Saturday, February 2, 2008

Party like a ROCKSTAR!

On Thursday I drove up to Phoenix because it feels like forever and a day since I have been social and went out and had a really good time. So since the superbowl festivities were just up the road and my favorite road dawg of all time was going to be in town, I decided to make the most of it. We stepped out in style and got to borrow the SL blah blah blah. I am horrible with car names, but it was a Mercedes and it was definitely a lot flyer than my Civic, I know that much! We were almost tempted to let the top down just to take full advantage of the experience, except that it was freezing and we would have immediately been spotted as imposters for doing something so uncalled for at that temperature.

We got to our first party of the night and felt like VIP’s. That’s really because we were accompanied by a real VIP but we played it up anyway and took our turn posing for photos on the red carpet and being treated to complimentary cocktails. Normally, I have all the confidence in the world when it comes to negotiating with the big, bad clipboard holders but for these parties I thought it would be better to make sure we were with the big guns. I was not certain my batting eyelashes would get the job done!

I must pause for a second to comment on a phenomenon I was able to witness firsthand…the craziness of male groupies towards another male. Honestly, I thought this only occurred at Hannah Montana concerts but rest assured these men gave 8-year-old girls a run for their money.

After we spent a bit of time there we headed over to Diddy’s party because I’ve always heard that Diddy knows how to throw a party like no other. I told Jerry to go ahead and let the bouncers at the door know that Brianna Glenn had arrived and was ready to party and so we were escorted right in and taken behind the velvet ropes. I guess we missed his performance onstage and all that good stuff because it was taking place outside and I was not dressed for outside activities whatsoever. The night was definitely a success. We ended up running into our old friends from college and decided the night would be that much more enjoyable hanging out and reminiscing with people we know and like!

The next morning I woke up and headed straight to the track to run 5 300’s. Of course it was the last thing I felt like doing but that is never an acceptable excuse!


Nikkie T said...

What fun we had last night!!! First let me say that being with Jerry really made me grateful that I'm not famous and don't have to deal with the constant interruptions, hugs, and photo requests from perfect strangers... No thank you.
And how crazy was it that we ran into so many UofA Wildcats?!! That was so much fun!!! Anyhow, we're not in college anymore so remind me to NEVER do it that big again... well, start after we go out tonight... maybe tomorrow night but then that's it.
Oh and thanks for NOT mentioning how I rode out with you to do your 300s. Even though I had to sit number 4 out (I came back for number 5), I was there... I know that counts for a mention ;).

Your favorite road dawg of all time.

PS. Brit- never EVER go out to run "strides" with your sister after you have your baby! She'll let you believe that you're only doing 100m strides until you get there and find out that you're really doing 300m strides...

Jasmine said...

and here i felt bad for ou because i thought you'd be all alone...silly me!! ;)
p.s. are you wearing a dress or is that a shirt? if it's the former, you HOOCHIE...if it's the ladder, you're so modest and holy. ;)
love you more than quesadillas and starburst!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time out on the town! I am so jealous [smile]. It's always good to be able to enjoy a good time out with friends and family alike and traveling around in a Mercedes-Benz doesn't hurt either!


The Kavorka said...

Miss Glenn,
I hope you realize how fortunate you were to be in the presence of football royalty. If you were, you'd have understood the male groupie dynamic. Although, I am from the "he puts his pants on one leg at time just like me" school of thought, I might've even been tempted to squeal like a schoolgirl if I saw J. Rice out kickin' it. lol He is what all aspiring WR's strive to emulate.

Kudos for having the discipline to get your hindquarters up the next morning and put in the workout. You definitely have your priorities straight. Keep those eyes on the prize.

Oh, by the way, I bet that SL such and such fit you to a tee. Kinda like framing the Mona Lisa with a platinum/diamond frame. :-)

Brianna said...

jazzy...why would you pose such a silly question. it's a dress--and a fairly long one (by my standards) at that! The one I wore Saturday night I'm still trying to figure out what it's intended use is...but I wore it as a dress too!

Los Angelista said...

You look like you were having such a great time! Definitely more fun than staying home channel surfing, that's for sure!