Thursday, December 3, 2009


So…Tiger. I’m pretty sure I don’t really need to say more than that as everybody should be able to ascertain what I’m referring to. This isn’t a gossip site. I prefer to leave that drama to Perez Hilton. What I’m most interested in discussing on this blog, is the aftermath of the whole situation and what we as a society have come to expect, and even demand from our celebrities, namely athletes.

To me, this is what’s most fascinating. I’m not gasping in shock over “transgressions”, but I am slightly stunned by the majority of people who seem to believe that they’re owed an explanation of some sort as well as a personal account of details so that they can fully judge and come to their own conclusions. Because of his status as the world’s top athlete, he is obligated to make private matters public and let us all ascertain the severity of the situation and how he should now be viewed.

I’m no celebrity. There are probably a few thousand people in this world that know who I am that I have not personally met. Next to Tiger that’s like a backyard swimming pool compared to the Pacific Ocean. But yet even on that extremely small scale, I’m sometimes amazed at the ability of some to critique and analyze portions of my life that don’t involve them. So, I personally feel that in Tiger’s case, being an “alleged” adulterer should only matter to his wife and to his family. Why should it matter to me? Why would I want it to?

Is he supposed to apologize to us because we made the choice to look up to and admire him? Perhaps if his chosen profession was a priest, but as far as I know, he’s just a really good golfer. He hits small white balls into a hole with enormous success. I fail to see the correlation with moral perfection in that line of work. Granted, I see how his “image” has helped to amass most of his billion-dollar fortune. But that is also the work of large corporations creating an ideal so that they can get us to buy more Gatorade and Air Max sneakers. I must be honest with you. No matter what happened, I’m still going to drink Gatorade on occasion and I’m not giving up my Mach 3 Turbo. I’ll even wear Nike…if they pay me. And just because I choose to purchase those products, I don’t feel like Tiger Woods owes me an explanation for anything. I’m not going to believe that asinine story about his helpful wife beating out the back window with a golf club to save him because he was trapped in his car after he inadvertently hit a tree for no reason…but I have no problem with that fabrication if it’s what he chooses to put out there.

Personally I just think we should let him be. If you want to be a fan of his golf game, do so. If you want to nominate him for husband of the year, think twice. I just don’t think we should have expectations of perfection, nor should we think he has an obligation to explain in detail each and every mistake he makes. Would you like to tell millions of strangers all about the biggest mistakes you’ve made in life? Probably not.

If you think differently, I want to know why.


Ariana Jones said...

I'm so glad you wrote this blog! I feel the same about Tiger as I always did. You can imagine the frustration my roommates and I had to endure when Ryan Seacrest's Daily 10 on "E! News" had four stories on Tiger. ugh.. hah!

P.s. I like your other blogs too! =]

Dust said...

Bri I have to disagree with you on this one. I feel if Tiger just wanted to just play golf and that's it, we should respect his privacy. Once he made the decision to come into our homes and sell us products he endorses, the bar was raised.

This is not just a regular athlete, he generates billions of dollars for the corporations he sponsor's as well as the economy. Besides Jordan, Lebron, and Beckham no other athlete has had that kind of impact on the world. It's a reason they get eight figure pay days from corporate the world.

Nobody wants their every mistake publicized, but let's be honest this wasn't a mistake or a transgression. He was sleeping with the one female for over two years and had several other jump-offs.
Let's be honest a married man with two children at home has no business being in Vegas, but that's a different topic.

To sum it all up, athletes are regular people to and should not be held to such high standards. Once you go outside the realm of just being an athlete people demand a lot more, and they should.

Brianna said...

hey ariana! thanks for stopping by! i missed that E! news...thank God. where is the line? who's job is it to say that now so and so is now responsible to live his life at a moral standard set by...who?? don't get me wrong, i don't condone adultery for ANYONE, but I don't think that because he chooses to endorse products, he now have the right to be the judge, jury, and executioner on his life. He tried to sell you razors and golf clubs, he never once preached how to be the world's most upstanding human being. what he does is not a position that he was voted in for (i.e. public office) or that he ran for. We (the public) put him on the pedestal. Personally, I think society is to blame for making heroes out of every great athlete that comes along. They have an amazing skill...that does not make them amazing people.

Bianca said...

What irks me beyond everything else is how a billion more people know about TIger's drama, while they are ignorant that President Obama is sending 30 THOUSAND American's to war.

