Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Getting in Shape

Officially I have one week of practice under my belt. But this year I actually cheated a little bit. I started working out to get ready to start working out. Sheer stupidity or utter brilliance? The jury is still out. On the one hand I cut back on my time of being a professional couch potato, but on the other hand I’ve become a professional spinner. Didn’t I tell you?? I now spin with the best of them. For those of you considering spin class but have thus far been too scared to take the plunge, believe me when I tell you that going consistently for about a month will make the experience a lot more bearable and it actually is a great workout. I actually consider myself one of the best in my small class (I find that most people do not increase half a turn when the teacher says so—they’re only cheating themselves!)…well besides the over-excited guy across the room who must consider himself a spinning guru and feels the need to whoop and holler the whole darn class. Who has the energy for all of that? I must admit though…I do appreciate his encouraging clap while we do the sprint portion. It always adds a little boost.

I’ve also picked up a new workout phenomenon called CrossFit. I don’t know, perhaps it’s just new to me and my world of running around in circles and jumping in sand, but this stuff is legit. In fact, if you live in San Diego you should come join me at CrossFitInvictus. I promise you will sweat buckets and get strong like nobody’s business. What I love about it is that it’s a bunch of random Joe’s and Jane’s but they work out like some G’s. How many soccer moms’ do you know that can do pull-ups?!

So basically, I’ve chosen to broaden my horizons. Of course I can’t incorporate these workouts all year due to the specificity of my sport, but it feels nice to switch it up a bit. It gives me an appreciation for other types of workouts and the people who do them for the sheer joy of being in shape. Pretty soon I will be one of those people. And once I become a soccer mom, I want to be able to hang with the best of them.


Jo Carpenter said...

so glad to hear you are enjoying Spinning so much, Bri! It is addictive, that's for sure. My gym that had spinning closed and my new gym doesn't have it so I work out 3x/wk on my spin bike at home. I don't push myself as hard as I did in the class though. I need someone there to tell me to ramp my big butt into the next level! The Cross Fit class sounds awesome. I feel so good after a hard sweat in a class. I took aerobic drumming last week and felt like I was gonna die. It's tough (you spent the entire class in a 'squat' position and drum on balance balls and do step at the same time...augh!). I am glad someone out there is still coming up with new and fun ways to work out. You will be so much stronger for your jumping this upcoming track season by doing so much spinning! Keep up the great blogging. I love reading it!

Anonymous said...

hmmm!!!you are the first to make spinning sound so interesting, although we dont have any spin classes in town do you think it would work to use the spin bikes in the local gym???

Bianca said...

I have a hollerer in my class too?! It's so annoying at 5:30am.

You should write a blog just about him!

PS Take me to CrossFit with you!!!

Anonymous said...

Re: The Challenge!

"1 post per day for the next week."....Submission #1

Does anyone have a time machine? I don't know if I can take 6 more of these!

Daniel said...

Hey "Anonymous Ass",
You know that little "X" up in the far right-hand corner of your computer screen?
It's there for a reason ... in case you don't like what you see or read.
Please feel free to use it.

Before you “comment”.