Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Life After College

If you are a subscriber to Track and Field News, you may have saw my pretty little face awesome gold shorts in the latest issue. I was interviewed for an article that talked about what it's like finding a successful training environment after college is over. For anyone who knows my story, it's obvious I would have a thing or eight to say about such a topic. Yes, I have moved/switched coaches 8 times since graduating. Go ahead and say it… I still look like I'm 22. :) Obviously I had a ton of insight and information to share and I thought the article painted a very realistic picture of the struggle and uncertainty that faces a lot of athletes outside of the comfort of their alma mater and the security of a scholarship check. Is the story the same for everyone? No. Some people will have more security, some will not struggle to figure it out as much as I did, and some simply wouldn't have lasted as long to rack up that many changes and still find a way to keep on going…they have probably found a better way to put their degree to use.

My journey is unique to me, but there are parts of it that are probably shared by many athletes trying to make the successful leap to the professional ranks. I love to share what I have learned along the way because if the me now could have had a conversation with the me at 22, things would have probably gone a lot different in my career. Part of the reason I blog is to share silly, banal stuff that goes on in my life, but another huge inspiration for me is sharing my experience with other people--and hopefully other athletes--to give some inside knowledge of what it's like and what to expect. I am more than happy to say that I have made the mistakes and have learned from them--let me help you not make the same ones. Being able to say I am a professional athlete is a blessing. I train every day to compete at my best, and I travel the world to put my best up against the best from everywhere. It's awesome. But this sport is not the NFL, NBA, WTA, PGA, or the professional ribbon twirling association. The more you know, the more you can navigate your way to the top, without all the detours and road blocks. One thing you must be sure of, however, is that you really want it.

If you read the article, I'd love to know what you thought...


Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
I think you know I already liked the article. You gave a great pictorial of all the disruptive changes, without reflecting any bitterness.
Nice article.

Except for Brooks Johnson’s statement.
But then again, it’s Brooks Johnson.

Bianca said...

I love those gold shorts :)

And I love you.

Great insight for future athletes, friend.