File this in: LAME

Anonymous said...

Another girl came forth today that he was banging. That makes 4!

Hole in 1 takes on a whole new meaning!

I for one will not drink Gatorade or wear Nike ever again!

As far as Brianna's and Bianca's reaction....they are just jealous it wasn't them he was banging.

Dust said...

That's an easy one Bri, you see how nobody cared about shaq cheating with gilbert arenas live in girlfriend. As popular an athlete as shaq is he is not on Tiger's level. I'm speaking in terms of three or four people. The line is drawn when you can generate billions of dollars for yourself and the economy. Bill Clinton was once asked how was he able to keep the economy out of the red when he was in office? He jokingly replied, I was fortunate to be president while Michael Jordan was playing for the bulls. Even though Tiger is not an elected official per say, he was chosen by the people. I don't see nike trying to offer pac man jones a 100 million dollar endorsement deal, why? The people would not have it.

@Bianca I feel you, another 30 thousand troops? Not to mention the terrible health care plan proposed. I don't want any part of my tax dollars paying for abortions, I think they need to clear that issue up. A public option for health care sounds nice in reality when the system gets taken advantage of, the only other option is going to be to raise taxes to cover the newly created debt.

Brianna said...

@ bianca...I knew because I watched his speech. I have tried to stay away from the Tiger stuff...didn't even purchase an US weekly at the airport. :)

Brianna said...

hey hey hey! we will start another blog for political issues. :)

but my point still remains...the PEOPLE chose to make him that popular. more importantly...they still are looking up to him because he's an amazing athlete. but still JUST an athlete. that is SO DIFFERENT than being the president of the united states. seriously

Dust said...

ha ha I look forward to the political blog.

Let's not forget what Uncle Ben told Peter Parker a.k.a. Spiderman "with great power comes great responsibility."

You're right in the end he is still just an athlete. How is it so different from being the president? Every president from Washington to Lincoln served there terms during slavery. Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe all inherited\owned slaves. Morally wrong and shows a huge character flaw if you ask me. They were still able to run the country despite these flaws. Character shouldn't play that much of a role in selecting the president either, should it? Nobody cared that Barack was friends and attended Rev. Wrights church until he decided to run for president. I don't think it's that different.

Shawn said...

@ Dust...I'm going to have to go with Bri on this one. Tiger is a great golfer. I'm a fan. I drink Gatorade and wear Nike shoes. I will not stop buying these items now. I didn’t support those businesses because their chosen pitchman met or exceeded any perceived ethical or moral standard. There is no rule, stated nor implied, that suggests that one owes us his privacy once he generates some incredible sum of money. Tiger is an athlete. Nike, American Express, Buick, Gatorade, and others called him to pitch their products, not the other way around. So, basically, Tiger owes us nothing. And, I hope Tiger hasn’t been out there like Wilt Chamberlain. That way there won’t be too many more women coming out and giving this story more legs than it deserves.

Jennie Finch said...

The whole thing just breaks my heart!
His poor family! I could care less about his Golf game at this point along with his personal life. It's just so sad for all involved! I do not believe we are entitled to details it is personal issues and his choice whether he wants it to go public or not. Well, sort of his choice until its all leaked. Heart breaking...

Nikkie T said...

1. None of our business!!

2. The only people he owes something to are his wife and children.

3. As a married woman I have ZERO sympathy for adulterers. I give a rats @$$ about how his "transgressions" becoming public are affecting him. But I'm with Jenny in terms of feeling terrible about the fact that his wife has to live this humiliation out in front of the world.

4. Is anyone else sick of the fact that women think it's okay to sleep with married men and then go public with it like it isn't something to be ashamed of???

Jon Lustig said...

Move along folks, nothing to see here. Nothing, that is, except a bunch of writers who are ticked off that bimbos don't line up at their hotel rooms. It's either that, or the fact that they all got scooped by the gossip media, who ran with a story none of them would have touched in a thousand years anyway for fear that Tiger wouldn't give them interviews anymore. But now that others did the dirty work, they're free to be outraged. Hypocrites, all of them.
If you're angry because you drank Gatorade because Tiger told you to, and now you're affronted because it turns out he does stuff during his off-hours that you don't approve of, it's your fault, not his. You're the one who confused being a great golfer with being a great person, as you see it. Maybe next you can be angry at Quaker Oats (owns Gatorade), since they thought they could manipulate you so easily, and it turned out that they were right. Next thing you'll be saying how shocked, shocked! you are that it wasn't a Buick. Who's with me here that all we really want to know is if it was a Nike 5 iron?

