Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm in Doha

I made it to Doha! But really, if you told me I had woke up in a part of Los Angeles I had never visited before, I would have believed that too. Well…except for the men in dresses. Other than that though, not much is different out here in the Middle East. In walking distance from our hotel is every luxury from home you can imagine. Starbucks, Dairy Queen, Pizza Hut, TGIFridays, Radio Shack…the list goes on and on. We simply can’t leave any part of the world un-McDonaldized.

In an effort to bring something new and fresh to this blog, as well as familiarize some of you who may not know some of the stars of this sport too well, I’m going to be conducting a series of short spotlight type interviews to be featured all next week. What it won’t be is a schmoozy NBC type interview, with blah questions and anything resembling what Bob Costas might ask.

If you have any suggestions or questions you’re just dying to know, feel free to share them with me before I get started. But nobody cares when he or she started running track or what Tuesday’s practice looked like, so keep it interesting! This is, after all, a fabulous blog, and it must live up to its reputation!


Arie Jones said...

Ooohh Ask them if there was one other event that they wanted to do but couldn't do because they were too good at another event or had a restraint. Like if they are a short person but always wanted to high hurdle or something but could never quite make it over the hurdle because their short and the hurdles high. Or they wanted to be a jumper nut their shins are brittle and can't handle the impact!!

Arie Jones said...

I got some more!

What are the 5 things you cannot live without?

Finish this sentence: 10 years from now, I will be…

What is the most trouble you have ever gotten into?

Would you be surprised to see yourself in a tabloid?

Who do you think is your celebrity look-a-like?

Were you a cool kid in High School?

What did you major in? Do you think you'll ever use that degree for something?

Arie Jones said...

Oh and ask them what their favorite activity outside of sports is. Like do they garden, attend dance-offs, cook grand amounts of food, or like have their own business.

Also maybe you should ask who is their favorite athlete who competed in their event.

Daniel J said...

Why hasn't there ever been a WC or Olympics in Africa?

Anonymous said...

I think this will be great(Thank you). It was going to be kinda boring waiting on the Worlds to start. Ohh congrats on making the team.

1. What do they think could be done to better sell the sport (realistic or not).

Anonymous said...

1. When traveling to competitions especially in Europe to some of the smaller meets, do they get a chance to take in some of the local culture? If so what are some of the highlights and low-lights that have stood out?

2. I've seen pictures on the net of some of the smaller meets where the competitors outfits are just wild and crazy. What are some of the wildest outfits they've seen?

myshel_01 said...

How much do you weigh? :D Height? Have you stuck to not eating sugar for the 60 days?

Bianca said...

Ask them if their sponsor will sponsor you.
Ask them if they can get you a Wheaties campaign.
Ask them if they think you have a career in sports casting. (That one is my favorite! I see a career blooming!)

Deaulivery said...

Brilliant idea!
1. Ask if they ever write (poetry, music, stories) while on the road throughout their competition years.
2. Do they ever run to beat their own personal time or do they think is better to run (to align themselves) according to someone else's time (score or jump) and better it?
3. What is their personal, inspiring verse from the Bible?


Ryan said...

What would you do if you weren't a track athlete?

Anonymous said...

Have you been approached to star in a reality show?

Anonymous said...
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Srevnadahsat said...

Tell us "insert name", What do you really think!

Questions for the Women:

1. American or British boys?

2. Good looks or big paycheck?

3. Six pack, bum, or pecks?

4. Marriage or cohabitate?

5. Love or lust?

6. Super confident or super cuddly?

7. Size of the ship or motion of the ocean?

Questions for the Men:

1. British women or American women?

2. Good looks or good heart?

3. Bum, boobs, or legs?

4. Marriage or cohabitate?

5. Love or lust?

6. Super independent or super dependent?

7. Super freak or complete square?

Anonymous said...
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Brianna said...

great questions so far guys! i will definitely incorporate some of them.

so far the list of athletes is lolo jones, david oliver, anna pierce, trey hardee... any others you're dying to hear from?

Anonymous said...

How do you feel from the flight and time change? Heat?

Cormac said...

Love this...

To all: With no major outdoor championship, do you plan to rip up the Diamond League Circuit in search of fast times from the beginning to end of summer or will you take this year easy to recover and build for 2011?

Anna Pierce: You can apparently run any distance and succeed, so could you ask her what she thinks she could do over 400m?

Lolo Jones and David Oliver: DO they think they have the hurdles WR within their reach?

Trey Hardee: Do you regret not being able to compete on the circuit (Diamond League, etc) as frequently as other athletes who specialise in individual events, and will you compete in individual events in Europe between Decathlon this summer?

Other athletes to interview...Dee Dee Trotter on her return from injury to the top of 400m running after injury, and Chelsea Johnson.

P.S Get somebody to interview you on your hopes and dreams for this season.


Brianna said...

Just added: Bernard "Kip" Lagat. He's my favorite. :)

Shawn C said...

Ask Lolo if she would ever "flash" at Mardi Gras in New Orleans? Would you? j/k (sort of) Please ask her how has falling in the Olympics changed her approach to competing. I also like the questions that Srevnadahsat asked. And, for the record, I've seen men in L.A. wear dresses.

Anonymous said...

My questions to you Brianna will answer whether or not you will pose the same question to other T&F athletes.

1.) Does money offer anymore of an advantage to athletic performance than performance enhancing drugs?

2.)Should athletes earning more than $80,000 in prize money and endorsements be allowed in US Olympic track and field trails with post collegiate and open athletes?

3.) Should professional athletes earning over $250,000 annually have the American people pay for their trip to London in 2012?

Major Networks would pay for that footage.

Do you have the nerve to ask?

Open Ears

Stephen said...

Great list of athletes so far. It'd be cool if you could interview Allyson Felix and Galen Rupp as well if you get the chance. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Athletes to interview:
Chaunte Lowe, Hyleas fountain, Brittney Reese

HIKE1 said...

I would like to know if the female athletes feel restricted when traveling in more conservative places like Doha. I saw on twitter Lolo Jones commented that at a practice a man covered his son's eyes. Any other things like that and does it effect your performance?

Anonymous said...

Maybe too late to get on the interview list but I think Keila Costa would be a good one.