Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas came early

The older I get, the more I feel like the commercialization of Christmas just seems to add more stress and anxiety to something that shouldn’t be stressful at all. At holidays like Thanksgiving, all I’m required to do is show up, eat all the wonderful food that has been prepared, and take the time to think about and express what I am truly thankful for. I get to be around all my friends and family without worrying if they’re going to like the random scarf I spent hours at the crowded mall for and really just ended up purchasing because I couldn’t find anything else. I don’t have to feel guilty when so and so hands me a gift and I don’t have any gift to give in return so I make up some lame excuse about how I forgot it at home and will get it to them asap. There is no reason to put unneeded charges on my credit card for a bunch of things for other people that are unneeded to begin with. Where is the joy in that?!

The fact of the matter is I actually like gift giving. And of course… I LOVE gift getting. ☺ I think it’s the pressure that usually ends up getting to me and ruining the beauty of it. Sometimes I think it would be nice if you could just give a friend a gift the third Saturday of July and say MERRY CHRISTMAS! Or, be walking through the mall and grab something small for your Mom just because you know she would like it, and not still feel obligated to find something she may or may not like by December 25th. Nobody has to pretend they love the new flannel pajamas from Grandma.

So, out of all the “gifts” I might get this year, I think I may have already received my favorite one. I just finished slathering my lips with my new Burt’s Bees chapstick, bought for me by my best friend this weekend while we were out enjoying life and being thankful for the amazing friendships we’ve kept alive the last 15 years. (In case you aren’t aware, Burt’s Bee’s is the fancy schmancy stuff, not just the regular, plain kind I usually purchase for myself. It’s easily four bucks at least.) Hours earlier I had complained of chapped lips and while she was at the register purchasing a book at Border’s, she saw the chapstick and thought of me. When she got back to the table she told me to close my eyes and hold out my palm, then proceeded to drop this little gem into my outstretched hand. I squealed in delight. No, really…I did. Hopefully she realizes that it’s probably the best Christmas gift I’ll get this year and that she is totally off the hook a month from now. Because to me, that simple act of kindness was indicative of how I want all my gifts to be given. Simple...from the heart…and given just because. If it happens in December that’s fine, but it’s not necessary. Every time I use my chapstick I will think of her and the amazing, thoughtful friend that she is. Merry Christmas to me… on November 28th.

And here are some pics of the people I love and are thankful for that I got to spend some quality time with this weekend...

My beautiful cousins,sis, and I

My best friends (the chapstick giver is 2nd from right!)


Diandra Ann said...

Love it :) soooo true!

Jasmine said...

Woohoo! I get the best friend award this month!
It's a shame you don't want my Christmas gift for you this year...I bought you Louis Vuitton purse, but I guess I'll go and return it now! ;)

Dust said...

The "just because" gift, that his how I roll Bri. I send flowers "just because," candy "just because," as well as bubble baths and massages "just because!"

The courting period has not begun, so you have yet to experience the many thrills of being pursued by one of the best. LOL

You seem to have some great friends, 15 plus years says a lot.

*Don't be afraid to cook a dish and bring it with you next Thanksgiving* Just throwing it out there.

Dust's Dad said...

Dear son. You know I love you but you are being a fool. I did not bring you up to be such.

Look at the second picture. You are dealing with 4 of Orange Counties finest hussy hustlers only interested in your bank account and are all seasoned pro's. It is not just by mistake that this picture was taken "on the street" as these girls have their own star.

Come home my son, stop chaising bad apples.

Your Dad

Dust's Dad said...

Son, did you use my Angles playoff box seat tickets on this fantasy of yours?

I think you did! You are cut off!

Anonymous said...

you guys are all so beautiful! lucky to have each other.

p.s. that is some good chapstick!

Anonymous said...

Look at the cans on the one second from the right in the bottom picture! What is her name?

Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
May I be serious for a moment with you here? It’s a subject I think you might know about.

Reading the Comments, I can’t help but feel (and acknowledge) the deep resentment that (perceived) female beauty seems to bring out. I can even personally relate (somewhat) to why. Most average-to-below males have had their share of “attitude”, even put-downs, from attractive females. Even if it isn’t intentional, something about the years of the special treatment and perk’s distorts the sense of self-placement. That the ovarian lottery of physical beauty makes one more special than other humans.

But, you just cannot paint all people with the same pre-judgmental “brush”. I think of a very beautiful female Jamaican Flight Attendant I “accidentally” met (yeah, guys make up “accidents”, right?) in an airport not many years ago. We ended up having dinner together; she was so ‘grounded’ in herself, without attitude and devoid of the usual idiosyncrasies you come to expect with attractive women. I had to finally tactfully ask her about it.
Her honesty really struck me. She actually said that as she matured, her physical beauty became more of a burden! She grew tired of the shallow attraction it elicited in males. The extra need for her to decipher through all male contact to, hopefully, find some genuineness in any of it. She just wanted to be herself, as though her incredible outside ended up muting what she really had to offer, as a person and a woman, on the inside.

So … what you say Ms. Glenn? Was she right?

#2 Fan said...

Brianna you and your friends are really pretty, but beyond that you all appear to be genuine;Besides being extremely witty and funny :-) Nice post!

brit brat said...

is dude's dad serious? talk about being as fas away from the truth as possible!

also I'd like to add that receiving "just because" gifts throughout the year must be a new thing you're starting cuz I've yet to get one...I'm just sayin.

DustFairy said...

Ways to tell the twins apart: the other one had a boobjob unless she stuff hers like a turkey.

Dust said...

@ Dad: You taught me to set the bar high and never back away from a challenge. Lol

I don't believe in the gold digger theory. When I have a daughter I'm going to teach her not to go out with broke guys. Once a boy becomes a man and starts dating he should have his money together so he is able to take a woman out and show her a good time.

Sometimes you do get played and women will use you. That's just part of the game and you learn from it.

Dad you can't cut me off, I'm grown and able to stand on my own two. You raised me that way, remember.

@Brit Brat sorry you don't get "just because" gifts. It's not a new thing, a lot of women don't demand they be treated right. Nowadays, I see women opening there own doors. It's not that big a deal to them if the man opens their door or pulls out their chair.

Women hold this dudes accountable, if he can't open your door, walk on the traffic side of the side walk, even flowers/candy should be a must on a first date. End the date right there, tell him what he did wrong and try again tomorrow.

# 3 Fan said...

@ DustFariy

Do you think she offers gravy on top?

I'm kinda in the mood for a little fowl play!

Also, whats with the wing span of the blond girl pulling everyone's boobs against her. Is the spruce goose in town and nesting?

I wonder if when it rains, Brianna has to call out the Marine Core of Engineers to drain those dimples?

The little one in front is just happy she isn't Mexican.

Might be just me, but don't they all resemble Tiger Woods mistress? Are they cloning girls in California now?

anonymousnupe said...

Except, you can't call it "Chapstick," though, Bri. That's a brand. It's Burt's Bees "lip balm," LOL! Sorta like, "Hey, please XEROX this."

Jennie Finch said...

Yikes... these comments make my stomach hurt! Really? Love you guys a ton and glad we have eachother!
I am off to hurl!

Bianca said...

Hahahahahahaha! Really? These comments cannot be serious.

Diandra Ann said...

okay... I've never met Jennie... but I've heard nothing but wonderful about her. The other 3 girls in the picture are 3 of the most genuine, honest, loving girls I have ever met. They are all successful on their own and not judgmental or gold-digging at ALL. I cannot believe the things some people will say. And quite frankly I think it says so much more about the commenter than the girls. You girls are beautiful inside AND out. And I think that anyone who has known you at all would agree :)