Monday, March 21, 2011

Brownies and Friendship

I don't like to brag, but I believe I make some of the best brownies this side of the mississippi. I should clarify that I make some of the best brownies from a box, but believe me, there is still an art to it.

This weekend, I had the distinct pleasure of cooking for some of my friends as we celebrated March birthdays and had one of our infamous game nights. I finished off the delectable spread with a pan of brownies and a sundae station. In the midst of an intense game of Gestures, I made myself a small brownie sundae, complete with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and slivered almonds. It was delicious. So delicious, in fact, that my mind was already thinking ahead to the second helping I would have later that night and for the next few days, if I was lucky. You see, I knew I could probably get away with a single pan of brownies but I had intentionally doubled it so there would be leftovers. I hardly ever make brownies-- it's hard to justify when you live alone and are left with a whole pan just for yourself. That would be a bit much, even for me. Now that I had a group to bake for, I could definitely make it so I had a smile on my face for a few days.

So imagine my shock and horror when the night is winding down and I head to the kitchen to snatch a quick brownie. They're nowhere to be found. Last time I looked there was an entire half of a 13x9 inch pan left, and now I can't find as much as a crumb. I know some of these boys can eat, but this doesn't make any sense. I turn to my friend Mike, who is known for clearing plates if you even look like you are setting down your fork and picking up cups when people are mid sip, all in the name of keeping things tidy. Surely, he must've got the urge to clean up and stashed my leftover brownies elsewhere. And he did. He stashed them in the trash.

Not only had they been thrown away, they were now already in the trash bin outside, with a brand new bag gracing the trash bin. (Don't judge me for checking--these are brownies we are talking about.) Who in their right mind would toss perfectly good brownies? For goodness sake, they were probably still warm! I was beyond livid and searching for answers. In response, I was told that he thought that everyone had had some and now it was best to get them out of the way so there would be no temptation.

I don't know about you, but there are times when I welcome temptation. Eating gooey, chocolate goodness is one such time. I never feel bad afterwards because I believe God intended for us to truly enjoy chocolate, as long as we promise to not make it one of the five essential food groups. But now I must live without because there are people in this world who obviously lack common sense… I'm just hoping our friendship can be restored.


Anonymous said...

I still have a dozen boxes of girl scout cookies left and they have Brianna written all over them.

Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
Wow! Mike’s got the tidy bit worse than I do. I don’t throw food out prematurely, that’s what a fridge is for. And Tupperware left-over containers.
Well, maybe your jeans will be happy, huh?

Now, about more important matters.
That was a wonderfully significant part you had in the latest Track & Field magazine. You broke down the reasons/effects of a career of changes nicely. Think of how differently it could have gone if you knew then what you know now. I’ve often felt it is as (if not more) important as proper specific coaching to have a mentor, someone who knows all the things a person doesn’t when younger. To guide and advise, to avoid the pitfalls and maximize what’s available.

And that photo they used … it’s fabulous, you look fantastic. Even with the gold shorts, lol!

(Far more impressive is your mature acceptance of the flow of life, even when in hindsight we might wish it had been different)

Brianna said...

@ anonymous... please deliver asap.

@daniel... thanks. i don't have a subscription to track and field news (shhh..) so i haven't seen it but hopefully i can take a look soon.

Anonymous said... the article you're talking about in the March 2011 or the April 2011 Track and Field magazine?

Brianna said...

the one that came out this week... so april probably.