Thursday, November 26, 2009

Things to be Thankful For

Thanksgiving is a day that you remember all the things you are thankful for. The premise might be a little flawed, seeing as how it originated from a day where we kicked Native Americans off their own land and claimed it for our own—just cuz we could—but why we celebrate it today and what it means in our hearts is something totally different. We give thanks for what we have been blessed with, and hopefully we thank the Man who has given us all those blessings. Of course this could and should be done last Monday or three Fridays from now, but today is the day we make a big hoopla about it. So I decided to start going over what I’m thankful for. First and foremost, my eyes are open. I woke up today a healthy human being and so I might as well start there. After that, the list is endless. Being able to travel and see the world…The Twilight series…the most amazing friends a girl could ask for… ‘animal style’ at In n Out…a family who continuously loves and supports me…matinee movies with snacks snuck in…Church on Sunday morning…my amazing lasagna recipe…being able to spend every day focusing on something I am truly passionate about…having a car that gets really good gas mileage…meeting new people who bless and enrich my life…never having to live somewhere where it snows…being an American…still being in my 20’s…the list can literally go on and on. I know we all have numerous things we are able to put in the “and thank you for that” column. If you’d like to add a thing or two here, please be my guest!



Anonymous said...

i am thankful for facebook making it possible to keep intouch with Loved ones and meet new positive people. Happy Thanksgiving B. Yours truly Neil W.

Anonymous said...

'm thankful for you, breezie...a best friend who loves me in spite of my neuroses, supports me in spite of my failings, sticks with me in spite of my shortcomings and sings on my birthday, in spite of her vocal prowess! (or lack thereof!) xo, bestie. here's to the rest of our lives with each other, laughs, cries, drawbacks and dramas. and no matter how rough the road, i know you'll be right there...riding shotgun...instructing with annoyance if ever i miss a turn! ;)
love you!!!

Dante said...

"it originated from a day where we kicked Native Americans off their own land and claimed it for our own"............

So what's your point?

Romans. Hebrews. All of time this is what human civilizations do...Bush, Obama, and 1000's of years in the past. It is human nature to conquer the weak to provide for the survival of "your own"...whatever that is.

When you say "we" since you have posted about your heritage of being African American.....I don't think any of the African part of your heritage were part of the kicking off their own land part of your post.

Are you now part of the white part? Because I'm getting confused which you are or identify with?

Are you "African", or are you "White"?

Sorry, "American", and "We", is only reserved for those who say I'm American without a foreign country attached!

Just saying....

#2 Fan said...

"Dante" is officially mentally challenged...................and slightly humorous..............what a loser!

Happy Thanksgiving Brianna! Andl let's remain thankful that we're not a curmudgeon like "Dante" every day of our So Called Fabulous Lives.

Anonymous said...

its been a priv. knowing you and ur great stoty i dig you so much! dante the douche bag in america besides wealth whats the difference between being "white and or bLack or both?" calling you a douche is harsh but you almost have no idea what ur talking about--bri when can we meet? joe p/dc

Dust said...

I'm going to add chicken lettuce wraps from p.f. Changs as well as the banana spring rolls. Can't forget the butter pound cake from Mastro's!

Dante said...

#2...isn't that short for poop? So is your analysis of my overall message.'ve been a perv? stoty? Keep your shortcomings to yourself please.

You say...."besides wealth whats the difference between being white or black"....The difference is that "some" black people have a chip on their shoulder about being black. Brianna is one of them...but she isn't black, so this is tormenting her...she wants to have "the chip" on her shoulder but she can't....she is both black and white.

Calling me "douch bag is harsh" can do better than that, or can you? about you just go live with your momma and kiss puppies all day instead of manning up and voicing your opinion?


The USTF is racist where you have to be BLACK or you can't be part of the village. This is what this post is about!

Are there any blogs with the higher ups of the USTF organizers? I'd like a crack at them!

Happy Holidays. xoxo

Anonymous said...

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Dust said...

This Dante guy is funny! What's with all the anger Dante? I thought the point of the blog was adding things we are thankful for.

What happened with you & bri? Was she not receptive to your advances? I'll teach you the game young fella.

Yes most black people do have a chip on their shoulder, it's not without reason. It's like Jay-Z said its people in this world that don't want me as their neighboors. You think these folks want me in the penthouse as a reminder I make top paper? Rich or poor it doesn't matter all black of us black people have a story.