Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'm trippin

So like I said, sometimes it takes me a few days to gain the proper perspective. Well in this case it was only a few hours. I would have posted this sooner except that I was traveling for about 50,000 hours today. Don’t ever live in Tucson when you travel internationally. Just an FYI. Anyway, I will be in Boston next weekend. There is nothing worse I could do to myself then let that last race linger in my subconscious for the next few months…especially when I don’t have to. I already know I’m better than that, but a little stamp of approval never hurt.

In other news…I’m happy to report that all my traveling companions today showered and wore deodorant. Sometimes we must be happy for the small pleasures in life. I did, however, get stuck by an overly chatty lady on my way from England to New York who warned me beforehand how pissed she was on her way over to Europe when the in-flight entertainment wasn’t working properly and she wasn’t able to view a movie during her flight. She had mentioned if it happened again she would write in to complain and ask for a free ticket or something. sure…good luck with that one. So imagine my delight when I woke up probably 45 min or so into the flight when the meal was being served and noticed a wire running across my body. She had plugged her headphones into my jack. I guess God has a funny sense of humor and hers wasn’t working properly. She quickly turned to explain how it had been the flight attendants idea but I could go ahead and unplug it if I wanted to. Well…under normal circumstances I would have probably plugged in my headphones to watch what was playing. I had to wake up to eat anyway. Chances are though, I would have knocked back out soon after. What I didn’t understand though, is why she chose me. On the other side of her sat an old black man. It was Brooks Johnson, for those of you who know the man…they myth…the legend. And he was knocked out. And plugging into his jack would not have required a wire to be run across his body. AND I’m pretty sure the guy had no interest in watching the Nanny Diaries. But whatever. I am a nice gal and I really didn’t feel like ruining her trip so I let her watch her movie and quickly ate so I could get back to dreaming.


Zzz said...

Glad you came to that perspective on your own. Your fans might have had to remind you that you can stumble a little on the way but your dream is at the finish.

Los Angelista said...

Oh wow, she ganked your headset jack! You're nice even when you're feeling a little down. I might have ganked it back just to be mean!

The sleep probably did you some good. We all need to step back so we can see the whole picture sometimes! ;0

Kiajeen said...

Oh my gosh Bri! This blog had me LAUGHING OUT LOUD...LITERALLY! I can't believe she had the cord running across your damn body! This is possible the funniest thing I've read all month. Thanks dollface!

Andre Rafik said...

ur lunchin

gamelord said...

Brianna, the fact the Birmingham loss irritated you as much as it did is a testament to the competitive fire that makes you the world class athlete that you are. That being said, you know you better come correct in Beantown. :-)

By the way, you have the restraint of Mother Theresa. If it was me, Chatty Cathy may have needed to remove the headphones from an orifice....forget about the jack. Forgive me Jesus. :-)

eclectik said...

Hi-Larry Us

LOL@ Showered and Deodorant

Heart you