Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Mentor

Back in the summer of 2008 I had an epiphany. A huge “ah ha” moment, if you will. The only downside to this was that the epiphany clearly let me know that I had no idea what to do with my life. I was considering what to do if I was going to be done with track and field and I came up with no real ideas. None. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Ok…you get the point. I was tempted to just be a housewife except I had no house and I wasn’t a wife. Slight problem.

In the end I decided to keep competing and I am happy with the choice I made. But that became an awakening call for me to begin to truly give thought and put effort into deciding what my next career could possibly be. It can be hard looking into the future when you are so focused on the present but before you know it, the future will be here and it will slap you in the face if you’re not ready. I want to start actively preparing for that. At the very least, I want to know what is supposed to go on a resume.

I signed up for this career-mentoring program through the USATF foundation that pairs athletes with successful professionals in all areas of business. Yesterday I drove up to Orange County to meet with a guy they thought would be a great fit for me, based on my interests (or basically, stuff I knew wouldn’t bore me or that I didn’t suck at). I didn’t really know what to expect from it, but it turned out to be a great experience. In that short amount of time I gained valuable knowledge and insight, as well as taking my first baby step into figuring out what the next me is going to look like. It was exciting stuff.

This is one of those relationships that right now has benefits flowing in only one direction. I’m over on my end trying to sop up as much as possible and all I can be is grateful that there are people out there willing to help and give of their time and knowledge so that one day I can make a successful transition to my next career. This guy is so big time in his world, but he still thinks it’s important to help guide me through my transition. I guess they call it paying it forward. Well…I won’t forget.


Dana said...

That's really awesome Brianna!! It's very good to plan for the future. I'm sure this will turn into something very wonderful for you!! THANK GOD for mentors!! ;-)

Bacon and Eggs said...

You should start inching into the future now, time permitting with your track schedule, as you have already been honing your skills for some time, right here on this blog!

This is what you are good at. Writing! A way with words! Interviewing! Telling a story so that people relate and want more! I suspect your interviews in Doha were being paid for by someone but if not, then at least they were good practice for you and you passed the test with little effort. You can very easily use them as your resume. The written ones are really good. The video needs some clean up but like you said, you weren't planning on using the video.

You should have an agent / head hunter right now who is approaching publications and media of all types where for this entire year you can write about your journey's as a professional athlete and competing all over the world as it happens. An Athlete Corospondent. You could interview other athletes as you did in Doha.

To be honest, it would make a really cool reality show. I'd watch. Something like Anthony Bourdain "No Reservations" if you have never seen it, except traveling to your meets. It would be great! You could call it, "Brianna Glenn, I Run, I Jump, I Write". The travel channel also did one with the football player Dahani Tackles the World. It was really good.

No need to wait until you are done with competing. Do it now!

If this guy has so much power, then ask him to hook you up with the right people who can put together and pitch a reality show to whichever channel is best suited. Hook you up with the best job headhunter who can start you working as either an on air reporter or writer for a publication, newspaper, etc...right now. No need to wait.

You will be more sought after right now, while you are still on the circuit than you will be when you are not. Get your foot in the door now! Go for something on-air first. You look half way decent and have a somewhat ok personality (Ha ha!) so start there! But don't forget your writing as those jobs should be a piece of cake to get if you have a good agent! I'm sure there at least a dozen websites that would pay you for each athlete interview. Start your own company, which sells the interviews to media all around the world! Europe track is Huge, this could be an amazing place to start! Get a European agent too and maybe focus on this the most!

Just some thoughts for you....If you wanted I could take a stab at setting up all this for you now before the season starts! Just let me know. Bacon and Eggs Inc presents Brianna Glenn!

p.s. "You look better in person than in your pictures" = he was picking up on you. 1 red flag up, look for more. Just because he has been successful doesn't mean his intentions are pure. Just be careful. You will find that in "the real world" there will be more people with secret agenda's than in your track world. Trust no one!

Dust said...

You came up to Orange County and didn't call? You could have earned a couple points and inched towards that housewife career. Lol Glad you found something else that you're passionate about, cause it's hard to transition from being a competitive athlete to another career.

Brianna said...

@dana...thanks! they're are awesome people in this world.

@breakfast...you always have to end on a sour note huh.

@dust...you live in OC now? i didn't know.

Dust said...

i don't but the point is you didn't call, lol. Im moving out there this summer, Im usually out there on weekends.

Toast and Jam said...

Not always

Anonymous said...

you should be a journalist! your interviews were very fun. or you should have your show or something you got some talent not just on the track and field! ;)

Anonymous said...

there is also nothing wrong with the oldest profession. i call firsties. ;)

Anonymous said...

I think you should keep seeking the Kingdom and God & He will show it to you! Matt6:33, Jer 29:11 :-)! He's the One who created you! If you want to know the purpose of a thing you go to the Creator! He's the Only who knows what He created You For! He's willing to tell you if you ask and receive it by faith! I do know He has Great things He's called you to do to advance the Kingdom Of God of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ!:-)

Anonymous said...

I guess that new boyfriend is keeping her busy and she doesn't care about us blog readers anymore...

Any other blogs you are reading?

This one is toast!

Senator Brian said...

I invite you to follow my blog a bit..Thank you.