Saturday, November 14, 2009

Loner or Loser?

I have about 2000 “friends” on facebook. But you know how I spent my Friday night? Alone. It was just me and my newest Netflix delivery to keep me company. But before you think I’m going down that road again, let me assure you that this is not a ‘woe is me and my singleness’ post. We will put that one off until next month. It’s just the older I get, the more I realize I’m a loner.

I like people. I really do. The only problem is I only like some people enough to spend time with them. And the bigger problem is, I have no idea how you’re supposed to make friends at this age. After you aren’t in school anymore and don’t live by all your close friends, you can’t just ask someone to go get ice cream with you for the heck of it on Friday night. So if you haven’t guessed by now, I went by myself. And I’m totally fine with that. Every once in a while though, I’m not. And the older I get and have friends move away, get married, and have kiddies, the more alone time I have to deal with.

So if any of you want to be my friend maybe once or twice a month and go get ice cream, or watch cool shows on DVD, holla at me!

**This concludes my “blogging for a week” challenge. Obviously not the most scintillating of topics every day, but I tried my best. Yes, there is still tomorrow, but God rested on the 7th day and so will I. Nobody reads blogs on Sunday anyway.**


jujusa said...

if u want, i'd like to spent a friday nite wit' u!!! lol

Diandra Ann said...

Me me me!!! I am always up for a monthly movie3 and ice cream. and I am free on a suprising amount of Friday nights... I'm just sayin :)

Dust said...

Why can't you ask a person to go get ice-cream with you? Sounds like a good idea to me.

Im a loner as well, but that's because I don't like people that much. Lol I enjoy my own company. You're right it always nice to have that option to hangout with someone.

Worst case, just wait for your friends to get divorced & then you will get your buddies back. I'm kidding.

Any time I'm in Cali you have a friend to hangout with just don't go getting all attached.

Anonymous said...


Brianna said...

@Diandra...if you lived in SD we'd be eating ice cream and watching silly t.v. all the time!

@dust...I could ask, but I just don't.

Dana said...

If I were still in SD, I'd surely hit you up so I could meet the woman with the so called FAB life!! ;-) If I'm ever out that way again (on a Friday night), I'll let you know!! =)

Rob said...

I got a huge DVD/Blu-Ray collection (Lost looks amazing on Blu-Ray) and i love ice cream (Häagendazs Baileys!)...but i think 6000 miles might be a bit too far away for a movie night ;-)
However if you are ever bored in Berlin, you're welcome to come over.

old teammate said...

Send me a plane ticket and I'm there...just make sure you keep the chick flicks to a minimum...maybe 1 per month :-)

LaLa said...

I don't think you're a loner or loser. It's totally situational. I find that I get tired of eating alone once in awhile and I call a friend or two to join me, but it has to be the right friend. :)

Bianca said...

I read this today. Which is Sunday. So there.

Eric said...

I read your blogs on Sunday's also. Like Bianca said, "So there!" Haha...!!

Anonymous said...

To all "My So Called Fabulous Loners", you are simply lonely. I live about 100 miles past nowhere and about twenty miles up the road are people that actually want to be ALONE. I'm talk'n pull out shot gun or assault weapon get off my land leave me alone. No Joke Yall!

So city slickers, when you finally stay offline and move to a place where the only sound you hear is the static buzz in your head; ask the question Loner or Loser?

I'm scared of you
Njou :-)
Ps: Ice Cream Anyone

Anonymous said...

I go to the movies on my own sometimes and people always ask me why. Sometimes it's cool and sometimes it is def not cool - especially when I begin to hold a conversation with myself about the movie I am watching and dip my hand into the popcorn bag of the person sitting nearest to me.

It is difficult, as you get older, to even make time for friends let alone make new one's.

Cool topic....def felt.

Kandia said...

It's funny I was just thinking this same thing not too long ago. Once you are out of school and your long-time friends get married and start families then the dynamics of the friendship changes and you simply drift apart.

I agree as you get older it's hard to make new friends unless you hit it off with people at the job or at church. I think the older I get the more of a home-body I become and I actually am finding I enjoy my own company :-)