Saturday, February 16, 2008

This one is just ugly

I might as well get it out of the way. The sooner I get it out of my system, the quicker I can just forget about it. Some races need just that—to be forgotten. Of course the problem with me documenting my life and all this year is that it really isn’t possible for me to say nothing as I would like. The normal me is like that, as my friends and family can attest to. If Bri has a bad race, just stay out of her way. I’m just the kind of person that gets pissed off when it comes to things of that nature and a positive outlook is not my method of choice for dealing with it unless I can pinpoint something equally as positive that happened to focus on instead. Needless to say, that didn’t happen.

I came 5th in my heat. Not the final…the heat. Ouch. In fact, sitting here I can’t remember when I ran that slowly in a 60 meters. Maybe as a freshman? Shoot, maybe not. Anyway, I literally almost ate it and spent the first 10 meters trying not to fall on my face and then proceeded to look up and see that the race was being run in front of me and I was in no way part of it. I was behind the winner by over .2 tenths of a second. That’s huge in a race that short. I realize that the start was absolutely horrible but it makes no sense to blame it on that seeing as how that’s kind of critical in running a good 60 meters. It’s like me blaming not running a fast time because my legs didn’t turn over fast enough or not jumping far on account of landing too early. No excuses. I just didn’t do what I was supposed to do and it showed in the result.

I am better than that, I realize this, but right now I’m not so sure I want to go all the way to Boston next weekend to prove it or just throw in the towel on indoors and continue training hard for the outdoor season. It’s a decision I will make with my coach I suppose over the next day or so but from the sound of this post I’m sure you can tell what I am leaning towards. Sometimes I need a day or two to gain the proper perspective so I’ll think some more before I give a definitive.

The one positive, although it had nothing to do with the race, was that one of the UK officials came up to tell me he reads my blog. I guess I’m a worldwide blogger now. Kind of nice to know that there are others besides my friends and family that find enjoyment in my ramblings.

G’day mate! (or is that Australian???)


t.v. said...

Aaawww man... And I was so looking forward to an "I won" blog, but hey this one is good too.

Look at it this way. You can make all the mistakes now, horrible starts, stumbles etc. Get them out of your system so when the Olympics comes around there won't be anymore to make.

These races are more like competitive "practise" sessions. Who knows, Boston might be the place you kick butt on National T.V. infront of your home base fans. :)

Nikkie T said...

So, I planned on posting a comment about how you should definately go and run next week in Boston so you can end your indoor season on a good note yadda, yadda, yadda... But after reading this post all the way through, all I can think is how freaking COOL it is that someone in the UK reads your blog!!!
Yay Bri!

Jasmine said...

the race doesn't always belong to the fastest...or the quickest..or the belongs to the blogger who documents it!! :)
i love you. go to boston. eat some baked beans and toot your bottom cross that line faster and better than anyone else. THEN blog about that story...nothing's better than the girl who rises to the top. you're like gold, baby!

brit_brat said...

I believe it's 'top of the morning to ya', but what do I know? I live in the OC. Far be it for me to give advice on this subject but I do know from personal experience that losing or making a mistake is sometimes a good thing. It teaches us what we need to work on, what not to do next time, and how to stay focused and humble on our quest. Seems to me like when you fail, you come back 10 times stronger. Boston won't be a waste of time if you decide to go, but I know the busy road you have ahead of you and don't want you to tire yourself out either. Whichever you decide will be ok, just don't not go because you feel you'll do crappy.
p.s. Text me back sometime will ya!

Anonymous said...

I know you aint happy with your race and that you can do better, but just wanted to tell you that you made a good impression on me.

And yeh, not only your friends and US people read this blog; people like me read it as well.. :)

Lycka till =)

melanie said...

sorry, bri.
i know you love me even though you don't care what i have to say about this, so i won't say anything about it at all. good luck in boston.
and on an aside to brianna and brittany:
yall are terrible...gday mate is austrailian, top o the mornin is irish. i know its black history month, but dang, you got 11 months a year to get in touch with your white side, too!

brit_brat said...

hahahaha sorry Mel
next time I'll ask Grandma Hoot for white sayings.

ed t said...

It was me who spoke to you in Birmingham. My team cover all of the "flash quotes" for all of the televised track meetings in the UK.
I got to you blog via Joice Maduaka whom I have known for around 7 years, ever since I did media training with the UK team.
I think the greeting differs from where you come from in the UK but from the northeast it is a simple "allreet".
You say it as follows: ALL - like Al the name and then REET - like neat.

Keep Smilin'