Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Give me Fierce!

From time to time I do photo shoots. Sometimes they are for my own portfolio and when I get really lucky, somebody pays me. Well today, I was taking some pictures for my own benefit. Hopefully there will be some nice additions to my (under construction) website, or they will be used to entice companies to offer some exciting new endorsements, or maybe just have some cool pictures…because you can never have to many of those! Whatever the case, I woke up entirely too early this morning to make love to the camera and pray to God that it loved me back.

I used to think modeling was super easy. I mean, honestly, what is so hard about taking a picture and making it look good? When I first began to watch America’s Next Top Model I would think it was so ridiculous how the girls just couldn’t “get it” sometimes. Heeeellllooo….Jay said “give me fierce” and you are giving him the exact same boring look with nothing behind the eyes! My goodness, models must really be stupid. Well it turns out that’s not entirely true.

Taking good pictures is a lot harder then it looks. This is from someone who loves taking pictures mind you. I’m not camera shy—not in the least bit. But there is a huge difference in posing for your friend’s digital camera during a girls night out and looking hot/sexy/fierce/sad/beautiful/soft/fashiony/or whatever the particular photographer wants. There is so much effort put in to looking effortless and what you think you are giving the camera rarely shows up on film. It’s the weirdest thing. Suffice to say, it’s not that easy.

There are times, like today, when I take pictures out in public instead of in a studio. This adds a whole other dimension to things because all of your love making is on display for every Tom, Dick, and Harry walking by. This can be a tad bit embarrassing. People stare. I would too if I were them. Who is this girl and why is she prancing around and changing up her facial expressions like she has a mild case of turrets? You block it out as much as you can but taking pictures in the middle of UCLA campus can be a bit daunting.

I now have a much higher respect and understanding for the ladies on my favorite Wednesday night T.V. show. So when you watch the show tonight, keep all this in mind. Fierce ain’t as easy as it looks!


The Cajun Boy said...

being ridiculously attractive is such a fucking burden, isn't it?!?!

T.V. said...

Hhhmm.. when is your book coming again? lol.. You really need to "bundle up" your stories, and make a killing..:)
I would definitely buy your book.

Teej said...

while i have yet to be required to give any photogs some of my best 'fierce', I do understand.

That one mailbox shot I got...yeah mugs were walking past like "Is this fool crazy?"

Brianna said...

at least you don't have to do "sexy" teej!

melanie said...

ok...but get this: monday night after my show, i kicked it for like half an hour with guess who? kate moss! holla! and btw, she thinks i sing like an angel. try looking fierce in a picture next to her. i'm like, amazonian!
anyway. go ahead and get ready to give me the best friend award, cuz top model is tonight and where am i after an hour and a half commute with your bad directions? on your bed, next to you, reading your blog and waiting for the wednesday night top model grub and gab ritual. eat your hearts out, twinsies. i'm the big winner!

Anonymous said...

I'm there in spirit!!!


eclectik said...

Interesting, but coming pre-packaged withthe tolls makes it slightly easier, no?