Friday, March 12, 2010

Introducing: Lolo Jones

We're trying something a little different today. I decided to stimulate some other senses and put this interview on video. It gives you a chance to see more of an athelete's personality (and Lolo has tons of that!), as well as pick and choose what questions actually interest you. Personally, I find them all interesting -- but I'm the one asking them so that's a no brainer. Click to watch the videos you want, and skip the ones you don't. I hope you enjoy Lolo. She's a one-of-a-kind individual and one heck of a hurdler who's looking to repeat as Indoor World Champion. Wish her luck!

*The official name on your birth certificate is Lori. Please explain how Lolo came about. Is it your racing alter ego, or do you just feel it has a little more pizzazz?


*Let’s talk about the infamous fall for a sec. What was the biggest life lesson that tumble taught you?

*I am constantly getting asked if I know Lolo Jones…from men. The interest is definitely there, yet you’re still single. What are the biggest obstacles to finding a quality date on Friday night?

*This past year you wore your birthday suit for the ESPN body issue. As a sport that wears next to nothing in competition, we are pretty used to showing a lot of skin but was that shoot hard to do from a modesty standpoint?

*On the circuit, you’re known as the energizer bunny. You just never stop competing. Is there any reason in particular you take that approach?

*Where does your twitter inspiration come from?

*(Blog Reader Question) What is your personal, inspiring verse from the Bible?



Wiiqi said...

Good show Ms. Glenn;
I think people will like this format best, but next time face the camera. Folks want to see your face also.

My mother was so happy to hear athletes acknowledge God's blessings when interviewed last week. In that spirit, I extend to you and all athletes my support. Whether giving honor to God or Allah, win, lose or draw enjoy a weekend of friendly competition.

Wiiqi said...

Note: World Indoor Champs Live on:

myshel_01 said...

I REALLY enjoyed this post!!! The video is awesome! Really got to see her personality!

Anonymous said...

" I decided to stimulate some other senses" YES YOU DID.
Another good-great interview. I understand your body position to put the focus on Lolo, but you can turn to the camera once in awhile. We want to see your smile also.

Bianca said...

I love this post!!!

What's her Twitter handle?

adrien said...

I love this post and I'm still laughing even though I watched the videos hours ago.

Dolphin Diver said...

Barbara Walters doesn't use notes............

Lolo is still single because she hasn't met me! :)!!

Brianna said...

@followlolo. :)

I wasn't planning on videotaping it so I wasn't all that prepared for being on camera...hence the outfit!

Wiiqi said...
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Deaulivery said...

Lolo is definitely funny. I liked the interviews and questions so far All the huggable best to both of u!!!

OmegaBurst said...

These segments are da best, you're aawesome!!!