Friday, February 15, 2008

Allow me to respond

For the past couple of days I’ve had way more visitors to my blog than usual. Normally I get about 200 visitors a day and since I posted about my Budweiser ad it’s been over 1000 each day. I’ve received a fair share of personal messages and a few comments about it but for the most part, a huge chunk of those people have been silent and so I have no idea what the consensus is. Perhaps I should have included a vote along with the post. But…a few of the comments I have received have made me want to respond not so much in an attempt to defend myself, but to clarify my thoughts and beliefs on the whole thing.

To a lot of people, posing “provocatively” in front of a beer bottle in my bathing suit is no big deal. But for some it is. Some of you have implied that perhaps it’s not very “Christian” like. I have also heard the notion that I come across as a little bit hypocritical because of my posts that mention how important my faith is to me and subsequently I write posts such as me at a party or me in a bikini and that seems contradicting. I don’t know that there can be a definitive right or wrong because all I do is post about ME and what I choose to do and since no person here on Earth is God, who’s to say that your personal beliefs should also be mine? My choices reflect my own morals and values and for some they will seem incredibly conservative and for others they might seem entirely too worldly and out of line with my faith. All I can say is that I make decisions based on my own convictions and whether or not they are in line with someone else’s I don’t believe that it is fair to call me out so easily when it is not possible for you to truly know me based on this blog alone.

The topic of some of the other messages I have received deals with female athletes in particular being shown in a light such as this that obviously showcases something other than our talents and whether there is a problem when the focus becomes our physical appearance. Well I think it’s obvious I don’t find a problem with it. I like the fact that I am multi-dimensional and I don’t think it makes me a sellout in any way nor should you assume that my desire to be the best athlete I can possibly be is in some way lessened. If I wasn’t an athlete I would have still wanted to be in Sports Illustrated but chances are I never would have. The fact that they didn’t ask me to pose in my uniform in the sand pit at the track is totally fine with me. The idea that “sexy” and “athlete” need to be mutually exclusive is something that I don’t quite buy in to. They can overlap and if they do, it doesn’t mean that I take being a top athlete any less serious. Don’t put me in a box.

I realize that some people still may have a problem with it and that's ok because I respect the opinions of others even when I may not agree. I can't please everybody and up until now, Sunny Delight hasn't shown interest in using me in their ad campaign. A girl's gotta eat, ya know. But I like to pose in my bathing suit…I just usually don’t have a full-size beer bottle in the background. I also have had a beer once or twice in my life. I don’t advertise or promote getting drunk because I do agree that is not Christian-like. It says in the bible not to get drunk but it doesn’t say you can’t have a beer once in a while…or maybe it was a glass of wine, but you get the point! From my experience, Anheuser-Busch is a great company to work with and I have met some outstanding people that have been extremely kind and supportive and I am truly grateful for the experience of working with them.


Bianca said...

I cannot remain silent on this post.

Brianna Marie Glenn is my best friend. I've known her for longer than I haven't known her. Through the course of the years that have knit us together, there have been different choices in life that separate our personalities and sometimes even our choices, but we remain solid friends due to holding on to a core set of values.

I am a full-fledge, bonafide, EVANGELICAL Christian woman, who not only works for a church, but publishes (conservative) Christian literature. I am considered by my close circle of friends as the ring-wing, Jesus lover (which I am very proud of).

I state all of this simply to let readers know that this blog will NEVER share the intimate choices Bri has to make, the critical decisions that she is faced with, or the personal relationship she has with her Lord, and Savior, Jesus Christ. There were many conversations and discussions as to whether or not she should do this shoot; she vassilated back and forth and I saw the internal struggle what waged on in her mind.

No one needs to know why she does what she does. She is not accountable to anyone but God... and sometimes her right-wing, Jesus lovin' best friend who will beat her with the stick of morality. If anyone would like to throw any more stones at my "Samaritan woman", please have the courage to sign your name (Matthew 18:15)

Nikkie T said...

I second that Bianca!