Jon Lustig said...

I feel sorry for his family, I'm glad his children are so young that thankfully, they should have little memory of the last week when they are older and this nonsense has become a footnote for the public. And I feel nothing but sympathy for his wife, who, as far as I know, has been nothing but loyal to him and has spent her marriage being a loving wife and raising his children. But that's me, I wouldn't want to impose such puritanical ideas of right and wrong on anyone here.

godamongus said...

God bless all of you in abundant ways! The Kingdom is coming...

Dana said...

Definitely no need for details. I feel awful for his wife and kids, not him. He made his bed now he can wallow in it - I just really hate that his family has to be subjected to all of it as well...especially Elin b/c she is now being constantly reminded of her pain.

I'm so with Bianca about the 30,000 troops. Our society really focuses on the wrong things. It's really sad that this is huge news and the additional 30,000 lives being affected, plus their families is just a blurb. Totally not getting political on you... just being real. ;-)

t.v. said...

Most of the time we forget that whatever is done in the dark will one day be expose to the light.

Celebrities automatically loses their "right" to privacy when they abtain "celebrtity status". Society dictates and instigates this.

Positive attention is welcomed and embraced. Some even offer information about their lives when things are going good. They beg for media attention to promote and enhance their careers, but as soon as the opposite happens we find that their privacy has been invaded and disrespected.

How ironic.

I'm not saying that people should be privy to their businees. But one must remember that the bad comes with the good, and society tends to feed on the bad more than the good.

The family is one of the cornerstones of our society, and when it is "abused and disrepected", it crumbles. However there is always healing. I hope that's the case for his family.

Christy said...

Is it my "right" to know the details? No.

But even if he weren't "Tiger Woods", I'm pretty sure it would be some sort of news if a man pays his wife millions of dollars to stay with him after his "discretions". Obviously, it wouldn't be to the degree that it is, but still, people would be talking about it.

Personally, I only feel for his children. Not his wife. Is it awful? Yes. But the fact that she's staying with him is NOT the example she should be setting for those children.

@Nikkie T - why should these women think it's anything but okay? Our society repeatedly tells people it's not a big deal. Tori Spelling took another woman's husband (while also destroying her own marriage) and now they have a hit reality TV show. Angelina took another woman's husband and people refer to that woman as a Saint! It's a sign of the times. As sad as that is.

DustFairy said...

You are right for the first time --that is, you are far from being like Tiger. You haven't even won a single major thing in your career yet (and you are getting old). However, you still keep on calling yourself an athlete. BLECH!

As for Tiger, he is man with lots of money so what do you expect (plus just look at her wife)! I am more irked by those women who spread their legs for him. UGHH!

Anonymous said...

Yes athletes are only human. But I agree with Dust on this one. Tiger could have settled for a few million less and private life. Some athletes actually do it.

COME ON FOLKS. Tiger ain't that bright or honest. HOW DID HE THINK HE COULD KEEP AN AFFAIR PRIVATE. We need real perspective on this from professionals in the sports business. YA RIGHT! ALL OF A SUDDEN T WOODS WANTS A PRIVATE LIFE. HOW CONVENIENT.

TIGER chooses his endorsements/paychecks and the press (required by the endorsements). He does have some choice and could have a more private live if he chose. But once you sign that paper, you make appearances, smile and read statements scripted by public relation experts to help put you on the American pedestal so the sponsors can capitalize and THEN COUNT THE ZEROS ON YOUR INVESTMENT ACCOUNT STATEMENTS TO MAKE SURE THE DECIMALS ARE REALLY IN THE RIGHT SPOT.

Bri and readers, there are a lot of amazing people. Athletes, doctors, firemen and women, police, teachers, etc.

This is a HUGE issue because of the state of people. We look up to great people because they inspire us to dream and even attempt things that we're not sure we can accomplish.

Bri, perhaps you should consider a PR consultant because you totally downplayed your accomplishments in this blog.

Dust said...

Most people that commented on this post tend to agree with you Bri. I understand the entire privacy issue. I think back to Magic Johnson holding a press conference announcing he had HIV and is Retiring from basketball. If he shared that part of his life with the world, I feel everything should be fair game. what you think?

