Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Picture of the Week

This is my favorite little man...and when I say "man", I mean it. He looks like a grown-up trapped in a itty bitty body who still talks in a high-pitched minnie mouse voice. He's getting ready to go to his Thanksgiving day party at school and the reason why I like this picture is because even though at first glance he looks like a little white boy, Ty Ty still knows he has a little soul and that's why he's poppin' his collar. I love that kid to pieces. He made me realize that maybe I actually do like kids. Kinda. Sorta.


Brittany...the better looking sister said...

hahahahaha Don't you love it. I was like "Ty, grab your collar!" I love taking pics of him. He reminds me so much of myself, being a ham and all. I'll never let him forget what all he's got going on race wise, even though it will be confusing for him. Just think, in like 3 months we'll have a little girl we can make into our mini me, and then I'll really feel sorry for the world! haha
Love you Bri<3

Bianca said...

So adorable!