American after This Video said...
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Kerri Ann said...

Hey Anonymous, it's fine that you disagree, its your opinion and you most certainly are entitled it, just like they are entitled to theirs. You have no right to get on here and purposely try to degrade these two women the way you have attempted to. Its painstakingly obviously that you have absolutely no self worth and feel horrible about yourself, otherwise you wouldn't go out of your way to try and tear these individuals down with your words. You call them ignorant, yet so far, the only ignorant person I see is YOU. Adults don't do that, if you disagree, say that, but don't try and call another individual out when you can't even disagree without behaving like an insulant, petulant two year old whose only resolve is to resort to name calling. Quiet frankly, i'm ashamed that YOU are an American; you should be truly embarrassed of the fact that you cannot adequately express your obvious discontentment with this ladies without trying to berate, belittle and degrade them. Btw, I how valid is your point if you have to hide behind that anonymous tag? hmm LOL> Get a life. These ladies are doing a great job.

Brianna said...

I get on a flight for 24 hours and this is what happens, huh? A couple of quick points...

1. During the making of this video, the workers in the restaurant laughed and said we were funny.

2. Since it obviously isn't clear to some of ya'll, and you'd rather speak first than bother to know what you're talking about, this food we had at our buffets is NOT local fare. I hardly think Qatari's are sitting down to breakfast and eating hot dogs and tater tots. What happens at meets such as this is that the IAAF, who is responsible for the type of food we get, puts together these menus that are supposed to be "world friendly". They usually aren't the best but that's because they're trying to please the pallets of a whole bunch of countries but moreso, because they're a little cheap. In fact, because the U.S arrived early and was just paying for our own food until the IAAF took over, the food was a lot better when we first arrived. It also was quite tasty when I ate outside the hotel at local restaurants. Hummus is yummy.

3. I've said it before and I will say it again...don't read my blog. seriously. It's not mandatory I promise. If someone has a problem with me and my sense of humor, the solution is quite simple.

This blog was funny and I'm sticking to it.

Steve Ryan said...

Thanks for the video. It was amusing and as with this blog, I enjoy seeing what goes into having an occupation so different from my own. It never dawned on me when I've watched track athletes on TV that managing travel and diet must be a huge factor. Good luck to your "on-air talent". I think she could have a bright future on television.

Steph said...

This was GREAT! :)

And I loved your friends hair ensemble!!!

Wiiqi said...
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jonwpatton said...

Alysia Johnson is a RIOT! I am so happy to know that the two of you are friends, cuz, let's face it ... BG could be a little less prickly and Alysia can be the inspiration! There is a great story about how Alysia pretended to have a twin and dressed as this nerd twin for a significant portion of a particular high school season ... but you didn't hear that from me. Rock the flower! ... only the prettiest dare wear the flower.~JWP

Bianca said...

Dude, she's funny!

Brianna said...

I'm prickly???

brit brat said...

haha you've learned to work and edit that little camera well Bri!