Monday, November 5, 2007

Picture(s) of the Week

This weekend was my Hall of Fame Induction and Homecoming weekend. I'd like to take the opportunity to thank my family (and Deb!) for coming to Tucson and sharing this special time with me.

*My banner that is hanging in the Hall of Champions

*Giving my speech...which I don't really remember since I didn't bother to write it down beforehand.

*My super stud friend and I. We went to middle school and high school together, attended the same college, and were inducted into the Hall of Fame together. Who knew La Mirada turned out superstar athletes like that??!!

*At the homecoming game with Debbie. Afternoon game in Tucson...BAD IDEA.

*My introduction at half-time.


Author: TJ said...

How fabulous is that! WOW you have your own freakin banner at the UofA! You go biatch!

Jasmine said...

Who knew La Mirada was so bomb?! Goodness, perhaps we should go and celebrate at Sizzler! ;)

Bianca said...

Love the pics, Bri! I can't wait to be the best friend and move you back to AZ : )

Brittany...the better looking sister said...

Um....where is my picture? I know I have a cute one in the bunch. First no name drop and now no picture! I'm not giving my daughter your middle name now.

Teej said...

WOW!! You are famous! And damn good I might add. Congratulations honey. You deserve it.

Nikkie T said...

Wish I could've been there!!!

eclectik said...

Looks like a good time
And the pits were shaved...great

Sexy banner
Love your arms

You're a campus celeb!