Monday, March 1, 2010

Indoor Nationals

Can I let you in on a little secret? I’m pretty happy right now. For the last 24 hours I’ve had a permanent grin on my face that won’t go away. And yes, part of it is making the team, because of course, that was the goal. But it’s also because competition is fun again. I am enjoying what I do, and that is in turn making me better at what I do. I promise I have that in the right order. In fact, I am sure of it. This is the second season where my main goal is to have fun and during that time I have not trained any harder or uncovered any huge secrets. I just enjoy myself.

So far my strategy has been working. After making the Outdoor World Team this past summer, I’ve made my first Indoor World Team by placing 2nd, with a new indoor and overall non wind-aided personal best of 6.78 meters. (22’3” for the yanks). I really can’t tell you how good it feels to be able to start accomplishing some of the things I know I have been capable of for so long. I am jumping with a newfound confidence and an appreciation for every opportunity that comes my way. And I’m doing it all with a smile.

Below is one of my jumps from Nationals. I will tell you that what it’s not is my best jump. That happened to come on my first attempt when my videographer was not yet prepared to start her duties. This is a clip of my last jump, which actually would have been a very good jump but I dropped one of my feet before landing. Oh well… I plan on jumping a new personal best in the very near future. :)

The first video was a little hard to see so I added this second one...

I’d also just like to say thanks to you guys as well. My blog readers are on this journey with me in a lot of ways. I get so much encouragement and support from you all that it really makes me feel that I have a ton of people pulling for me. You guys are awesome!


Dust said...

Glad I could do my part. As I look back on your blogs and my inspirational yet truthful comments I can't help but to pat myself on the back for inspiring you.

For real, it's all you and always has been. You're a first hand example of what can happen when you're in God's favor. Congratulations

Anonymous said...

WOW Bri...! All I saw on the vid was a blurr then I saw you hit the sand. Either I need a better computer system....your video person needs to be a bit smoother with the recording or you're REALLY FAST!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha....!!!



Shinks said...

Congrats. Now that you've started making the team you just can't seem to stop. Happy days. Good luck in Doha and have fun.

Brianna said...

@dust...pat away.'re right. i'm going to add another clip

@shinks...hopefully i continue through 2012...that would be awesome! :)

deaulivery said...

You're blessed with a great style and it shows, and best jumps are always up ahead. reaching up, is just a step ahead. Cheers n Hugs!

Dana said...


Bianca said...

As always, I'm so proud of you!!! I love you so much :)

#2 Fan said...

Congratulations on everything and many more great things to come!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

i was paying attention while watching nationals on espn and saw one of your jumps during the one of the races.


7+ said...

Looks like it's Da Beast and you again. She is a great girl with a kind heart. Tell her I said hi and send my love.

Fly there early enough to get the syrup off and get several full sweat filled workouts in, leaving time for at least one half's and then final tune up day before! It's less about technique prep on this one and all about climatizing your body and mind. It's a long ass flight so prepare ahead with all the things you will need to eat and drink on it! Keep in mind airport security and what you will need to purchase after security. I have also found that when competing in Indoor events in very warm climates to stay indoors as much as possible, trying to duplicate the conditions and temperature of the dome environment. The outdoors will suck all your energy. If you must get out, book a hotel attached to a mall and do a little shopping, instead of sightseeing outside. There will be time for that after the meet. Sleep as much as possible, and try to get your body a little on their time zone. I've always been a big nap fan instead of trying to push through, and force yourself to stay up. When your body says sleep, sleep! Just don't miss your workouts at their proper time! Schedule your workouts to be the same time as you will be at the dome, day of meet. Sleep, eating, should all be the same as the meet day. I've also found that a good workout can be had right in the hotel fitness gym and if on one day you don't want to go outside to the dome, don't! One day only though.

And after you do all that....Have Fun, Smile, and Laugh a lot! Jumping is fun and life is good!

Da Beast and you jump well together. I'm happy you are both 1 and 2.

Have a good meet. You're ready!
Keep this up and my work might be done here.

Brianna said...

thanks for the love y'all!

Anonymous said...
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7+ said...

@ Wiiqi

Ya, it can be a tough call.

On one hand....Travel all that way, hole up in the hotel in the AC in your spare time, and then stink up the performance, then you kick yourself for wasting the trip.

On the other hand....Travel all that way, hole up in the hotel in the AC in your spare time, win the meet, and your a genius!

On a third extremity....Travel all that way, go out in the heat and have a blast taking lots of pictures making the most of your time there, win the meet and you are a god!

It's a personal choice that each athlete must make for themselves. There is no clear cut formula to a definitive outcome.

I can only speak for myself where traveling so far to hot lands kicks my ass. There is no amount of time outside which makes me feel better, but only worse. Air conditioning, and sleep is my only salvation. I still feel like a waterlogged stump that has been floating in the ocean for years but somehow shake it off in a few days. You just have to play it by ear and see how you feel once you get there. You have to know your own body and what it takes for you to perform at your best.

If in the past, your jumps or time, consistently has not been so good when traveling to far off lands.........don't keep doing the same thing expecting a different outcome!

Anonymous said...

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David Oliver said...

Wow, I didn't know that you were out there bouncing like that! 6.78!! Maybe you will hit 7m at Worlds. Congrats on the new PB