Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Myspace Celebrity

When my friend Jennie asked me if I knew anything about making a myspace page because she finally wanted to create one of her own, I told her she needn’t look any further. I didn’t get my reputation by accident. In my own small way, I've made my presence known on Myspace. When I began to routinely be referred to as "B*Fabulous" by friends and strangers alike, I realized how this thing has completely transformed the way we interact with people. By no stretch of the imagination will I ever be on same level as someone like Tila Tequila (I don’t even like being bothered by strangers on there), but I became consumed with my space on the web. I would only accept friend requests from people I actually knew but I had many, many regular visitors....50,000 and counting in less than two years. I was constantly revamping my page, making slideshows of outings with friends and my various travels around the world, coming up with smart and sassy ways to introduce myself to the rest of the myspace community, doing my fair share of sending out comments and messages to the rest of my friends, and of course writing blogs. I've since directed my energy more towards my website and this blog that I've started so my presence is somewhat diminished and my page is a mere skeleton of what it once was. Nevertheless, I still consider myself somewhat of a guru and I am still the “go to” person on all things myspace related.

Now Jennie has her own little spot in the myspace universe and I'm sure all pre-teen softball players and men everywhere will thank me!


DMB said...

I never got into the myspace thing but I definitely feel like I missed out on a phenomenon!

Liz said...

It seems like everyone I knew on MySpace skipped over to Facebook. So, now I use MySpace mostly to keep up with the bands I like and Facebook to actually keep up with Friends.

Tila Tequila is just gross! I feel sad every time I watch the show on MTV.

Brianna said...

The sad part is that you watch the tila tequila show. :)

eclectik said...

You're my role model