Tyrone said...

@DustFairy (aka, LintFairy)

While I often am critical of SandJumper on many topics, this time I will have to take her side based on your above comment. It's dated the 4'th and its still pretty early to be completely bombed so I can only assume your post comes from an inner issue that you need to deal with....maybe, say, on a deserted island all by yourself?!! Life is not about hurting people intentionally my son based on your own failures in life.

God only knows, when you spill your day to day thoughts and feelings out on a public blog for all to read, and all to comment on, you are tee'ing up yourself for a few hits from the peanut gallery!

On your first thought from you, "that is, you are far from being like Tiger"........well, I disagree!

Both Bri and Tiger have huge balls! Bri has huge balls for posting her thoughts here day after day. Tiger has huge balls for flying his Ho's into his tournaments and while the wife was at home with the kids. That's as bad as it gets! Both have that inner "something" which makes them special and different from the rest.

Second blurred thought, "You haven't even won a single major thing in your career yet".........BERLIN, BERLIN, BERLIN (And I'm only a recent follower so maybe more in the past which I would not know)! You don't get to where she has without not having "world class" credentials in many jumps and races. Also, having enough confidence to allow both you and me to post here freely. SandJumper is getting there! Maturing, building her body, workout regiment, and getting smart. How many athletes can change jumping legs LintFairy and post a personal best year? Well, not very many F'ing many my boy. Heck, I can't even change wiping hands much less change jumping legs in 1 season and rank world top 20 or 13 (whatever it was)! PRETTY AMAZING ID SAY! COULD BE ONE OF THE GREATEST COMEBACKS EVER AFTER BEING WRITTEN OFF BY SO MANY TO SAY "F, F, F, F, F, F, F, F,...ALL OF YOU! I DID IT!


As for the rest of your comment, "just look at her wife".....are you saying Tigers wife is a transvestite or are you self reflecting?

I could continue but have a good one dipshit and enjoy the bitterness and hate of your life which didn't turn out how you wanted.


# 2 Fan said...


Anonymous said...

#2 Fan --- Tyrone was on Bri's side.

Anonymous said...

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#2 Fan said...

@Anonymous---My Bad, I meant DUST to say DUST

Anonymous said...

#2 Fan are you drunk?

Anonymous said...

Okay Folks;
There are no mistakes in sexual exploits. There is only choice. My question, why does this Billionaire only have one cell phone. The second one should be in a lock box in the trunk that requires a code to open.


fstevens said...

I bet that the thief was mad as heck when he/she got up to the front counter, and could not use the Walmart card.. That stuff is embarrassing!!! It happened to me before, but it was with MY credit card....

Brianna said...

great point Njou!

Diandra Ann said...

wow... I'm just catching up on your blog, Bri and this is crazy. I didn't even read all the posts... but I'd just like to say a couple of things.

1. Is it our business? no. Personally, I have never understood this. With any celebrity. They are paid money to do what they do. They are paid money to act, sing, play a sport or whatever... not to be victimized by the media. I also understand that the media is somewhat responsible for their success, and yet, wouldnt it be a much better place if they didn't wipe the news stands with crap? I am so tired of tabloids exploiting all of their personal business. Because there is some degree to which celebrities should be allowed to keep personal life personal. Not stuff that has to do with their career, but personal, family stuff.

I think it is awful that his family is having to live through this publicly. There are children involved for goodness sake! And even if they aren't old enough to understand now, there will come a day when they will be and all of this will still be out there!

While I do not condone what Tiger did AT ALL, for ANYONE, celebrity or otherwise, I also tend to think that we all make bad choices and do wrong and points in our lives. And is it my job to judge for that? Or to say this is MORE wrong than something I've done? Nope. Not my job. And I am THANKING GOD that I am not a celebrity getting all of my dirty laundry aired, because I dont think ANYONE would stand up to that.

2. As for Brianna... You rock! You are incredible. You are a living, breathing, walking, running, jumping MIRACLE! I certainly cannot say that there is ANYTHING that I do that I am the 3rd best in the world... or even the 20th best :)

3. I have always been a fan of Tiger... from the days I was on my high school golf team (yes, its true) and I will still continue to admire him as an athlete... but I think the second we start to idolize PEOPLE... and put people on pedestals, we will be let down. Because people are people. People are imperfect. So maybe we need to stop confusing "celebrity" with "role-model"

Whew... that was long. :)