Friday, November 16, 2007

Boxes and Berries

So today is the day. 17 boxes, 10 luggage pieces, 6 throw pillows, 4 plastic bins, 2 televisions, and 1 roll of packing tape... we did it. Well, Bri did it, but I'm here for moral support ;)

We've packed up all the boxes and celebrated by going to Pinkberry (Bri, say goodbye to the fine eateries of Los Angeles. I'm sure they have like... Sonic and 31 Flavors that will be delicious).

Tomorrow we will be up early to take that wonderfully scenic drive to the beautiful oasis also known as Tucson, Arizona. 7 glorious hours of non-stop gossip, out of tune singing, and a couple games of out-of-state plates. Memories to last a lifetime...

Posted by: The BESTEST friend, Bianca

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