Thursday, February 25, 2010

My New Bling

I am quite possibly the worst person to give jewelry to as a gift. Not because I don’t like it or won’t appreciate it…but because I will lose it. Every real piece of jewelry I’ve ever had, I’ve lost. (Dear future hubby…I will make sure I break this habit before you give me my amazing engagement ring.) It just so happens though, that I will buy some gaudy earrings from the second hand store and keep them forever. I don’t know how this happens, but it does.

Perhaps my favorite piece of jewelry I ever received was a pair of diamond hoop earrings from a boyfriend I had almost a decade ago. He had tons of money but was a tad bit on the frugal side so he himself would wear fake diamond studs. I would tease him about this all the time but in his mind, since he really couldn’t tell the difference anyway and because people would probably assume they were real, he didn’t see a reason to drop a good chunk of money on the real thing. That’s probably why it made my Christmas gift that year a little more special. He bought me my first real pair of diamond earrings and I loved them. In fact, I gave up wearing my fake jewelry most of the time so I could showcase these beauties. Well…that is until I lost them. I don’t know how and I don’t know where, but I always hoped they would show up again in the most obscure place, and I would instantly remember how I had put them there for safekeeping. It’s been years though and that hasn’t happened.

Since then, I have gone back to wearing my fake, cheap stuff until the next lucky lad feels compelled to shower me with bling. But because it’s been a while and $15 earrings tend to look about as expensive as they cost, I’ve recently copped these in-betweener earrings. I ordered them online and they are enough in my price range that I wouldn't even need to wait for the lad! They won’t break the bank but they don’t look cheap at all. They also remind me of the earrings I used to have that I loved so much. What do you think? Kind of fabulous?


Dust said...

Ok so you loved the earrings & miss them, but what about the guy that gave them to you?

Arie Jones said...

That's really neat! I always seem to lose the jewelery I need (nose studs, belly rings, etc..) but I stopped buying earings, necklaces, bracelets and stuff because my mom took them all and said I never used them =/ (and she was right =P)

The Moral Compass said...

Gold digger alert!

Gold digger alert!

Gold digger alert!

Everyone, hide your young impressionable daughters eyes and ears!

All wealthy single men, RUN, RUN, RUN, RUN!!

Is the Gold Digger branding iron hot and ready? We need to brand this one so she can be spotted by unsuspecting lads in the future!

This is not a test! This is the emergency Gold Digger broadcasting system. This is a real emergency and you will be told where to go to be safe. This is not a test! Stay tuned for more Gold Digger emergency information as it becomes available. This is not a test!

Anonymous said...

lol with Moral Compass & Dust.
No disrespect to Ms. Glenn, but I just had an unpleasant flash back of something like this.

She does write good blog though. Cause I sense a little yearning from Dust.

brit brat said...

Girl, how bored are you? Blogging about earrings!
Let me ask you though, do you still have the "LOVE" necklace? hahahahaha

p.s. for the dudes talking from the sides of their necks, you find a lady who DOESN'T like receiving jewelery and I'll find you a lady that's lying. Be real with yourselves. Cheap ass'!

Brianna said...

@dust...sadly, he had to kick rocks. lol.

@arie...I lost my belly ring before and that thing closed up like overnight!

@moral compass...nice name. you hit the nail on the head. I'm a gold digger. ask my boyfriends...they'll tell you got a better topic? I make boring stuff interesting! :)

Anonymous said...

Tip for Brit Brat, fix attitude and perhaps you will get a ring nice diamond ring for that special finger. The only jewelry that counts.

Odds not in that girls favor.

Rob said...

@ brit: I think the topic is great, only a woman could have written three paragraphs about earrings. If it had been a guy writing it would have looked something like: "Got a new earring, cool ey?"

Rob said...

And i just figured out why Brianna wrote the earring piece. Isn't there a new guy in her life? She wants him to read it and if he should think to himself "Hm, maybe i should buy her diamond earrings, she would love that" well, that wouldn't be too bad...sneaky Brianna ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ehm...HELLO! 6.78 and a ticket to the world indoor championships where you are now one of the favourites!

Can I get a HELL YEAH!

You now how to bring it when it counts Glenn!

Daniel said...

Ms Glenn!
You got some Bling all right! How about 2nd Place USA Indoor Champs hardware!
Great to see. A 6.78 ain't bad, lol. And not a Foul in the bunch! (Though I wonder about that 4.41 mark, lol. I could jump that far - eh - maybe)
How are the flights to Doha?

brit brat said...

Um..who said I wanted a ring for any finger?? My attitude is straight! I can poke fun at my sister anytime I feel like it. She knows its all love.
And I can also tell the rude dudes on her blogs where they can go with ya. Write that down so you don't forget.