Saturday, November 10, 2007

Date Night

For the past year or so I’ve been on a dating rollercoaster that has seen its fair share of highs and lows. But my one constant—my favorite dating partner that never fails me—is my best friend Bianca. Of course we still “hang out” as friends or do the whole group thing with our other friends, but we still have our dates. Why? Because sometimes it’s nice to be treated, or to treat, and to have those kind of outings that we usually wait for our tall, dark, and handsome to whisk us away on but sometimes we just don’t feel like waiting. Besides, oftentimes I prefer her company anyway.

Last night we went to a fantastic happy hour spot downtown, called Royale , where we sipped on some delicious cocktails, ate some scrumptious appetizers and snuck glances at the not so bad lookin’ D.J. behind the turntables. After that, we headed over to the Staples Center to watch the Lakers game. A friend of mine from college gave me tickets at the last minute and I knew that it would make a great date night for me and my bestest. So there we sat in the 8th row, cheering and shouting like we bleed purple and gold. She might actually be considered a fan…I am one of those “pretend” fans that enjoys the experience but doesn’t even know what Kobe is so unhappy about. All in all it was a great night with even greater company. Love you B!

***Don't tell anybody but Bianca has a secret crush on Chris Mihm...he's the big white guy.

***Bi and I with our lovely self-portrait

***Someone walked by with an icecream cone and we immediately got a craving for one. Lord knows I shouldn't be eating ice cream, but I couldn't resist!


Bianca said...

Dearest Date, I had a wonderful time and I can't thank you enough to treating me out! If you're lucky, you'll get a phone call in 1-3 days.

Love you! B

melanie said...

what am i, chopped liver? our date on tuesday didn't even make the blog! would things be different if i had invited jennie along too?

Brianna said...

No Mel!!! I didn't have a camera, and plus, I looked ugly that night anyway! You are wrong for that Jennie comment though.... :)

Teej said...

what if he's tall, light and handsome?

whatcha gon do then, huh??!?!?