I, for one, am very proud of Brianna for being brave enough to be outspoken about her faith in such a public forum. Now though, we get to see the scrutiny that it opens her up to from those who are the type to throw her display of faith in her face when they feel she is doing something contradictory to it (which, by the way anonymous, says more about you than it ever could about her). Would you rather she didn't talk about God at all? Then at least she wouldn't appear to be a bad Christian by doing a Budweiser add (that's mockery, if you can't tell).

Let me tell you something about Bri. Bri is not only a wonderful woman and athlete, but she is wonderful friend, sister and so on. She is fiercely loyal, and YES she is God fearing and God loving, but she doesn't have to PROVE her Christianity or defend ANY of her decisions to ANYONE. Those of us who know and love her know her heart and spirit and in my opinion that's all that is important. Those of you who do not know her, whose only glimpse into her is this blog, her myspace page, and however else you choose to stalk her... well, your opinions don't matter anyway.

Now I'm not sure which scripture would best suit this comment- but if there's one about people being put in their place, pls feel free to recite it to yourself at this time, because my comment is meant to do just that.

brit_brat said...

It almost reminds me of the movie 'Saved'. Those who have seen it know what I'm talking about. If passing judgement on others makes you feel better about yourself, then I truly feel sorry for you. I may not be able to recite scriptures from the bible but I do remember one about throwing stones...
Normally I'd be all puffed up right now and defend my sister, but I know she has a good head on her shoulders and thick skin and is taking negative, untrue comments with a grain of salt as she should be.
Love you sis! Keep doing the damn thang!

Ronnie said...

First I'd like to say that you took some great Photos. Kudos on you modeling talents. Now as far as the negative comments that you've recieved, I don't see anything that warrants any negativity about anything that you have done. I want to congratulate you on all the positive that you have done and I aspire to be able to do only a fraction of what you have been able to accomplish. Keep on doing what you're doing and I already know that you are not going to let anyone talk you out of your game.

dre_kelz said...

a friend told me about it and hadnt seen it till then. I was a teammate of hers back in HS and can say it might be surprising only for the fact she seemed very reserved back in HS. Being a female track athlete she wears pretty much bear minimun anywayz. The fact that its in front of a giant beer makes no difference and she shouldnt be looked at differently. what if it was in front of a beach or waterfall. would peopel be sayin those negative things and criticizing her faith. I will never look at her any differently because she posed in front of a bottle. Like she says she has to eat. Im sure there are worse things that can be done before anyone can even have the right to be critical of her. But only God can judge us.

Anonymous said...

Keep doing what your doing Brianna! Out of all the Olympians/Olympic hopefuls you were chosen for the SI Swimsuit edition and I think that's amazing!! Congratulations and I can't wait to see you in the Olympics! (I found your site through Jasmine's blog just figured I'd let you know you've gained a fan!)

Anonymous said...

My name is Michael. I'm sorry that I do not have an identity that I can use. But just focus on my comments and not on my identity. I speak as one who loves the Lord Jesus Christ and wants Him to be glorified in all things!

I think it's valid for a person to be concerned about these pictures. It is easy to label someone who expresses this concern as being judgmental or as throwing stones. That is not the purpose of my comments. The fact that it was indicated Brianna went back and forth on these pictures lets me know it was a difficult decision for her.

As believers in the Lord Jesus Christ our final authority must be the word of God (cf. 2 Tim. 3:16-17). It has to be the "Supreme Court" in all matters related to the lifestyle of the Christian.

I do not feel that there are Scriptures that Brianna or her friends can use to justify her pictures. If there are, I am more than willing to be corrected. A general principle for all of life is to do everything to the glory of God (cf. 1 Cor. 10:31). Also, we are to be holy in every area of our life, even how we dress (1 Peter 1:15; James 1:27b). Furthermore, God wants to use the lifestyle of Christians to draw people to the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation (Matt. 5:16).

These pictures will draw a lot of attention to the advertiser's product and to Brianna. The important question is will they draw a lot of attention to the Lord Jesus Christ.

A concerned Christian.

t.v. said...

I thank God everyday that salvation is a personal thing and that we are saved by grace and not by our works. No matter what you do people will find fault. So I say, just please God and everything and everyone can fall be the way side.

