Sunday, October 19, 2008

rock on

It’s easy to stereotype people. You can easily look at someone and assume what types of things they would be interested in, how they spend their free time, and what they might consider “fun”. For instance…the other night the group of people I train with were downtown eating dinner and someone brought up stopping by a local pub to listen to the 80’s cover band they have there every Thursday. Immediately people looked to me. You wouldn’t want to do that, would you?...that’s not really your thing. Immediately people assumed I was not the type of person to listen to a band even though it was something people I am friends with seemed excited about. And to be honest, I guess it really isn’t something I might consider doing for fun. I just didn’t realize that I so obviously looked the part of someone who doesn’t really open themselves up for different types of entertainment. Granted, I am pretty sure I was the only person in the place with heels on (supposedly you can’t rock out properly with cute shoes on), and I noticed very few people with a tan as dark as mine in attendance, but besides that the people seemed pretty normal.

So I went. And before I knew it, there I was singing at the top of my lungs to Bon Jovi, Madonna, Queen, and any other popular band you could think of. Granted, I stayed off to the side and didn’t jump around in front of the band (mostly due to the shoe issue), but I sang loudly to songs I didn’t even think I knew so well, and I did the appropriate hand gesture…you know the one. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to wear old t-shirts and tennis shoes when I go out, but I still can find a way to embrace the lighter side of my heritage. I think some of my friends might be a little surprised by that, but it just goes to show how varied my tastes really are. Sort of.


Jasmine said...

Little do people know that you're the type of person who will do pretty much anything if someone asked it of you. And raising the ROCK ON hand gesture is just the tip of the iceberg.
p.s. Do you want to jump in my backyard? :D

LaLa said...

Well now your friends know that just because something might not be your first choice doesn't mean you wouldn't be open to enjoying it with them.

Isn't it amazing how many songs are etched into our memory. And as for the shoes, you look just as good rockin out in heels (everybody knows that). ;)

Christy said...

You know, up until about 7 years go, I didn't think I would ever do such a thing either. While I considered my taste to be somewhat broad, I definitely was never into what I considered to be "heavy metal" - I was a Duran girl (and music of the like) through and through.

Oddly, being a "Duran Girl" is what kind of lead me to dark side (heh). I ended up becoming friends with a guy who was lead in an Duran-style cover band. Eventually he convinced me to come check out his other band where he wasn't the lead, but the bass player. Reluctantly, I went - after all I wanted to be a supportive friend. Well - from day one I was hooked. I literally went every Monday night for months and then almost every Monday night (with other nights in between where they played other venues) for a few years. I would still go if I didn't have such a hectic commute.

I HIGHLY recommend anyone in the LA area at least checking them out once. It's great. EVERYONE I've ever taken has had an absolute blast! So if you ever find yourself in need for some guaranteed fun on a Monday night, hit Keyclub on Sunset Blvd. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

And be prepared to have your hands in the air for an entire two hours!

Bianca said...

Stick it to the "man" and rock on!