Thursday, March 3, 2011

Working Girl

I'm sure everyone that stops by this blog is aware of what my day job is. But like every good working woman, I also have my side hustles. One such hustle involves a bit of sports modeling from time to time. Now don't get me wrong, I don't consider myself a "model." Not to knock them... the first time I ever had to take pictures that weren't for my facebook profile, I was amazed at the work it takes to make a picture look effortless. It's a lot tougher than it looks, especially when you have a crew of people worrying about the placement of your pinky finger and taking a million different takes that to the average joe all look the same. But that's their world and I gladly play along because... they pay. I bust my butt every single day just for the chance to make some dough so sitting around all day and posing on cue for a paycheck when I have the chance sounds like a no brainer to me.

So, a couple of weeks ago I was contacted by my agency in LA to see if I was interested in a job. However, this job wasn't print--my usual hustle of choice. I was going to be filming a fitness DVD (think P90x-ish). I had to look like I was in great shape (and send photos of myself that day to prove I hadn't become all Pillsbury recently), and actually be in great shape. I had to guarantee them I was in good "cardio shape"...that was the phrase they used. Now... what does that mean, exactly? Any jogger in America could probably beat me running a mile but I do work out all day, every day and so I'm sure that takes some kind of stamina. So, I assured them I could do the Ironman if needed and booked the job. I figured it would be a bunch of models who "play" athletes, and then me... the real deal. How hard could it really be?

I know nothing about fitness DVD's. I randomly will see a commercial for one and think to myself, "perhaps when I'm 45 that is what my workout routine will consist of.", but that's about it. Let me tell you, it was hard work and then some. For starters, we shot the series over 3 days, but folks getting in shape will complete it in an 8 week time frame. Not only that, we started over from scratch on Day 2 because on Day 1 (before I thought it was that difficult), the lead guy lost his voice and could no longer shout out the moves or encouraging words to the folks back at home. And now that I have actually completed these series of workouts, I can assure anyone who buys it that it is one heck of a workout--especially week 8--because I did it, and I barely lived to tell about it. I'm almost kidding.

All in all, it was a good experience. In a few months it will be on sale in Walmart, and if you didn't have reason enough before to go shopping there, you will now. Here are a few behind the scenes pics...

These ladies were AHHHH-mazing!!! I seriously had to step my game up or it would have been "goodbye, you are the weakest link."

By the end we were like best friends from summer camp!

Hanging out in the break room. I definitely had the worst snacking habits of the bunch. "umm, so nobody is going to eat that cake?"

It would have been a lot more enjoyable on set if there was a little eye candy...

The whole crew! Awesome people!!


Allen W said...

I think one of your prayers just got answered!

Anonymous2 said...

Bri what do you have in your shorts?

Bianca said...

I LOVE this post. Great job, Bri.

Anonymous said...

I am not on twitter so let me say here that your comment on IWD shows what a complete airhead you are.

I suggest you read up on the suffragette movement AND look at the plight of women around the world today.

Do you make such insipid comments about MLK Day too?

Brianna said...

@ anonymous... i apologize. total airhead. i was probably meant to be a blonde. (kidding about the blonde part, i promise i have blonde friends). still kind of confused why you thought that much animosity was needed to get your point across. it's not. you could have let me know i was ignorant in a much nicer way.