Thursday, November 29, 2007

Results: Pie Debate

After a week of having people take two seconds out of their day to vote on their preference in Thanksgiving pie (specifically Pumpkin and Sweet Potato), the results are in. A couple things I noticed that are worth mentioning:

-Many people did not vote. I don’t know why this is. You probably have a preference but you’d rather not be a factor and instead would like to continue on in your non-contributory ways. It was anonymous for goodness sake…there was no way I could tell your Grandma that you don’t really care for her homemade sweet potato pie but would rather run to Ralphs for a store bough Pumpkin.

-There are actually 6 more votes under “what are you” than “what kind of pie do you like”. This must be due to the fact that I am friends with many half breeds who have a problem categorizing themselves. That’s fine…except that it makes it hard to look at the results side by side. I should have made you choose—or just gave you (us) your own category.

-I never actually made a way for it to be known exactly who voted for what. It very well could have been black people voting for pumpkin pie and white people voting for sweet potato. So I am just going to make an educated guess. ☺

There are only 8 votes for pumpkin pie, but 19 total non-black votes tallied. Therefore, I conclude that these non-black people have been converted and are now extremely thankful that they have experienced just how wonderful sweet potato pie is! I have a few friends that would like to do a taste test over the Christmas holiday (they won’t just take my word for it), so if anybody has a great recipe, please pass it along. I am a great pie eater, but I’ve never gotten around to actually making them


Christy said...

My suggestion would be to add a "neither" - that's why I didn't voet...I hate pie. LOL (or maybe you could've added apple)

melanie said...

yay! make me pie! make me pie!