Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Brit!

The real reason for this post is simply another reason to post this picture again, because it happens to be one of my favorites! I’m not really sure why, it just always makes me smile. But I also want to take the time to publicly wish my little sister a very Happy Birthday! I know she is probably the only person on earth who likes attention and recognition slightly more than me so I figured I should go ahead and let her be the center of the blog today as well, seeing as how some of y’all visit more for her sake than for mine. Brit, I hope you have a fabulous day, but more importantly I hope that this next year brings you happiness and fulfillment and a greater recognition of what a fantastic big sister you have! I love you…yes, even more than Sprinkles cupcakes.


brit brat said...

awww thank you bri! you are a fabulous big sister! I don't say it enough!
but only you would somehow twist my birthday blog into being about how fantastic YOU are!
love you!!

Jon Lustig said...
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Jon Lustig said...

HBD Brit! Hopefully a year that will bring you much happiness (and less reason to burn things).

Thanks a ton for dropping the Sprinkles reference Bri, now I'll just spend the rest of the day thinking about Sprinkles and In-N-Out and all the other
reasons I'm glad I don't live there. At least you didn't mention Compartes. The current temperature is 53. Hate me.

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Bianca said...

Brit, you're turning into a beautiful young woman and mother. I love you too!