Friday, April 2, 2010

Gyms and Gen Pops

About one day a week I head to my local 24-hour fitness and work out with the Gen Pops. (short for general population—stole that one because I think it’s great!) Now normally, I can’t stand working out in these types of gyms. To me, it seems like happy hour in spandex. People love to interrupt and make small talk. I’m not a small talk type of girl and I’m also not paid to be a personal trainer. Why would I want to spend my workout time teaching you how to get a six pack?!

But one day a week I actually do brave the elements and trek on over to take class every Wednesday. I’ve never been a fan of fitness classes—especially those that take place at the Wal-Mart of exercise havens—but I stumbled across this one and I’ve been a fan ever since. It’s a great workout while also giving me an opportunity to work on certain elements of my training in a completely different environment. I love it.

I’ve learned however, that it’s best to try and blend in as much as possible in a class such as this. This is the one time I fully cover up to work out. I always wear pants and I always wear a shirt. Sure, I might look in shape but nothing that should bring attention. Not just because I think I have an amazing body, but because when people think you are extra athletic, it’s not acceptable for you to take a little break in the middle of the sets. You’re held to a hire standard. Well—this past week that all changed. I stupidly wore a long sleeve shirt and by the middle of the class I was miserable. If there is one thing I can’t stand it’s being unnecessarily hot during workouts. So…I took my shirt off. And, well, my cover was blown.

All of the sudden the instructor is standing behind me and points out my physique to the class. He then says he wishes he could have my body because it’s almost bathing suit season. Oh joy. A boy. Wants. My. Body. If I wasn’t a tad self-conscious about my lack of curvaceous-ness, I am now!

So I guess I’m out of the closet now. He knows what I do and wants to know all about it. Pretty soon I’ll be giving core strengthening classes on the side.


Samyr Laine said...

I must're definitely much braver than I am for working out with the GORFs (Good Ol Regular Folk). At least it seems you might get a part time gig out of it! lol

Anonymous said...

Wow ... having a nice body really sucks sometimes

Brianna said...

@samyr...GORFs!!! hilarious. (said in good fun people)

@jon...i wouldn't know. i have a muscular body. i didn't say it was nice!

Sweetface Photography said...

wait - I thought you WANTED a boy to want your body?! ;) bwahahaha sorry, my 14-year old humor couldn't resist. I'm still holding out hope for you and my older brother to fall madly in love (a tweet I'm sure you've long but forgotten by now! lol).

back on topic - things could be worse my dear. you could have a side gig at the *actual* walmart. scary thought, I know. no more working out where people like me belong. ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice ego!

You really aren't all that.

Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
I also have one of them there memberships! ‘Cause, most the time, I need the “24 hour” aspect of it.
By the time I get work-career/dinner/kids homework/etc out the way, if it’s ‘gym night’, I’m just glad they are still open.
And then it’s most definitely not “happy hour in spandex”. The “Gen Pops” are gone, and the few people using the facility are there to use the facility, nothing else. Big, bulky serious weightlifter’s who don’t want people in their way of the equipment, a very few like me who want to get In-An-Out (thinkin’ cheeseburger here …) of there as fast as the routine will allow.

Oh yeah, and the fat chicks who are embarrassed to struggle away working out in front of other’s.

The “beautiful” girls are never seen then ….

Tyrone said...

"This is the one time I fully cover up to work out. I always wear pants and I always wear a shirt."

So when you're not at the Gen Pops place you're naked? Ha!

Never been a fan of a 6 pak on a girl but that is just me. I'm sure it looks good on you (cough). lol

When does the season start for you? Has to be soon! I probably need to give you some refresher tips! :)!

DK said...

Hahaha, I love this post!!

I can definitely feel what ur saying about drawing as little attention as possible to yourself. Sometimes you just don't want all they hype!

Well, hope you can still enjoy the mid-week fitness classes without being attacked one way or another, lol.