God knows your heart, He knows your struggles, He knows your pain and He knows your joy. So please don't let anyone retard your progress or your personal relationship with Him, because they disagree with the choices you've made.

You have been doing a fabulous job testifying for the Lord in your personal life and in your career. We are not perfect, for if we were we wouldn't need the grace of God.

Have faith, have hope and love those who accuse you. But most all continue to love the Lord with all your heart, soul and might. For in the end He shall reward you. :)

Brianna said...

A big heartfelt THANK YOU to my wonderful friends and sister for sticking up for me in the way only people who know me truly can. And I know if Bianca backs me, I have no worries. :)

to Michael...thank you for leaving your name and your comment. Obviously your opinion and convictions are different than mine but that is ok. I am sure you realize that my clothing in these pictures is the same clothing I wear day in and day out, albeit in a different setting. I realize that this ad draws more attention to me (as well as budweiser), and hopefully people see that there is more to me than a girl that likes a cold beer once in a while or that if they drink a cold beer, they too will have fabulous long legs as well. (sorry, can't be totally serious all the time.)

t.v. said...

Ok.. Now that "that" has been settled, let us move to more important stuff.

Did you win? lol.

Anonymous said...

To Michael from Joe; Romans 8:28, Romans 14:10, Matthew 7:1-5.
None of us know why God has put Brianna in the place that He has put her in. We must trust that, "His thoughts and His ways, are higher than our thoughts and our ways". As your relationship with God is, I'm sure, a personal one, please allow Brianna the same respect. I, too, am a Christian man, but that being said, since God is the author and finisher of all things, who are we to stand in judgment of another saint's actions? If you would like to discuss further, please contact me at
Brianna, Great blog, keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

HATERS! People want to make those negative or condescending comments because they have not been put in that position in life and most likely never will be, so it is easier just to hate on someone that has been.

I grew up as a Jehovah's Witness, but I have been a commercial model, nude model, and competitive bodybuilder; pretty much all of the things that I didn't think I would be with my religious upbringing. As an adult I made my choices to satisfy me and I was happy with EVERYTHING that I have done and will do.

At the end of the day, if you are proud of your work Brianna, then that is all that is important! You are a beautiful woman and anyone that can appreciate tasteful marketing, would see that your campaign is just so.

Be proud of your work, embrace the positivity of it, and ignore any negativity because it is all about HATIN'! Stay strong sis!


Anonymous said...

God knows you better than you know yourself. If you feel no conviction over your pics, who are we to convict you?

People can be so judgemental. That is what's wrong in the church today. People always sweeping around someone else's front door.

Brianna said...

I don't know you personally Joe, but I appreciate you sticking up for me!

Like I said, I have no problem with someone's sincere opinions that differ from mine as long as it's not done in a cowardly way (i.e. without leaving a name). I don't necessarily think they are haters, at least I hope not!

Anonymous said...

I hate you, and I'm keeping your Jerry Rice Super Bowl seat to sell on Ebay when I get back!


Los Angelista said...

I was at the Barnes and Noble @ The Grove last night and remembered to look at the back of SI. I think you look very pretty in it. It wasn't over the top or overly sexy -- and it's not like you were half naked taking a bath in some beer either! I'm not a drinker, never had one, but as far as modeling goes, the photo was pretty tame!

Christy said...

okay - so I came to the comment section to post something profound about this but I don't think anyone can say it better or have more of an impact than Ms. Bianca. WOW - I divert to her. So those of you who come on here to read the last comment or two - I say: read the very first comment and move on. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey boo,
No matter what path you choose, people will judge you, its human nature! Some will do so because they do not have the opportunities that you do, and some will do so, just because they are unhappy judgmental people. Live your life. The choices you make do not make you unchristian BRI, we well never be like christ, and those who judge you are less "christ-like" than they pretend to be! LIVE YOUR LIFE! "an unexperienced life is a life not worth living" just live! it doesn't make you less of a role model or less of a Christian.
see ya at the center soon!
hugs and kisses!

Anonymous said...

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